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  1. Sadly I agree with what you wrote about PC players. It's not called "the master race" for nothing! However, the playing field is not even on consoles now either. There are major differences in performance between, say, a regular PS4 and a PS4 Pro. There are a lot of frame drops around different tracks on a regular PS4 as it stands. Furthermore, cross-play could include just the consoles if bringing in PC would prove too problematic. The sad thing is though that implementing cross-play isn't really that dependent on game developers. It's the console manufacturers that like to throw a spanner in the works. Irrespective of having cross-play or not, I don't see a reason why the leaderboards of each platform shouldn't be visible. I'd be interested to look at times posted on other platforms than mine. It's just one of the many issues related to the leaderboards that could easily be improved.
  2. janbonator


    Like alluded to in the video above, the first thing is to learn to drive without assists. Most importantly the racing line. You can go really fast with the racing line in this game, but you will be learning all the wrong things. With the racing line you are looking at the road no-too-far in front and all that is happening is that you just become better at reacting. There are some videos in YT in which real racers are using special glasses/other tech that tracks their eye movements as they drive a simulator. F1 drivers are not even looking at the next corner - they are looking at the corner after that. One could say their driving is proactive instead of reactive. With that out of the way, the next thing is to take a step back and analyze your driving a bit. Okay, so you've established that you need to find around a second in laptime. Which tracks are your favorites and/or strongest, and which are weakest? Why? What makes you faster on some tracks than others? How do the track profiles differ? From there you can start working out on the details; are you loosing time in slow corners or fast corners? Under heavy braking or gentle trail-braking? Are you faster/slower in single corners or corner combinations? Do you struggle more with understeer or oversteer? The answers to all these questions depend on the individual, of course. There's really no way to say how you could find a second in laptime without actually looking at your driving. The good thing is nobody has a better chance to do that than yourself. Sometimes it can be hard to do while driving, so why not record your own driving and have a good look at it without other distractions! Practice with intent and be honest with yourself. Accept that currently there are drivers who are faster than you. It's easy to start looking for scapegoats in equipment and so forth. We've all been there. Really the only real difference is the driver. The fact that you posted about this issue shows that you already understand that, which is a great start. Just stick with it and eventually you'll break that ceiling you talked about. There are not many things that feel better. Good luck and remember to have fun!
  3. janbonator

    Patch 1.12 ruined glove textures

    It might depend on the car, I don't know. Which graphical issues would you deem bigger, then?
  4. janbonator

    Patch 1.12 ruined glove textures

    While it not might the most pressing issue, one should understand that the developers are not some do-all-fix-all handymen, but rather each have their own specializations. I seriously doubt the artists at CM will be working on AI performance, for example. Furthermore, you'd probably not even notice the issue if you drive with the T-Cam. With the cockpit view however, the gloves take a considerable amount of screen-space, especially in corners.
  5. janbonator

    Looking for another league..this time Cockpit view

    Is it actually possible to enforce a cockpit view in a league? I'd be interested in joining one but I always thought the league admins can't do anything about it.
  6. janbonator

    Changing AI diffilculty F1 2019

    When loading up a session (practice, quali, race) there's a notification in the lower right hand corner ("Options" on PS4). Press the suggested button and you get the menu for difficulties, assists etc. The time window is pretty short (a few seconds), so act quick!
  7. janbonator

    Simulate Race.

    I changed the race length to 5 laps for France. Next time I'll just probably sim it and suck it up as a technical DNF. It happens to the AI so it's only fair!
  8. janbonator


    I think what the OP was trying to convey is that he wants full steering control with the controller. Maybe he's used to that in some other games or just doesn't realize what it will do. The controller has an in-built steering assist that never lets the driver to steer too much, making it much easier to drive than if there was full control, like in Assetto Corsa for example. What I mean is that with the controller if you are going 200km/h and steer right as much as you can, it won't give you full steering lock, as that would just break traction of the front tyres and understeer the car off the road.
  9. janbonator

    Race strategy tyre selection

    Yeah, you're right in terms of current tyres. I was just wondering if it was possible to know the wear of the next tyre set.
  10. janbonator

    Is Monaco still unplayable?

    In practice sessions I use a lot of flashbacks. That's how I practice tricky corners etc. In quali and race I stop doing it, but if I crash early on I restart the session. I just don't like practicing a lot and then retire in the first corner. Sim damage and cockpit view for me. Qualifying in Monaco is one of the best sessions of the season. The race, especially in heavy rain, is the most physically demanding by a nautical mile. After the race my hands are shaking and I'm sweating like a pig.
  11. I can't remember which patch it was, but in the one in which the aerodynamics of the cars were changed, something went wrong. Looking at the Time Trial leaderboards, one can immediately see that on some tracks (Spa and Suzuka come to mind), the fastest times were set with pre-patch cars/physics. It doesn't make sense. Downforce was (supposedly) added to the cars and they became slower.
  12. You are on point as usual. In wet conditions the rear aero has a very noticeable effect in car handling, where as I find it very hard to justify myself why I should add any front wing angle - even though a track like Suzuka demands a good front-end. In terms of lap time advantage it is quite hard to determine the exact time gain because of so many variables, such as having to overtake other cars.
  13. janbonator

    Race strategy tyre selection

    Thanks! So, if a tyre is worn, it will have black accents? At what point of tire life do the colours change, and is there a difference between, say, a tyre set with 10% wear and a tyre set with 20% wear?
  14. janbonator

    Race strategy tyre selection

    I cannot see anything other than one set is softs and one is mediums. Is it some colour-coded thing or something?
  15. I don't think a larger / richer developer would do any better. For an annual release with an official license, there's simply no financial incentive to produce a "perfect" game. Besides, the way some companies have become very large / rich is that they've been releasing license based games with very profitable micro transactions. Specifically I'm talking about Electronic Arts. I spent years in the esports community of the NHL-series, and I can tell you that what CM is giving us with their annual releases is a light year ahead of what EA does with its NHL franchise, for example. Every year they remove a few features and add a couple of "new" ones, which actually are just features that were removed a few years earlier. It's an endless cycle of milking the cash cow. FIFA is in a better state, but that's simply because they have some true competition, unlike with many other license-based games. What I'd like to see is for the Formula One Management to sell the license to at least two different devs instead of selling it as an exclusive. It's the only way we the players could have a real effect on the direction and quality of the games, because we could so easily vote with our wallets. Codemasters has the talent and capability of producing fantastic racing games - what they lack is the need to do so with F1.