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  1. janbonator

    I am frustrated I cant tell (lap times, manual gearing)

    Being red-green colour blind I pay no attention to colour coding of any kind. In general I upshift when the rev lights go all the way to the right, just at the point when the last ones would start "flashing". At this point I just use my ears for it, though.
  2. Yes, provided that you finish in the Top 10. Instead of going 4 laps with one set and 2 laps with another, it'd be better for you to use three sets and even out the wear, so you're not in a pressure to get the best lap on a certain set.
  3. janbonator

    Fuel strategy for the race

    It's also very track dependent. On some street circuits you might well get away with under-fueling, using lean in corners and standard on straights. Then, on tracks like Monza or Spa you absolutely need the extra fuel and Mix 3. It's not a great idea to go with it for several laps in a row as you will overheat your engine and lose power. Use it on the straights and very fast sectors as suggested by @Sir_Overtakesalot. If it's a wet race you don't need as much fuel, and having less weight on low grip conditions can be very useful. Now that the ERS hustle of the past is done for, I regularly use all three mixes on all laps, except during qualifying. Always consider Safety Cars when deciding fuel. If the SC is on, you will very likely need less fuel.
  4. janbonator

    Do AI tyre lockups have an effect?

    The AI cars are almost immune to tyre temperatures. I'm sure they get tyre wear for lock-ups, though.
  5. janbonator

    I am frustrated I cant tell (lap times, manual gearing)

    A lot of useful things have already been said, so instead of repeating them I'll just add an observation or two. Especially in the Zandvoort video you had several corners, especially T1, where you are applying both throttle and brake simultaneously. The technique can be useful in some circumstances, but it's rather advanced and almost always it's better to not to do it. After reading some posts in this thread I decided to try out the upshift tone for the first time. To me it feels like the beep comes about 500 RPM too early. I tried starting shifting on the beep but I was losing time to my personal bests. I have a feeling the upshift tone is on the conservative side to help protect components.
  6. janbonator

    I am frustrated I cant tell (lap times, manual gearing)

    Thanks! I had a telemetry software for 2019 but it wasn't exactly stable so I didn't bother much with it. In terms of gear I play on console, but my PC is readily available. Being a sort of an oddball I've never owned a smartphone and I don't think that will be changing any time soon. If you need someone for a case study you can count me in. Time Trial, league racing - those are what I love enough to put 30-50 hours a week into them. Is your plan to concentrate on F1 or are you going to do other things such as rallying?
  7. janbonator

    I am frustrated I cant tell (lap times, manual gearing)

    Right, well thanks for clearing that up guys. Related though, right? @cgfdoo which program would you recommend for recording telemetry?
  8. janbonator

    I am frustrated I cant tell (lap times, manual gearing)

    There are professional and semi-professional people that do it. Try searching for "Scott Mansell" or "Driver61" (the same person). He's a driver coach, used to race himself. Son of a certain Nigel. Plenty of people are willing to help for free though. You will become faster once you get rid off traction control. ABS is pretty borderline. If you really want to take your driving to the next level you should also turn off the racing line. It teaches you bad habits and the longer you stick with it, the harder it will be to start driving without. Are you referring to short-shifting or what? Is that even a thing with traction control?
  9. janbonator

    Please help me understand what is going on here?

    I'm quite sure it scales with R&D if you don't follow a balanced development programme, like upgrading downforce components without drag reduction and/or engine power. Personally I've not gone that far yet with My Team, but what I've done is I've mostly neglected engine development and invested in the chassis and drag reduction. In any case that's probably what's not going on here as the effects sound quite severe. There's a major difference between the race, qualifying and practice though, and that's DRS. On a high downforce setup one might only suffer effects such as this when there is no DRS available.
  10. janbonator

    Please help me understand what is going on here?

    This is not true. Not in the game nor in real F1. The gearing they use is designed to achieve a certain top speed at certain drag levels. If you put in more drag, you will run out of torque against the air resistance at close to max speeds, and acceleration stalls before reaching the highest revs. In the game you can easily test this: go to TT in Monza and drive with you normal setup without DRS. Then drive the same straight with your Monaco setup. My Monaco setup capped at 10835 RPM at the end of the straight, and it would not have gone higher had the straight been longer. With my Monza setup the RPMs were at 11600 and climbing when hitting the end of the straight. In real life too you can clearly hear on onboard footage when a car pulls out of slipstream - the revs drop considerably.
  11. janbonator

    France - Paul Ricard

    I admire your determination! Unfortunately I cannot give any advice on this track. I've only lapped in 5 times since it was introduced. Just makes me sick somehow. I don't know if it's the weird astroturf or the lack of reference points or what. It's also way too wide for my taste, and frankly, the few laps I did I got lost on most of them and turned into a dead-end. In terms of the questions outlined at the end, I can concur with Bahrain. I feel fast driving it, but the stopwatch tells a whole different story. No matter how much I try I'm just way off on one-lap pace, which is weird since I was better at it in previous iterations of the game compared to the competition. Other problematic tracks for me include China, USA, Mexico and Abu Dhabi. What do they have in common? Hermann Tilke. It's kind of funny, because on Tilke's street circuits like Sochi, Baku and Singapore I seem to thrive. The difference is that the latter have natural corners not drawn by the designer himself. Somehow these long tightening radial curves and sharp-angle turns that Tilke likes to draw just don't suit my style.
  12. janbonator

    More ways to earn PitCoins by playing?

    I'm sure you are right. I suppose what I referred to was "casual" in overall experience of the game series for the past 4-5 years. I do acknowledge to having put a huge amount of hours into the game for the past few months so it kind of skews my definition of casual. Be as it may, I never tried to do the challenges but they were completed in two weeks anyways. Or well, the challenges were far from completed but the XP or whatever accumulates even just for lapping in TT. That I think is very good. I have no interest in trying to win a French GP with Pierre Gasly against the AI, for example. To summarize, I don't think there's anything wrong with the reward system of the Podium Pass. I just think it'd be nice to have some separate incentives for the Weekly Events that's all.
  13. janbonator

    Paid for Track DLC ?

    Oh, right. I doubt they would bring tracks in '21 that were only raced in '20. There could be licensing issues, plus it's a ton of work doing tracks from scratch.
  14. janbonator

    Paid for Track DLC ?

    The answer from CM has been an unequivocal no.
  15. janbonator

    More ways to earn PitCoins by playing?

    Sure, it's clearly designed for casual players. Those who put in more hours would generally like to have a possibility of being rewarded for it. Just like in every aspect of life I guess. There's another problem for such an idea though. Right on PS4 there's one player with 3 accounts occupying the top 3 of the qualifying leaderboard. Cheeky but impressive I must say.