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  1. janbonator

    Virtual Mirror finally in the game

    Awesome news! I wasn't aware. Can someone confirm if it's available in all camera views?
  2. janbonator

    Thinking of upgrading to a wheel for F1 2020

    LMAO. I also had a certain reaction upon seeing the first pic, but I kept thinking about the length of arms required to operate that. I agree that's some impressive carpentry. I'd even suggest considering a patent. Looks good while being functional and it's very ecological in terms of materials used. How much does it weight and do you use some kind of "friction mat" under it?
  3. janbonator

    F1 2020, no VR support on PC in 2020 = no buy.

    To be fair it's something I've also had my doubts about. My condition is that of the inner ear and I might have the same reaction. Never had the chance to try though.
  4. janbonator

    F1 2020, no VR support on PC in 2020 = no buy.

    I think you made the most important point consider the lack of VR: T-Cam. Although it must be said the reasoning also feeds on itself, because VR would probably make the cockpit more popular as that's where it significantly improves the experience, not just in terms of immersion but drivability and racing. As a cockpit driver I'd love to have VR but having to buy a new console and the VR set.. nah. Just waiting for the prices to come down.
  5. I bet the driver with AI lvl 60 has a big old smile right now. I had a few cracks at the event earlier on. Those AI cars were incredibly fast on a wet track with dry tires on 110. I kept losing like three seconds over a single sector when the weather shifted. That Williams would have needed some setup work on it. Hated driving it, like any traction control car. I seem to have no idea how to drive with it. Locking and oversteering under braking, sharp turn-in followed by massive understeer followed with oversteer on the exit.. ugh. And that's before it started raining. Anyways, nice result. You know your standing even if some pixels are in the wrong place.
  6. janbonator

    F1 2020 - Engine Sounds

    Heh, it's obvious why you work on these issues and I don't. Fascinating though. Personally I'm very happy with the sound and if I just had a slider to adjust the sounds between my car and other cars (AI as well as multiplayer) there would be nothing more to ask for. There's so many interesting things and processes that go into making these games. Would love to know more but I'll refrain from taking more of your time. Some kind of Q&A on the forums with some devs would be fantastic once the game is launched and things start to settle down.
  7. I think your proposal has a lot of difficult and subjective points. Who is to say what colors look good together? We all have slightly varying color sight, with some having more variance than others. Me and you, we see colors differently, simple as. Also, most teams pick their liveries based a lot on sponsorship. Selling your team colors, so to speak, is the most profitable option available for the teams in terms of partnership. The cynic in me says that Mercedes probably would not have done what they did had they not had Petronas as their main partnership. Just so to be clear I'm not trying to just take down your proposal. I like reading all these new ideas that the community comes up with. I just feels it needs some refining to be plausible.
  8. janbonator

    F1 2020 - Engine Sounds

    That's very good to know, thanks! I can imagine it being no easy task as players have so many different kinds of audio systems. The experience changes a lot between headphones and integrated speakers - which leads me to thinking it would be most convenient to have some audio mix sliders available for the players! Maybe next year? Anyways, good job with the new sounds, looking forward to the new game.
  9. janbonator

    F1 2020 - Engine Sounds

    What exactly is the sound of the TV Pod? What you hear on TV while watching TV Pod footage is not what it would sound like if you actually sat on top of the car. The sounds are recorded somewhere else and just overlapped with the TV Pod image. Otherwise "wind" would be pretty much the only thing you'd hear. @issueskid thanks for clearing some thing up in the audio side of things. I have one question/request, though. For several years now I feel the audio balance is very much off when driving in the vicinity of other cars. I drive with the cockpit view and often when there's a car right behind me or slightly alongside, the other car's engine volume sounds louder than that of my own car. It means that it suddenly becomes very hard to drive, especially in terms of accelerating in a heavy traction zone. Is this something you could take a look at? I recently listened to Martin Brundle's Beyond the Grid podcast, and found it interesting when he talked about the cars and the sounds they make and what it feels like inside an F1 car. Specifically, in terms of noise, he said that while driving a car it sounds very different from the inside. Within the cockpit you have sounds that you can't distinguish from the outside, like some mechanical sounds coming from the engine, the gearbox etc. It's something that usually isn't heard in cockpit footage either - as well as being totally absent from the game.
  10. janbonator


    I like the livery. It looks good and black suits Mercedes perfectly. A lot more black than silver Mercedes cars out there on the streets, or that's my perception of it anyways. The cause behind is good and just but somehow it still comes across as a bit of a whitewash. I guess I'm not convinced that painting cars and clothes to a different color would eradicate problems whose causes are deep and systemic.
  11. janbonator

    Thinking of upgrading to a wheel for F1 2020

    That is very fine advice. For years that was also a problem for me, as the wheel would move towards me if I pulled it, which lead to a certain steering technique where I never pull or hang on the wheel. In short, drivers generally have a style of either pulling the wheel or pushing the wheel, the latter of which is much more rare, kind of like being left-handed. There's no study that would show any real performance difference between the styles though. The bigger problem was the pedals. They weren't attached to anything, just trying to stay put with some rubber-aided friction. Well, they just don't all the time. Sometimes when having a moment and going hard on the throttle or brake, the pedals would move and shift to a 90 degree angle until the next long straight. While rallying the straight might never come, and both feet need to work simultaneously.. Over time I adapted and unconsciously developed this weird technique of grabbing the tips of the pedal(s) with my toes in tricky situations, especially when racing in the wet. Even though I have now had a proper fixed setup for a few years, I still haven't learned away from this. I guess my point is that if you make compromises with the setup and adjust your driving to it, over time you are likely to develop habits that are very hard to learn out off.
  12. janbonator

    My Team Starting money

    I wonder if there will be an option to take over a team, inject cash and put one's son in one of the seats and copy last year's championship winning car.
  13. janbonator

    Ghost cars out of track in time trial

    I never have ghosts on but I can definitely agree with Monaco, though. Last autumn I was driving it in the wet in TT and found somewhere in between 1.5-2 seconds of laptime by wallriding the hairpin with full throttle in 2nd gear. Just had to get the angle right but after that I could do it about four times out of five.
  14. As an owner of G29 I'd suggest trying it out first, if at all possible. In general I feel like it's a good wheel that drives well, especially in rallying, but at least for me it doesn't feel good in the Codemasters F1 games. With gentle inputs the wheel feels completely weightless but then it jerks and shakes around very violently for reasons I often fail to see, like on the exits of hairpins (not touching the kerbs). I haven't driven the game with other wheels so I don't know if that's only with the G29 or all wheels. G27 was not compatible with the current generation and I kind of doubt the G29 will be compatible with the new generation either. It's a big cash grab for all parties involved. Personally I'm inclining on updating my pc and being done with the console shenanigans.