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  1. janbonator

    Hello Codemasters,here is the World

    "AND IT'S LIGHTS OUT AND WE'RE STUCK ON THE GRID" As so elegantly described by someone on Youtube. Thinking the whole thing over, I think it was actually a great success. Probably for unintended reasons, but still. I had several good laughs then, and especially now when watching the streamers involved. I guess that was the main reason for the whole event after all - entertainment. Sometimes we become so passionate about something, that we no longer remember that, for example, racing boxes of carbon-fibre, or ones and zeroes on a pixel screen around a track, is all about having fun. For those of us who hoped for immersive F1-racing, we either had to disappoint sorely or change the way of looking at things. After the start-light incident and subsequent facepalming, it was Johnny Herbert, who like a true master of ceremony, jumped in from the shadows and flicked a switch. As Johnny was slicing through the first sector, as if he had a fundamental, and quite frankly, justified, difference of opinion with Herman Tilke, his maneuver illuminated me with the realization that it was a show, not a race, as we are used to understand it. My honest opinion is that the show was pure comedy gold, which still somehow even involved some actual, real racing. From start to finish the action on track was a carbon copy of most random lobbies. The first crash happened 50 meters from the starting grid, one guy cuts a whole sector, ten others fly around the walls and an AI makes his way from P19 to P2 on the medium tires. I've always hoped for as much realism and immersion to racing games as possible. Today clearly showed that F1 2019 still has a long and windy road ahead of it at that department. Nevertheless, after watching this material, I feel like I really want to go screw around and partake in those bumper car carnival fiestas, found under the title of Random Lobby. Lando Norris was calling various people on his stream while his AI replacement was carving through the field like Kimi at Suzuka in 2005. Granted, timeline is a bit obscure and mostly irrelevant, but his phone calls were hilarious. I'll just end with my favorite quote of the night: - "I'm getting a hard-on in the middle of the race!" Lando to Jarv while discussing race strategy (McLaren performance engineer)
  2. janbonator

    Cancelled races transformed to online events

    Interesting drivers [X] Great studio [X] Big coverage [X] LAG [X] Disconnects [X] Sheitshow [X]
  3. janbonator

    Cancelled races transformed to online events

    I'm fairly sure that was nothing but a polite excuse. He said "it would take days to understand this game", and coming from such a natural racing talent (offline & online), it simply means that the game is so far from realism that he doesn't want to learn it, either.
  4. janbonator

    Cancelled races transformed to online events

    I'm going to laugh really hard when a few drivers get a green light 2 seconds earlier at the start. ūü§£
  5. janbonator

    What Did You All Think About #NotTheAusGP ?

    Traction control, anti-lock brakes, reduced vehicle damage.. Yeah. Why not just race Mario Kart?
  6. janbonator

    What Did You All Think About #NotTheAusGP ?

    Okay, it's good to know they're trying to come up with something. I have some experience on this as I've commentated a game for live TV. That particular game had 0 spectator slots. I believe the way we did it was that the game was streamed to the commentator pair (we were on set at the event) and the feed was then streamed onwards with our commentating on it.
  7. janbonator

    What Did You All Think About #NotTheAusGP ?

    I watched the rFactor official broadcast. I think it was pretty cool, although there were some problems. One thing I couldn't understand was the separation of commentators and the "director". The commentators would be talking about one thing while the video was about something else entirely. Sure, not so far from real broadcasts.. At least they weren't showing the crowd during overtakes. The F1 2019 race I watched afterwards from Lando's point of view. I thought Auto ERS was terrific and personally would love it to be that way in general. As Lando for example has said, the manual ERS system is ridiculous and unrealistic. I enjoyed the banter and the not-so-serious mentality of the F1 2019 event.
  8. janbonator

    Full assists and rain, is there a solution?

    Okay, I totally understand that. Have you thought about using one pedal for acceleration and the paddle for braking? It sounds a bit silly I know, but it might work. The only real solution that comes to my mind if you are playing on console is that you would uninstall the game, then reinstall it and not download the patch. Some bugs and patched issues will re-appear, but if they weren't a big problem before they shouldn't be now either. I don't have any experience with braking assists, but setup-wise there are some things you could try to alleviate the problems. You mentioned wings which are of course a big part, but one thing I would highly recommend is elevating you ride height for wet conditions. It makes a huge difference. Set the rear to max height and front somewhere close to max. I was replaying the video you posted frame-by-frame, and it kind of looked to me like the car was aquaplaning and thus wouldn't brake. The problem grew worse as you were not using the driest line of the track. Give it a go and see if it helps - like I said, I have no experience on the assists so it's just a hunch. It helps a lot without assists so I'm fairly sure it would offer some help in your case too.
  9. janbonator

    Full assists and rain, is there a solution?

    I don't know how plausible it is to separate "driving" and "racing". Can't really have one without the other. It's like saying that a war game should neglect "shooting" for "combat". How does that actually work? How can you race a car if the AI drives it for you? About your other suggestions I agree - one should be able to change the difficulty and weather settings in Career more easily, although that should probably prevent certain trophies. Not that I give a hoot about them, but someone else probably does. I'm a bit curious. Are your pedals broken or don't you have room for them, or just can't use them due to a handicap, for example? It would certainly help you a lot if you could use pedals, too. Not only in braking but helping with traction coming out of corners.
  10. janbonator

    Coronavirus and F1 2020 - Thread

    I agree, that would probably be for the best, though I wouldn't be willing to pay a full price for a recycled game that has already been more or less recycled for years. Furthermore, they probably have contractual obligations to make the cars identical to real life so they have to work on that. Sure, that's only the gfx deoartment and by all means they should be able to fix bugs while they are at it. I wouldn't hold my breath though..
  11. janbonator

    Coronavirus and F1 2020 - Thread

    Unfortunately I have a strong feeling the next game will be the worst ever released by CM. Don't get me wrong, the reasons are totally understandable. Not only will they miss vital performance data from the early races, it is very likely that the development work of the game suffers also due to the current unfortunate state of affairs. That being said, there is no way they will not release a game, no matter how bad it is. At the very least they'd have to re-negotiate the license fees for this year, and with the sport facing losses in the hundreds of millions as it is, I find it hard to believe FOM would agree to such measures. The performance of the cars will be off by a country mile both in terms of lap times and in between teams. The abysmally short support lifecycle of the games also means that I doubt very many players are willing a to pay a dime more for any extra content they might put out for the 2019 game. What comes around, goes around. My prediction is that F1 2020 will be a re-sale of 2019 with full price, new liveries and an unrealistic performance level distribution between the teams.
  12. janbonator

    Setting for Just fastest car period

    Actually, for whatever reason, you get a better top speed by raising the front ride height to max. Don't ask my why, but that's how it's been for years. It looks kind of wonky from the cockpit cam. Certainly affects handling as well, but it's not undrivable. I've done a 50% Monza with that ride height setting. Just hope it doesn't rain..
  13. janbonator

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    I must assume you don't use a G29 then That thing goes off like a diamond drill when hitting a kerb, a bump, let alone gravel..
  14. That's the very first time I read Forza Motorsport and "sim racing game" in a same sentence.
  15. The optimist in me would say that this is possibly good news, as Codemasters will get a chance to bring in new ideas and talent to a stagnating copy-paste franchise. The realist in me is saying that they just bought off competition, so they can get away with even less than before.