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    Remove 3 tracks and add your own 3 .

    Remove: 1. Hanoi 2. Paul Ricard 3. Abu Dhabi Add: 1. Mugello 2. Portimao 3. Istanbul
  2. janbonator

    Codies, Please don't sell to Take Two

    "Replace front wing" "$2,99" Come to think of it, it might be good for the random lobbies...
  3. janbonator

    Hanoi dropped from 2021 calendar

    Naturally I watched some hotlaps on it and even a couple of races. I was not impressed. It looked slightly better than the other 50 Tilke tracks just because it was street track, so he couldn't draw the corners freely, but it had nothing that made me want to drive it.
  4. janbonator

    Codies, Please don't sell to Take Two

    Well played, CM. They acquired the F1 license for years to come and pumped up the value of the company by doing so, only to sell it to Take Two. This is no jab, like I said - well played.
  5. janbonator

    Hanoi dropped from 2021 calendar

    Good riddance. Never bothered to drive a single lap at Hanoi and it looks I will never have to. I'm sure they'll come up with some other Tilke atrocity to replace it.
  6. janbonator

    Why are you not fixing the bugs?

    Maybe it's a new feature? I mean, it did happen to Kimi in Austria. 😁 I didn't notice anything in the second clip. What am I missing?
  7. janbonator

    What tires do I get for the race?

    That's interesting. Mine are always black!
  8. janbonator

    Do the engines have different weight?

    The engines might have different characteristics, I'm happy if they do. However, I don't really see how the weight of the engine would make such a difference. The cars have a minimum weight and no-one goes above it unless something is very wrong with the design or manufacturing of the car. If the engine is heavier, they'll just reduce the weight from somewhere else. Sure, it leaves a bit less options in terms of weight distribution but I have a hard time believing Codies would have gone that far when even the aero/drag simulation is very simplified. This you can see with how different wing angles affect DRS - it reduces your overall drag and not just that of the rear wing.
  9. janbonator

    2000th bug report topic celebration.

    It's a wonderful thing isn't it! In fact, I was wondering why my Ferrari cockpit starts flashing like a rave party if the car ghosts. It must be a celebratory bug in lieu of this achievement! So gracious not to make the feature only available from the in-game store. Besides, the bug report section is a great way to fill a few minutes of extra time and get some good laughs. My recent favorite is having tires at absolute zero temperature, -273C, for the start of the race. I just watched a video from a certain streamer. He was about to get pole in a league race but the game threw him out of the session on the start-finish straight. He re-joined for the formation lap and his tires and engine were at absolute zero temperature. Man, the belly laugh I had when he went absolutely livid after the start, saying: "MY TIRES ARE LITERALLY THE COLDEST THING IN THE UNIVERSE". It got me thinking - if this bug happens in a wet race, will the road freeze? Now that would be a party trick. You think Ferrari's stop with Vettel was slow in Imola? Well, at least his mechanics didn't come out of the garage 25 seconds after he stopped for service.
  10. janbonator

    How does custom car perform in TT?

    Again, can you substantiate? Do you have some data or is it a gut-feeling? Not just paint though. The car has different dimensions. You can very clearly see this in cockpit. The front of the car is lower than the Mercedes. The steering wheel is aligned with the top of the monocoque structure, while in the Merc the steering wheel is lower. The front tires also seem "higher" in the MP Car, but this is probably due to the height of the side of the monocoque and slightly different camera settings.
  11. janbonator

    How does custom car perform in TT?

    Based on what? I've improved my times on several tracks in the Multiplayer Car in TT. It's the same performance but the camera angle / cockpit view is slightly different (better imo) than the Mercedes.
  12. A detailed description of the issue. We had a league race in a private lobby. Right from the first lap of short qualifying to the end of the 50% race in Canada, my audio was glitching. The audio was kind of "shredded" with high-frequency cut-offs in all sounds (car, Jeff etc.). It happened on every lap and always on the same points of track - most notably through the approach, apex and exit of the last chicane, as well as the first corner(s), but also on some other parts of the track. Some ghost cars also appeared for a brief moment on some laps through the last chicane. Platform PS4 What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.08 Ranked/Unranked/Leagues Unranked invite-only private lobby Wired or Wireless Connection? PS4 wired to a 4G hub. The amount of players in your session? 20 drivers + 1 spectator Were you the host? No Did this issue happens for everyone in the session, just some people or just yourself? What did they see? Didn't hear anyone else having problems with audio, but some drivers had other issues. We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? I don't know how to deliberately make that happen. I've had it happen a few times before but I have no idea what causes it. How do you make the problem happen? I don't know. I had launched the game and done some Time Trial in Canada. Then I went to the main menu and joined the session through an invite. The first invite didn't work but I got in on second try. Can you add a report code. How to find this is in Main Menu > Game Options > Settings > 16 digit code in the bottom left of the screen. Please make sure that this is the code from the session you had the issue in. Adding report codes from as many users in your session as possible would be really helpful here. I don't have an error code, unfortunately. Video of the issue, including timestamps. Did you stream the session? I did not stream the session but saved it on PS4. In the following video, you can hear the issue right at the start of the video on my qualifying lap 00:00-01:18 in the video. After that there's highlights from a race session where the problem remained unchanged. However, I put music of top of it as it was painful enough to listen to it live.
  13. janbonator

    Who invented the strict penalty system?

    It's a game, so they could do something a bit more experimental. I think it would be good to have a something like a 10% reduction in horsepower for a little while after extending a corner. Penalties are okay in terms of cutting corners, but going wide on the exit (but staying on kerbs/track) is a silly way of getting time penalties, because there is rarely meaningful gains to be had. Track extending is most exploitable when setting up an overtake - thinking of something like the Spoon curve in Japan - but this would be negated by the horsepower reduction. Needless to say, there shouldn't be penalties if someone punts you off the track..
  14. janbonator

    Simulate race

    @Malarky94 That must be annoying. It probably won't help your feeling saying this, but.. Unless it's been fixed (it's been a while since I drove MyTeam), simulating will not do you any good. At least all the races I've ever tried to simulate have vanished off the face of the earth. There's just a blank space for every driver for every simulated race.
  15. janbonator

    2020 F1 Esports Fail

    This time there was no confusion - although it was plausible to assume so. We simply have a disagreement on the interpretation of what software Tonizza was referring to. The thing is, we are already months apart from the launch. These guys have been training relentlessly at home ever since. Of course I can only make assumptions on the matter, but those include thinking that having outdated drivers, for example, would have already manifested in a lot of problems before these events, and that they would've been promptly fixed. Of course it's possible that they got a new PC the same day, installed some outdated drivers and never tested the game before the event. I just don't see it very likely. We are talking about professionals after all, guys that spend more time with the game than a regular blue or white collar at work. IWe know that a new esports build was created and used for this event. To me it feels exceedingly likely this is the "incorrectly tested software" part referred to by Tonizza. The current esport qualifer event was also obviously either untested or tested incorrectly - as quite glaringly pointed out with the fuel mix bug. At the same time I want to point out that I'm not on some hate-wagon rampage here. I love driving the game and probably spend too much time with it. I just think there are still a lot of issues to resolve, and to do so effectively it's important to call out things with their real names. A rose is a rose, manure is manure; but to grow and blossom, the rose needs the manure.
  16. janbonator

    2020 F1 Esports Fail

    The lead designer, Lee Mather, has been adamant for years that it is a sim. How can the participants be in charge of the software? As far as I know, the players - be it regular Joes or esport drivers, have no way to access the coding of the game or to make changes to it, especially for network infrastructure. They can alter the code of the game to get more grip and speed though, i.e. use cheats. In terms of hardware, that is definitely a responsibility of the drivers at home. It's great that they can't play through LAN now. It exposes all the glitches that us normal players are subject to daily. Perhaps it will force a meaningful change. Alternatively they just might push some esport patch that fixes the game for them to save public humiliation and leave the rest of us hanging. You are right it's not the only sim that has had problems. I would imagine all of them have had their share. The difference is what you pointed out: they've been patched. We've had the same multiplayer glitches in the game for years and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
  17. janbonator

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Unfortunately it looks rather obvious that CM has followed a trend in the gaming industry where the beta is for marketing the game, not finding flaws and fixing them.
  18. janbonator

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    That's true, but there are also bugs reported as "fixed" when they are not.
  19. janbonator

    Please give me a race start strategy

    Depends on your platform I suppose. On PS4 it's very easy to record a clip and upload it to Youtube, provided you have a Youtube account. I think it's the same for xbox. Phone is fine though if you can get stable footage.
  20. janbonator

    Bars or suspension for traction?

    You raise interesting questions and I won't be able to answer them definitively. I love to play around with setups and use telemetry data for the purpose. What I can say from experience is that it is always a compromise across the whole setup. If I run a low downforce setup for a given track (especially in races), I tend to go much softer on the roll bars and suspension. The initial turn-in will be sluggish, but going with lower roll bars helps with mid-corner understeer in this scenario. If the initial turn-in is too slow, then I try adding some front toe angle. If the car is still too understeery in mid-corner, I might try and put in some more negative camber. Not much though, a single click often suffices. If I use a higher downforce setup, especially one that has a lot more rear wing angle than front, then I tend to have a much stiffer rear, both in terms of suspension and roll bars. This kind of setup rarely needs any toe or camber in my opinion. As you said, a soft front suspension seems to be very important factor in this game if you want to exploit the track limits fully and attack the kerbs. I'd like to use a much stiffer front but the clock simply doesn't like it. One thing to consider about roll bars is that they also affect how the car handles over bumps and kerbs, so it's not just the suspension stiffness at play. The roll bars affect how bumps are transferred to the other wheels. If you have stiff roll bars, the bumps will be more violent for the wheel(s) that go over the bump, while softer settings transfer the energy across the wheels better and offer more stability.
  21. janbonator

    Audio glitching throughout a session

    Will do tomorrow! I might remember the Silverstone part wrong. I just checked my recordings from Silverstone league races and they sounded fine. I haven't uploaded all the footage though so I'll need to go through my HDD tomorrow and see if I can find where else it has happened. I've had to delete some content to make space, but it's worth a shot.
  22. janbonator

    Audio glitching throughout a session

    I use different custom camera settings for each car, but always drive in cockpit cam. I couldn't test another camera during a league race because I would end up crashing. I think I have the FOV set up to -0.40 or so and added some vertical offput and angle. Same camera settings for offline and MP, although I very rarely drive offline. I do a lot of TT and never had the problem there, although I never use the Alpha Romeo in TT either.
  23. janbonator

    Audio glitching throughout a session

    I'm using a headset wired to a normal PS4 controller while driving on a Thrustmaster T300 RS GT. I live in a remote house and use no wireless technology apart from my 20 years old cellphone and a 4G hub (wired to PS4), so it shouldn't be about interference. Off the back of my head I remember encountering the problem only in Canada and Silverstone so far, but it doesn't happen always on those tracks either. Each time it has been in the Alpha Romeo, which I use for league racing. I've yet to drive every track though.
  24. Would you recommend the same ports to be open for PS4? Any other sorcery you know of? I keep having problems with "communicating with online services" and the leaderboards not loading without rebooting the game. And yes, I've filed a proper bug report before on this.
  25. janbonator

    Please give me a race start strategy

    No worries. I don't mind trying to help. Analyzing someone else's driving can sometimes be beneficial for my own driving as well. To be honest the slow corners are my Achilles' heel as well, so I might not be the best at trying to help with that. But, if you like, upload a video and I'll give it a shot. No need to worry if the driving is not perfect - none of us started as a Senna and most of us never end up one no matter how we try!