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  1. ImTheOx11

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    Its probable the devs deleted it. I have the feeling most of the thumbs down are from the creators. Im getting a Marvel/Disney/Brie Larson vibe here. I guess this was my last Codemasters game after owning all of the Dirt game till now with all DLCs. Not mentioning all the dirt games i bought for my friends for birthday. Oh well theres still hope for WRC9, they did a pritty good job with WRC8 BTW.
  2. Just saying, in playstation it looks like a game from the year 2009. while WRC 8 Looks sharp as hell.
  3. Dirt Rally 2.0 was the closest thing to a CMR 2.0 Remaster. -Lots of Countries: - CMR had 8 countries x 10 Stages and 8x Arcade Circuit tracks. - Dirt 2.0 has 13 countries x 12 Stages, and way to many RallyX no one cares about. -Best sim physics, and the only Rally game with terrain deformation. So in a sense it is, its top of the line, flagship rally game. To bad for the foggy graphics though. Not to mention the cars, Dirt 2.0 is the most expensive Codemasters rally game period. The next one is probably going to be a Half arcady Dirt 5, ill pass.
  4. ImTheOx11

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    Thats just ur opinion. I think its boring and ugly.
  5. ImTheOx11

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    All old before 2000 imprezas are Manual.
  6. Standar criteria for a Dirt 2.0 Online lobby. -Stages cant be longer than 5km. -Service area must be available every 2nd stage or every stage -Car class can be only: Group A, S2000, R5 -Hardcore DMG is only an option, not to be selected! -Sweden, Argentina, Montecarlo, USA, Wales Can not be chosen! "If you do not comply with these, the god of CasualPlayers will strike you with a report!" Thats why for me online consists of only me and my Nephiew. We like to go 2x E.S. + 1 S.S. without Serviceareas and hardcore dmg. and we usualy do RWD. But its fun when someone joins and after the 2nd E.S. Ragequits ūü§£
  7. ImTheOx11

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    On PS4 works fine. But on the side note. Been playing WRC 8 for a week now, and damn it Codemasters, why all the Foggy graphics?!?! the game looks like a dream sequence! Also Scotland looks and is boring. *Give all the thumbs down you want, you know im right.
  8. MORE RALLY LOCATIONS IN SEASON3! France, Italy, Japan, Corsica we need more tarmac!
  9. I would rather see the rally stages to be added in Dirt 2.0. Like only all of them.
  10. ImTheOx11

    DR 2.0 : Season 3

    Season 3 They need to add the other two Greece and Finland, and a new location on Tarmac like France, Japan or Italy.
  11. ImTheOx11

    Depth of Field Options

    MotionBlur and DepthField are a natural visual effects that happens to everyone with eyes. it should not be forced with additional distortions and filters. Example old racing games like ROLLCAGE or WIPEOUT, didnt have motion blur yet with the speed building up you could only see what was going on in front of you. It was a natural blurr effect that happend becouse of speed and not becouse some graphics wasting filter effects. But than came TocaRaceDrive 3 and NeedForSpeed Underground, and the age of bad eye sights began. please codemastesrs, remove these effects or give us an option at least.
  12. ImTheOx11

    Depth of Field Options

    I agree, im just spamming All CM twits with the same question. we should right a petition!