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  1. Its probable the devs deleted it. I have the feeling most of the thumbs down are from the creators. Im getting a Marvel/Disney/Brie Larson vibe here. I guess this was my last Codemasters game after owning all of the Dirt game till now with all DLCs. Not mentioning all the dirt games i bought for my friends for birthday. Oh well theres still hope for WRC9, they did a pritty good job with WRC8 BTW.
  2. Thats just ur opinion. I think its boring and ugly.
  3. All old before 2000 imprezas are Manual.
  4. On PS4 works fine. But on the side note. Been playing WRC 8 for a week now, and damn it Codemasters, why all the Foggy graphics?!?! the game looks like a dream sequence! Also Scotland looks and is boring. *Give all the thumbs down you want, you know im right.
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