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  1. ImTheOx11


    is it possible that they fixt something? I mean, its still kinda blurry with the depthfield at the beggining, but when the count down begins, everything just SHARPSUP and you can actualy see the scenario and the road. Tested on Polska, New Zealand, Spain on day time and it looks much better. Also when going into a shaded part of the track it does not mush everythong together, its kinda clear. Still not realistically but better.
  2. Toggle option for Motion Blurr and Depth of Field on consoles??? Come on Codemasters...
  3. ImTheOx11

    RX Ai gangs on player all the time

    Well now thats ****. At least when playing RX you get to know how Alita felt in the Motorball. Also yea, i own all Dirt games but never realy payed much attention to RX in D1. But here, they all gang on you like bees they all try to push you off the track or just kill you. and when they succede they just drive around in harmony withouth any conflict or anything. They never push each others, just the player. i literally feel attacked in that mode. It feels unwelcoming. i swear to god i wont buy anymore dirt games if they include AI like that again. Also if they dont fix the blurr... if i want to play circuit games i have Grandturismo Sport, Project Cars and Assetto Corsa.
  4. ImTheOx11

    Suggested Dirt Rally2.0 Improvements

    Thats a feature
  5. Hello Meybe its becouse i dont follow and like RX in general, but do All racers always gang on just one guy and try to kill him every race in real life or is it just in every songle Codemasters game?? I realy hope we dont get any DLCS for RX becouse i realy ****ing hate it.
  6. ImTheOx11

    Suggested Dirt Rally2.0 Improvements

    give us an option to toggle MotionBlur and DepthField.
  7. ImTheOx11

    Depth of Field Options

    MotionBlur and DepthField are a natural visual effects that happens to everyone with eyes. it should not be forced with additional distortions and filters. Example old racing games like ROLLCAGE or WIPEOUT, didnt have motion blur yet with the speed building up you could only see what was going on in front of you. It was a natural blurr effect that happend becouse of speed and not becouse some graphics wasting filter effects. But than came TocaRaceDrive 3 and NeedForSpeed Underground, and the age of bad eye sights began. please codemastesrs, remove these effects or give us an option at least.
  8. ImTheOx11

    Depth of Field Options

    I agree, im just spamming All CM twits with the same question. we should right a petition!
  9. ImTheOx11

    Spain Rally Location Dirt Paths!! 

    Also the forest looks just like the place i live in. AMediterranean forest, it simply looks gorgeous 👌
  10. ImTheOx11

    DR2 tracks to DR1

    Eeeh, i rather see they sharp up the graphics in dirt 2.0 by turning off: Post Processing, Motion blurr, Depth Field. The physics in Dirt 1 suck in comparison with 2.0.
  11. ImTheOx11

    Spain Rally Location Dirt Paths!! 

    no not that but they could clearly make at least 2 special stages in Spain on dirt. They could connect them so it could be a mix of Gravel and Asphalt.
  12. ImTheOx11

    Spain Rally Location Dirt Paths!! 

    Bump, we need spain stages on the gravel. Please CodeM make it happen 🙏
  13. ImTheOx11


    I hope they do, becouse right now, i think Polska is the only rally with this problem, and even that only at midday time with clear skies. The Sky is just a huge blob of white, and every time you jump the whole screen blurres and you go blind...
  14. ImTheOx11

    Car handling physics suggestion

    its still not a 100%sim but we are getting closer. and the end product is realy good. Now you can actualy feel what each tyer is doing, in Dirt1 the car was... lets say "Self centered?" i mean the car was spinning and turning like there was a pole in the center of the car. it was wierd some times.
  15. ImTheOx11


    Ok meybe i fixed the over saturated graphics on my PS4. I set the brightness to about 40% in game. And set colors on 65% on my tv and contrast on 60%. but still, in Polska the sky is way to bright, like the sun is 1km away...