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  1. 6 minutes ago, XenialJ said:

    I posted my thoughts but they disappeared off the end of the last page almost immediately.

    But in short I think it's ugly to look at but good to drive. For me personally, the looks are affecting my enjoyment more than the driving at this moment.

    The narrowness, consistent surface, and pace and moderate severity of the turns all work well together for driving, though it is completely punishing if you slip even a little off track.

    The fog, the very low amount of visual pop and colour,  the repetition in the background and similarities to Wales all definitely do not work well together for entertaining your eyes.

    Its probable the devs deleted it. 

    I have the feeling most of the thumbs down are from the creators. 

    Im getting a Marvel/Disney/Brie Larson vibe here. 

    I guess this was my last Codemasters game after owning all of the Dirt game till now with all DLCs. Not mentioning all the dirt games i bought for my friends for birthday. 


    Oh well theres still hope for WRC9, they did a pritty good job with WRC8 BTW. 

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  2. On PS4 works fine. 


    But on the side note. 

    Been playing WRC 8 for a week now, and damn it Codemasters, why all the Foggy graphics?!?! the game looks like a dream sequence! 


    Also Scotland looks and is boring. 


     *Give all the thumbs down you want, you know im right. 

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