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  1. 824587

    F1 2019 30 days free according to F1.com?

    It's still the standard trial for me. Can't play past Australia in Career mode.
  2. 824587

    Fuel mix issue in career mode

    @BarryBL any update?
  3. This has been an issue for multiple years. I have a video from F1 2016 showing it, but I assume there's no point in sharing it now.
  4. 824587

    Fuel mix issue in career mode

    I'm having the same issue in F1 2018. Getting worse-than-Standard fuel consumption on Lean and worse-than-Rich fuel consumption on Standard. My post is just below this one. I did some testing in my case. I believe it is triggered by either one or a combination of: - finishing FM on red (failed) or green (succeeded, but not purple) - finishing RS on red (failed), green (succeeded, but not purple) or purple What did trigger it: - finishing all practice programmes on purple What does not trigger it: - completing FM on purple and skipping RS - failing any of the 2 programmes and retrying before returning to the garage so that it doesn't register as a failure There was also one time when it got triggered after a flashback during a wet race in Canada. With 3 laps to go, the fuel indicator dropped from ~+1 to ~+0.3 and it started to go down on Standard as if it was on Rich.
  5. Issue: In Career mode, during some GPs, the fuel consumption is significantly higher than normal. In season 3, it already happened in Australia and China, and seems to be triggered by attempting / failing / restarting the fuel management and / or the race strategy practice programmes. The rates, in terms of laps of fuel used per lap are: 1-1.1x using Lean, 1.3x-1.4x using Standard, 1.6x-1.7x using Rich, which means it's almost impossible to finish a race with less than the default fuel load and running Lean for the entire race. It only seems to affect the player, as the teammate is 1-2 seconds per lap faster when this happens. Platform: Xbox One X Game version: 1.16 Game mode: Career Extra info: Restarting the game does not seem to fix this. Is there any way to deal with this, apart from over-fuelling and weaving across the track to prevent the AI from overtaking on the straights? Updates: S3.Azerbaijan: It's happening again. Filled the tank to the max and barely got to run 3 laps on Rich, while also having to switch to Lean for the last lap. S3.Spain: Did FM on purple and skipped RS. Fuel consumption was back to normal. Was able to win the race from pole with the minimum amount of fuel, while also doing 3 laps on Rich and 3 laps on Standard. S3.Monaco: Did all programmes on purple. Some took multiple retries. Fuel consumption is drastically increased again. Engineer said during the race that I was on target +3 fuel, while the MFD was showing +9. S3.Canada.FP1: Did TA on purple. Did a mid session save. Attempted FM and failed. Reloaded mid session save. Went directly to a flying lap to do a clean lap. The FM HUD was still showing and recorded my lap as a failed attempt at FM. Reloaded mid session save again and retired from session. S3.Canada.FP2: Did ERSM on purple. After returning to the garage, FM was once again showing as failed, even though I did not attempt to do it. The exact same thing has happened at least once before, which makes me believe that the mid session save does not fully restore the state of the session.
  6. Please consider adding an option, preferably on the MFD, that would allow for the ERS to be automatically switched to "Overtake" mode when the DRS is engaged, and then automatically switched back to the previous mode when the DRS is disengaged. It could be a big help, especially for pad users that drive with manual gears and have a lot of work to do on the pad, in addition to driving.