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  1. Please consider adding an option, preferably on the MFD, that would allow for the ERS to be automatically switched to "Overtake" mode when the DRS is engaged, and then automatically switched back to the previous mode when the DRS is disengaged. It could be a big help, especially for pad users that drive with manual gears and have a lot of work to do on the pad, in addition to driving.
  2. Issue: Audio stutters (cuts off completely for like half a second) randomly during normal gameplay. It seems to happen every 2-3 minutes, but I've also had it happen twice within a minute. Platform: Xbox One X Game version: 1.16 Game mode: Time Trial (it's where I've noticed it most times, though it happens in other modes as well) Other info: The console is up-to-date. The game is installed on the internal HDD. There is no background activity, like installations or downloads, that could cause this. If needed, I can record some gameplay, but I've had it happen every time I drive for more than 10 minutes without interruptions, so it should be easy to replicate.