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  1. @cpayne32 yes, but drivers IRL don't get 5 s penalties for touching other cars under the SC or getting hit from behind when trying to avoid a collision.
  2. An MFD option that would allow you to choose between 0 and the current total amount of time penalty would be great, as it would allow leagues to easily remove unfair penalties at the end of the race. For example, if a driver has these penalties: 3, 5, 3 s He would get these options: 0, 3, 8, 11 s
  3. @Falstojudilofa because, as you can see, no one bothers to report smaller annoying issues like this, so they're considered not widespread and are being ignored in favour of others.
  4. Where exactly do you see these new setups?
  5. I connected the console to a mobile hotspot and both F1 2020 and F1 2021 no longer hang while loading. The differences I can see between the 2 networks are: - Wi-Fi: NAT = Open, UPnP = On, IPV4 = On, IPv6 = On, DNS = provided by ISP - Mobile hotspot: NAT = Strict, UPnP = Off, IPv4 = On, IPv6 = Off, DNS = provided by mobile network operator So, the mobile hotspot has more limitations than the Wi-Fi connection. Both networks are on default settings wherever possible. What can I do to make it work properly on the Wi-Fi connection as well? Port forwarding, using a 3rd
  6. This is happening in GP as well, just not as often, so it's the same as in F1 2020. I just did 3 short GP sessions one after another and after setting up the last one, it hanged on "Loading..." for over 25 minutes. So, I assume this means it's probably a podium pass issue, since it's only happening in F1 2020 and F1 2021.
  7. The game not remembering some settings in GP mode, when in previous games it remembered everything, except for the race distance, could be a different thread. I didn't say anything about those as there are no presets for GP mode, but as I'm using the same settings all the time, it's really annoying having to scroll through all the tabs and adjust the 4-5 settings it doesn't remember.
  8. @BarryBL the exact same thing has been happening since early last year with F2 global leaderboards in F1 2020. The players getting that game with EA Play now must be really excited to see those global leaderboards have an average total of 5 times (/s). https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/79536-f2-global-leaderboards-appear-to-be-wiped-frequently-or-dont-load-up-properly
  9. This is getting a bit ridiculous. I went again through all the tracks in TT to save a 2nd setup for each of them. While doing this, the game got stuck 15 times: - 12 times on "Loading..." between tracks - it happened almost every 2nd time I changed tracks - once on "Downloading content..." on the global leaderboards screen - 2 times on a full-screen "Communicating with online services..." sequence, right after restarting the game Out of all these, I got 1 single error message: "1008:H" after 1 of the full-screen "Communicating with online services..." sequences eventually f
  10. @Ultra3142 I meant to ask if it would be possible to do it via an update, not from the game's menu. They have already removed and then reinstated features that weren't working correctly in this game.
  11. It seems they just don't load completely. The "top x%" ranking indicates my correct position, for example, "top 20%", while I'm in a false 1st on the global leaderboard.
  12. It almost definitely has something to do with heavily populated leaderboards. It never happens when the leaderboards load incompletely, like they do for F2, or in F1 2019 or older games, where the leaderboards were capped at 10000 times.
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