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  1. In esports, in all the onboards where I could see the MFD, they were using 50% brake bias and 100% on throttle differential all the time.
  2. I tried some of the worst-case scenarios, like T10 in Bahrain, where previously you could spin quite easily with anything below 56% brake bias, and now you can brake and turn quite a bit more and never spin.
  3. On Xbox Series X - 1.10, I had a player with a red "x" for pretty much an entire 50% race, but only realised this after talking with others and seeing some clips after the race ended. He wasn't disconnected or ghosted and was racing normally.
  4. @MisterJohnny420 that's exactly the problem. Why have 20 options on a slider when you always use one (50%)? It's the same for the brake pressure: you have 50 options, but there's no point in using anything less than 90% in the dry and maybe a bit less in the wet. Also, the wing coefficients still haven't been changed and are still too low. No one uses less than 4-4 wings on any track and there are multiple tracks where you use 11-11 and could probably go faster with more.
  5. Description: The DRS zone in Imola starts 8 metres after the line. Platform: Xbox Series X Game version: 1.12 Game mode: any How to replicate: - Drive slowly towards the DRS line and stop before crossing it. - The distance indicator will show 8 metres remaining. - Continue driving. - The DRS zone will start after 8 metres. Workaround: - Peripherals: Xbox Series X controller Report code - 1.12: - Image / video: -
  6. Description: If you set the brake bias to 50%, the rear wheels no longer lock up before the fronts, so it's impossible to spin under braking. It's always optimal to use 50% brake bias, like in F1 2020. Platform: Xbox Series X Game version: 1.12 Game mode: any How to replicate: - Set the brake bias to 50%. - Disable ABS. - Brake with maximum pressure into any corner. - The rear wheels will no longer lock up before the fronts and the car will not spin. Workaround: - Peripherals: Xbox Series X controller Report code - 1.12: - Image / vid
  7. So the handling and some tracks were changed, but Time Trial was not reset? The white Red Bull livery is only a temporary change? Why not allow us to choose which one we want to use? Seems like quite a bit of wasted resources.
  8. He literally said update 1.11 will only have backend updates, so a new track is extremely unlikely to be a part of it.
  9. So is 1.11 the update arriving this week, which also includes the new Red Bull livery and nothing else in terms of content?
  10. Description: Dry track surfaces look wet in spectator mode in half of the shots when using the dynamic TV camera. It seems to look like this most often in Australia, but it can happen around other tracks as well. It might have something to do with shadows, as the wet look seems to only be there on shadowed parts of the track. Platform: Xbox Series X Game version: 1.10, 1.12 Game mode: any multiplayer mode Connection type: wireless Number of players: ~10 Host: - How to replicate: - start a qualifying session in Australia, in spectator mode, with dry weath
  11. As I said somewhere above, there are actually 2 flavours of this, but both start from the fact that you can get the nonsense "invalid next lap" penalties in sectors 1 and 2. From there, you either actually have an invalid next lap or don't, but you don't know until you actually start the next lap. For me it was more often a false invalidation. Did you get your "invalid next lap" penalty in sector 1 or 2?
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