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  1. Since in F1 2020 tyre pressures are extremely important and require a setup for each track in both dry and wet conditions, the amount of setups you can end up if you want to be competitive on all tracks is very high: 26 tracks * 2 weather conditions * 3 car categories = 156 setups. Therefore, it would be nice if you could have them split into tabs by category and weather condition, ending up with 6 tabs: - F1 2020 - dry - F1 2020 - wet - Classic cars - dry - Classic cars - wet - F2 - dry - F2 - wet
  2. Aparow3

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Do tyre pressures affect ride height like the suspension and body roll like the anti-roll bars?
  3. Aparow3

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Are the 1-11 values for aero and springs absolute or relative to each track and / or each car? And if they are absolute, why does it seem like 11-11 aero has less drag at Monza than at higher downforce tracks? For example, in F1 2019 - Time Trial - Italy - Mercedes, the default setup with 11-11 aero tops at 315 KM/H, while in Mexico it tops at 308 KM/H. It seems like most people on reddit believe they are relative to each track, but there are still many that believe they are absolute. Also, why does the game not show actual values for those settings? Is it because the teams don't want attributes that are specific to each car to be shown in the game?
  4. I would like to know if the 1-11 values for aero and suspension are the same everywhere or are track-specific. Most redditors seem to believe they are track-specific, but there are still a lot that believe they are not.
  5. In older games it was using the ballast to rotate the car. Is there anything like that in F1 2019? I'm interested in race setups - not time trial - for both dry and wet.
  6. Like many others have said, having Overtake as a toggle and having to turn it off manually is a bit annoying, but instead of switching it to a hold, I suggest changing it to the system Mclaren use IRL: a short press results in 3 seconds of boost, after which Overtake disengages automatically, with the possibility to hold the button during those 3 seconds to extend the boost until the button is released. Clicking the button again within those 3 seconds should not extend the boost. For reference, you can check the videos from the official F1 YouTube channel that show the radio messages from the last laps of the 2 races.
  7. They have some good deals on several games and I would like to know if it's OK to get a key from there.
  8. According to gamstat.com, as of June 14, F1 2018: - has more MAU (monthly active users) than F1 2019: 280K vs 230K - is growing faster than F1 2019: +85K vs +39K new players - has a significantly larger TPC (total player count): 2M vs 670K Furthermore, F1 2019 has a lower TPC than F1 2017: 670K vs 700K So why not add F1 2019 and the older games to Xbox Game Pass to boost player counts and the popularity of the franchise in general?
  9. Aparow3

    So Dirt 5 is next gen but not F1 2020

    It would be really awesome to have a 4K 120 fps mode added via an update for next-gen consoles, even if it comes with no other enhancements.
  10. Aparow3


  11. Aparow3

    F1 2019 30 days free according to F1.com?

    It's still the standard trial for me. Can't play past Australia in Career mode.
  12. Aparow3

    Fuel mix issue in career mode

    @BarryBL any update?
  13. This has been an issue for multiple years. I have a video from F1 2016 showing it, but I assume there's no point in sharing it now.
  14. Aparow3

    Fuel mix issue in career mode

    I'm having the same issue in F1 2018. Getting worse-than-Standard fuel consumption on Lean and worse-than-Rich fuel consumption on Standard. My post is just below this one. I did some testing in my case. I believe it is triggered by either one or a combination of: - finishing FM on red (failed) or green (succeeded, but not purple) - finishing RS on red (failed), green (succeeded, but not purple) or purple What did trigger it: - finishing all practice programmes on purple What does not trigger it: - completing FM on purple and skipping RS - failing any of the 2 programmes and retrying before returning to the garage so that it doesn't register as a failure There was also one time when it got triggered after a flashback during a wet race in Canada. With 3 laps to go, the fuel indicator dropped from ~+1 to ~+0.3 and it started to go down on Standard as if it was on Rich.
  15. Aparow3