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  1. According to gamstat.com, as of June 14, F1 2018: - has more MAU (monthly active users) than F1 2019: 280K vs 230K - is growing faster than F1 2019: +85K vs +39K new players - has a significantly larger TPC (total player count): 2M vs 670K Furthermore, F1 2019 has a lower TPC than F1 2017: 670K vs 700K So why not add F1 2019 and the older games to Xbox Game Pass to boost player counts and the popularity of the franchise in general?
  2. Aparow3

    So Dirt 5 is next gen but not F1 2020

    It would be really awesome to have a 4K 120 fps mode added via an update for next-gen consoles, even if it comes with no other enhancements.
  3. Aparow3


  4. Aparow3

    F1 2019 30 days free according to F1.com?

    It's still the standard trial for me. Can't play past Australia in Career mode.
  5. Aparow3

    Fuel mix issue in career mode

    @BarryBL any update?
  6. This has been an issue for multiple years. I have a video from F1 2016 showing it, but I assume there's no point in sharing it now.
  7. Aparow3

    Fuel mix issue in career mode

    I'm having the same issue in F1 2018. Getting worse-than-Standard fuel consumption on Lean and worse-than-Rich fuel consumption on Standard. My post is just below this one. I did some testing in my case. I believe it is triggered by either one or a combination of: - finishing FM on red (failed) or green (succeeded, but not purple) - finishing RS on red (failed), green (succeeded, but not purple) or purple What did trigger it: - finishing all practice programmes on purple What does not trigger it: - completing FM on purple and skipping RS - failing any of the 2 programmes and retrying before returning to the garage so that it doesn't register as a failure There was also one time when it got triggered after a flashback during a wet race in Canada. With 3 laps to go, the fuel indicator dropped from ~+1 to ~+0.3 and it started to go down on Standard as if it was on Rich.
  8. Aparow3