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  1. Description: In F1 2019 - TT - F2 2018 or 2019, or in F1 2020 - TT - F2 2019 or 2020, if you load a setup from the leaderboards, the transmission setting never changes. Platform: Xbox Series X (Xbox One X) Game version: F1 2019 1.22 || F1 2020 1.18 Game mode: F1 2019 - Time Trial - F2 2018 and 2019 || F1 2020 - Time Trial - F2 2019 and 2020 How to replicate: In F1 2019 - TT - F2 2018 or 2019, or in F1 2020 - Time Trial - F2 2019 or 2020, load a setup from the leaderboard. The transmission setting remains at the default value. Change the transmission setting. Load the same setup from the leaderboard. The transmission setting doesn't change and it's what you changed it to at the previous step. Workaround: - Peripherals: Xbox Series X controller Report code: - Image / video: -
  2. The podium pass connection causing the infinite loading in GP mode seems plausible. I set up a TT session and immediately after hitting "start session", I powered off the router. The game went on to load for about 30 seconds, which is a lot compared to the 2-3 seconds it usually takes, and almost immediately after going from "loading" to "please wait", it crashed, so both seemingly random issues triggered in one go. It seems 100% replicable. I also did the same test with F1 2018 and F1 2019 and they were not affected at all, so it seems there is something specific to F1 2020 that breaks the loading and makes it crash if it looses connectivity during loading, at least on Xbox Series X.
  3. What connectivity in GP mode? Is it not fully offline? Also, this seemingly random loading issue only happens on F1 2020. The older games never did it at all. The console I played on did not matter.
  4. I've just got this on 1.18 while loading into GP mode. I've quit the game after ~15 minutes of loading. When I started it again, the GP session that I was loading into was not saved.
  5. Do you need a video of the original issue, where the "next lap" isn't actually invalidated? I got that multiple times in Unranked, but can't seem to get it in GP. I don't think I'm doing anything different. Is there any difference between how penalties are applied online and offline, assuming the settings are the same?
  6. I tried to make a video of the issue described above in GP mode, but instead I ran into a similar one: I got the penalty as described above, but the next lap was actually invalidated, even though I only went off the track in sector 1 and at a significantly reduced pace. How to get the "this and next lap invalidated" penalty in sector 1: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AqsCmb29voAYg2yw95TDZ1p0XOew?e=wqbpDe Confirmation that "this lap" was invalid, which is technically correct, but unfair, since I slowed down significantly while going off the track: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AqsCmb29voAYg21P1V9RkLRN2-Yy?e=diIenk Confirmation that "next lap" was invalid, which seems a bit much, given the infringement: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AqsCmb29voAYg26Q138wQjGDix7_?e=3pp5Hf
  7. Description: If you go off the track in sectors 1 and 2 for a few seconds in qualifying, even at a slower pace, the game tells you that you have a "this and next lap invalidated" penalty. This is false as only the current lap actually gets invalidated, while the next one remains valid, but obviously, there is no way of telling without actually attempting to do the next lap. This fooled me multiple times in online races into going into the pits, thinking that the next lap is invalid and that I didn't have enough fuel, time or tyres to do another one. Platform: Xbox Series X (Xbox One X) Game version: 1.18 Game mode: Grand Prix, Unranked How to replicate: In qualifying, drive off the track in sectors 1 and 2, as you would when, for example, there is a bunch of cars coming through on a hotlap and you need to get out of the way. After a few seconds, even if your are not going at full speed, the game says you have a "this and next lap invalidated" penalty. Places where I've got this penalty are: Spain while going through the alternative turn 10, Russia going around the outside of turn 4 and many other similar places on tracks where there are alternative turns or space to drive around the outside of the track. Workaround: - Peripherals: Xbox Series X controller Report code: - Image / video: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqsCmb29voAYg2bnR3Zn6jNd-beb?e=mgfc7z
  8. Aparow3

    BETA 2021 | Taking Applications Now

    I'm willing to do the 2-player career mode. If anyone here plays on Xbox Series X|S with 90-100 AI and can play around 18:00-20:00 CET, let me know.
  9. Aparow3

    [Xbox] Random freezes and crashes to dashboard

    Whatever is causing this seems to affect all recent F1 games on Xbox Series X. I went into TT in F1 2018, which was the only one out of the last 4 games that I did not log crashing in the previous thread. After a few minutes of loading setups, doing a few laps, saving setups and switching to another track, the game froze with a loud buzzing noise for ~2 seconds and then crashed. IIRC, I was in the setup editor when this happened. As always, no errors from the game or console. The game was also reinstalled quite recently.
  10. Aparow3

    [Xbox] Random freezes and crashes to dashboard

    As I said multiple times, it happens very randomly. It just seems to happen more often when loading into or out of a game mode and even more so if the game mode is an online one, but it also did happen in the middle of a race, during cutscenes or when loading into GP mode. It's difficult to give numbers given the random nature of this. Xbox says I've played F1 2020 about 445 hours and I've had ~50 crashes, so I can only estimate that it happens on average once per 10 hours of gameplay. I've logged in the thread linked above 10+ of these instances with what I was doing when it crashed and a few report codes that I could retrieve afterwards from screenshots or clips, but since there is never any error from the game or from the console, there isn't much extra info I can provide.
  11. Aparow3

    [Xbox] Random freezes and crashes to dashboard

    Do you even read before replying? This is getting very frustrating. I asked how do you expect me to replicate them since they seem to be very random. I also said that I did all the troubleshooting steps that were suggested and nothing helps. If I made a separate report for every crash and every glitch, especially in multiplayer, where almost every time there is someone in the lobby with a poor connection, something wrong happens, like incorrect timing, positions and penalties, starting grid freezes or rules not being applied to some players, I would have probably made 100+ threads instead of the ~10 I made since starting to play F1 2020. I only put together all the crashes because there isn't any other info that I can provide, apart from what I already did, and because there seems to be nothing specific triggering them. A couple of days ago I got a crash while loading into an F2 Grand Prix session, then I started the game again and got another crash immediately after, while loading into an F2 Time Trial session.
  12. Continuing on from here, because that thread was locked: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/65541-random-freezes-and-crashes-to-dashboard How am I supposed to replicate the crashes since they are completely random? The game just crashes in many modes, including Grand Prix, Time Trial, Unranked and Weekly Event about once per 10 hours of gameplay. It can go for 50 hours without issues, or crash twice in an hour, like it happened yesterday. The only pattern is that it usually happens when loading into or out of a session, but it also happened in the middle of a race, or during a cutscene. There is never any error displayed in the game or on the Xbox dashboard. It happens on both Xbox One X and Xbox Series X. I've already wasted a lot of time doing the troubleshooting steps that were suggested, but nothing helps. Also, what's the point of making a separate thread for each one? You can't even retrieve the report code once the game crashes.
  13. It was in the middle of a league race and I noticed it just before it disappeared, so that screenshot is all I can provide. Is it not possible to track it using the placeholder?
  14. After a couple of weeks without such issues, I got another crash while loading into Grand Prix, which I assume means they are not caused by networking issues. I've added the info to the OP.
  15. Will it be launching on EA Play Pro for PC on day one? Are the older games going to join EA Play as well?