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  1. Do you have tone mapping set to HGiG on the TV? If you use dynamic tone mapping, the calibration screens won't work as expected.
  2. It would have been a nice way to compensate for the lack of classic cars and a rare opportunity to have a direct comparison between the physics and damage systems in F1 2020 vs F1 2021.
  3. See here: Metacritic - PC Metacritic - PS5 Metacritic - Xbox Series X
  4. @F1Slamtrax you can probably remove the "user issue" tag so mods don't ignore this because of it.
  5. I asked them and the first 3 who replied said they're seeing the same thing: the global leaderboard only shows them and a couple of other times set on the same day, while the friends leaderboard seems to work normally. Definitely doesn't look like a "user issue", at least on Xbox.
  6. I have a very similar issue on Xbox and many others in an F2 league I did told me they had it as well: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/79536-xbox-f2-global-leaderboards-appear-to-be-wiped-frequently-or-dont-load-up-properly
  7. Description: During an Unranked race, a player overtook 2 cars before the start line, during a SC restart sequence, and got no penalties. You can see from his POV that he is overtaking while he is still being shown yellow flags, so the signage was correct, but the penalties were not applied as they should have been. Platform: Xbox Series X (Xbox One X) Game version: 1.18 Game mode: Unranked Connection type: wireless Number of players in session: ~15 Host: me How to replicate: - Workaround: - Peripherals: Xbox Series X controller Report code - m
  8. Description: In TT - F2 2019 or F2 2020, the global leaderboards appear to be wiped frequently or don't load up properly. When checking one of them, there are always very few times posted, they are usually from the current or previous day and they don't even include all the ones from the friends' leaderboards. The friends' leaderboards are not affected. The issue is present on the leaderboards displayed in the menus, as well as on the ones displayed in the garage. Platform: Xbox Series X (Xbox One X) Game version: 1.18 Game mode: Time Trial - F2 2019 and F2 2020 How to repl
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