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  1. You are Barking up the wrong tree here, Blame Soviet EU legislation.
  2. They did have that game, it was called Toca Race Driver 3. Then they broke it up into all the titles you see now. That one game was better than anything they have ever done since! It was the illlusive every gamers dream game. Back in 2006. And the online was better than most online racing games today. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TOCA_Race_Driver_3 Codemasters please if you can remaster TOCA series but dear god do not let your current sugar rush generation employees touch that gold nugget.
  3. the answer is right there i know but all this reading makes my head hurt and jeez codemasters what can possible be more urgent matter than adding the mirrors LOL
  4. I keep getting taken out more in a single player modes than online races,,this AI is dirty and super aggressive. Is there a option where i can change AI behavior ? I like challenge but constantly being hit by AI is ruining this fun game for me. No matter if i play Touring cars, Endurance or open wheels, AI behavior stays the same dirty over aggressive.
  5. Ya, i am looking a club to join on ps3 also. I like long races. I just got the game so i'm not fast but i'm clean and fair. My psn: Naughtypunk
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