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  1. snowyBlinds

    Dirt 3 GFWL

    Hello Fellow Racers, Just curious if there has been any new info on the removal of GFWL from DiRT 3? I'd heard that it was being removed from the game, haven't heard any details as to how soon that would happen. Thanks! -sB
  2. snowyBlinds

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    I would like to second what people are saying about -More sim, less arcade. (same for GRiD 3 while we're at it. )-More elements from DiRT 2 instead of DiRT 3 in regards to the career mode / longer races.-No talking person in menus-Less Gymkhana -Some of the multiplayer modes from DiRT 3 were fun, but it was unfortunate it was basically one 'map'. So, if this element gets to return for DiRT 4 please add more maps for it! Looking forward to DiRT 4 regardless!