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  1. Flynco

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    I have played 3 career at 50% and I have got only 1 safety car and 1 virtual safety car....😂
  2. Flynco

    Trackir no works

    I have update the list games profiles and now its works fine
  3. Flynco

    F1 2019 Trackir no works

    Thank for yor reply I have update the profiles game and now it works fine. Bye
  4. Hi TrackIr 5 on F1 2019 no work ( windows 10 last version 64 bit) with other game its works fine...
  5. Flynco

    Trackir no works

    Hi at me trackIr 5 no works....😴
  6. Hi on screen wheel will be the fuel mix number? And will be classic cars as F-2018 or only Senna and Prost's cars. Bye
  7. Flynco

    Difference on screen wheel

    Thank for your reply
  8. Hi what are the difference on the screen steering wheel between 2018, seem lost the blue strip on screen