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  1. Rinehart27

    Safety car

    Is there a way to get the SC/VSC happening, cos I'm not seeing it, ever. I don't want to start a new career cos I'm in season 4... but I have the latest patch and SC on... what else is there to try???
  2. What are you talking about you complete loon, I've just read the original post, which is not yours and it's not about online.
  3. Rinehart27

    The most boring track on f1?

    Most boring - Baku, there is not a single drivers corner on that track its all just point and squirt and a load of it painfully slow. Hardest - For me, by far, Paul Richard. Keeping the same difficulty rating throughout a season, I'm nowhere there. It's only benefit is that its tactically smart to take a new engine and components there. Most fun - Silverstone... consistently have good races there, I think its because there is a kind of fast half and slower half of the lap so me v Ai have obvious strengths and weaknesses (I try to run with as little DF as possible at Silverstone and fly on the straights and wing it through copse, beckets and stowe). Easiest - Austria, I'm mega there, for some reason.
  4. I was complaining about the performance of the cars initially - 2 or 3 seconds a lap slower than 2018. However I'm now in my 4th season of career with McLaren, developing the car continually, I'm now up with RL qualifying times (pole) at quite a few tracks so I'm finding more than a second per lap development gain season on season. The trouble now is that the Torro Rosso is the fastest car in my career and they are sometimes a second quicker than me, more than a second quicker than RL pole times. And this is still season 4 and on 95% difficulty so god knows what pace the best car, max developed can get to in season 10 on 110% level. It's gonna be warp speed...
  5. Rinehart27

    Career issues...

    I'm towards the end of my 4th season (full length races) and I have some issues that are becoming frustrating to the point that I'm losing interest in the game; 1. Never had a SC... and this is despite some huge first lap shunts with several cars coming into contact and spinning off, but they just get going again and don't trigger a SC. 2. Never had a VSC... despite AI cars retiring... all I get is a yellow flag zone and an AI car smoking on the side of the track - even in a dangerous spot, there is no VSC. 3. No Ai alternative strategies, no cars in the top 10 qualifying on Medium instead of Soft or whatever, ever... so if I do it, it's basically an unfair advantage. I think there were some before some of the patches but there definitely have been none in the past few months. Big piece of simulated F1 racing missing right there... 4. Hamilton and Vettel have joined Torro Rosso in season 2 which is now the fastest car by miles. That's ok but I'm doing all the practice sessions on a lower difficulty level to bag loads of points and I'm still not catching them in car development (I have a McLaren)... also the practice sessions are tedious, I've done THOUSANDS of laps on each track over the years, what do I need to "acclimatise for" seriously. There should be an auto development mode because all the practice stuff, per race, is taking an hour and I just don't have the desire, it feels like a chore, rather than something to enjoy. 5. On the podium ceremony, commentator continually refers to Torro Rosso as the team that gives "young drivers a chance" despite Hamilton and Vettel driving for them. 6. Cannot see my teammates telemetry / set up or copy set up. This should be possible, especially the set up if he's quicker as would be the case within most F1 teams IRL. As it's possible to see and copy TT setups, this should easily be possible in Career I would think. 7. Looks like whoever I chose as a rival suddenly gets loads better, so it's all a bit contrived. Obviously if I'm 3rd in the championship the top 2 drivers are my real rivals, but choosing one of them is akin to raising the difficulty level, they just go to another level. 8. Is there a way to turn off the whole "career pantomime"... I've had enough of the tediously repetitive questions, monumentally obvious answers and slatings after one bad race despite being in the championship fight with the 3rd fastest car and 70 points ahead of my teammate!!! I'm thinking that most of the above issues will be fixed by just doing a "season" rather than a career. Can anyone confirm if the SC/VSC and alternative strategy issues would be resolved? Also what is the ranking of the cars in a non career season and are they the same each season? Cheers. R