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  1. I doubt I doubt that is the case though. I can understand if you are slow throughout the lap and not just fast corners. The grip isnt just there in fast corners no matter what setup you use. Even if i set the car up for fast corner and compare it to AI, i am slow by 8tenths which just doesnt make sense. And thanks for letting me know about posting it in 2020 forum. My bad!
  2. I think the problem with AI being massively quick exists on all tracks in fast corners. Bahrain/Canada where there are no fast flowing corners, you can match the AI in similar car but tracks like Silverstone/Austria (Sector 3 and last part of Sector 2)/ Monza (Ascari)/ Spa (Puohon) etc they are insanely fast through the corners.
  3. Hi The game needs to be tweaked as it seems the AI is impossible to match in fast corners even on a difficulty level of 85 (used to play at 100 on F1 2020) and still cant match the speed of AI in fast corners. Silverstone Copse/ Austria 3rd sector / Spa Puohon / Netherlands etc etc seems like the AI have infinite amounts of grip through the corners. Can you please fix this with a patch as it is ruining the experience.
  4. i have all my sound coming from TV but can barely hear it. I think the sound of engine just takes over any of the other noises.
  5. The settings is this year is a minefield with so many options. Do you know exactly which settings it is under? Thanks
  6. Does anyone where this can be increased from?
  7. Hi Can somebody help me with this this. The DRS beep when in DRS zone is missing in the new game. I am struggling to find this in settings. Did a race in Bahrain and kept forgetting to activate DRS when within 1 sec of the car ahead as there was no beep.
  8. Does anyone know what else can the cash be used for other than Upgrading the facilities / Driver Market / Driver Perks / Engine?? Because as i see it once all the facilities/driver perks have been upgraded, there is very little use of monies from sponsors once facilities have been upgraded. I think the facilities should also become obsolete over years just like R&D parts and new investment being made in these facilities or else you end up with a large pile of cash with no use. Any thoughts?
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