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  1. Hi

    I have G27 and I have successfully mapped it´s buttons. I use these settings:

    Wheel buttons

    • top left: pit limiter
    • middle left: fuel mix -
    • low left : ers mode -
    • top right: drs
    • middle right: fuel mix +
    • low right: ers mode +

    Gear shifter buttons

    • 1st red: pause
    • 2nd red: view
    • 3rd red: voice command (mfd 1st tab)
    • 4th red: mfd (press again for next page, press long to close mfd)
    • d-pad: navigate in mfd page up/down/adjust left and right)

    No 3rd party software, only logitech gaming software (version 5.10 download).

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  2. 1.       Constant green flags during race 
    2.       PC steam 1.22 
    3.       League, 2 players, 18 A.I., 100% race, full qualifying, rules and flags on
    4.       Just progress in league event. No bug in practice or qualify, but green flags in race from lap 1 to finish
    5.       Happens sometimes (2/3)
    6.       No troubleshooting done, game works well otherwise
    7.       Logitech G27 wheel
    8.       I´ll take screenshot at next race if this happens 

  3. Hi,

    me and my friend started a league in 2019 newest version, where we are the only humans and the rest are A.I.
    We have 100 % race with full qualifying, with rules and flags on.

    We have made Australia and Bahrain now and both races had the same bug with flags.
    The flags work fine in practice and quali, but in race it´s constant green flag from lap 1 to finish.

    Map shows yellows but not on screen or on trackside, and every other part of track is green flag the whole time. 
    Blue flags give warning on screen when approaching backmarkers or player is getting lapped.

    Don´t remember if warmup lap has green flags or not, but atleast after first incident everything is green.

    Had this bug also in 2018 or 2016 but it was patched.

  4. Same thing here too 🤯. Good thing that I read this forum so we know NOT to buy this years game 😟

    I think CM should not only tell about new game modes, but somewhere mention removed functions too.

    Online championship is the only mode we play so we have to stick to 2018.

    Do I understand correctly that online league is only possible with equal cars? So what`s the point playing league with some A.I. if the results are random?