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  1. Its official: no rain. https://twitter.com/gridgame/status/458578198511771649
  2. Let me see if I get it right: Codemasters made Grid2 and everybody was unhappy with the game. So they collect some data with the consumers, then MADE A NEW GAME?!?What about all DLCs I bought? Now I need to buy a new game because the game I bought was a crap?I think you´re doing this wrong, Codemasters. You don´t have to launch another game with our suggestions. You have to launch a DLC for the game you done. Sorry guys, but this kind of thing sounds very disrespectful to me.
  3. It happened to me sometimes on Dirt3. I realized that it stopped happening after I disabled CPU overclocking. Maybe it could be your case.
  4. It would be awesome if it had the Pikes Peak course, both gravel and tarmac.
  5. As I told in other feedbacks, I just want decent racetracks, intead street circuits. I thought it would be simple add more racetracks since you have a lot of tracks already done for the F1 games, but it seens to be not that simple. Since more tracks apparently isn´t possible, I suggest a better DLC support in playlists.Sometimes I´m playing with some friends in playlists. We all have all the DLCs packages, but the playlist system just deliver us stock tracks and cars. Its just disappointing. I expect system analyse what DLC each player in the playlist have in common, then made that DLCs tracks
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