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  1. Sanzio


    Its official: no rain. https://twitter.com/gridgame/status/458578198511771649
  2. Sanzio


    Let me see if I get it right: Codemasters made Grid2 and everybody was unhappy with the game. So they collect some data with the consumers, then MADE A NEW GAME?!?What about all DLCs I bought? Now I need to buy a new game because the game I bought was a crap?I think you´re doing this wrong, Codemasters. You don´t have to launch another game with our suggestions. You have to launch a DLC for the game you done. Sorry guys, but this kind of thing sounds very disrespectful to me.
  3. It happened to me sometimes on Dirt3. I realized that it stopped happening after I disabled CPU overclocking. Maybe it could be your case.
  4. Sanzio

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    It would be awesome if it had the Pikes Peak course, both gravel and tarmac.
  5. Sanzio

    What you want to see from GRID

    As I told in other feedbacks, I just want decent racetracks, intead street circuits. I thought it would be simple add more racetracks since you have a lot of tracks already done for the F1 games, but it seens to be not that simple. Since more tracks apparently isn´t possible, I suggest a better DLC support in playlists.Sometimes I´m playing with some friends in playlists. We all have all the DLCs packages, but the playlist system just deliver us stock tracks and cars. Its just disappointing. I expect system analyse what DLC each player in the playlist have in common, then made that DLCs tracks and car available to play.I imagine its not a improvement that demands too much work and will make playlist more enjoyable