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  1. If they didnt manage to fix those long set of bugs or if those bugs were to somehow jump into the next gen consoles, then I am pretty sure that the forum is gonna turn ugly. 
  2. I am not sure if I am right. I think codemasters are putting in the 2014 cars to market the idea of in season update feature and it doesn't look like a good move(at least from people's reaction on the forum). It kind of makes the game look incomplete. So would the game include the 2014 cars as well or does it go away once they push the update for the hybrid cars?  It would sound logical if they are gonna name it as F1 Championship edition 2 :wink: 
  3. I think your opinion is pretty much a rehash and on what information do you make a prediction that the game would launch in march(I would be really happy if it does :) ) ?
  4. Are these running on the new ego engine with 60 fps or is it being run on the older ego engine with 60 fps?
  5. I would like to have the option of choosing liveries of all teams for all cars which was available in race driver grid to be brought back. This option of choosing liveries was not available in GRID 2. I also found that, the drift mode in GRID, specifically the scoring system was very good compared to GRID 2, I would urge you guys to bring it back for GRID AUTOSPORTS.  
  6. I would like to see the AI overtake a lot more with each other. And when they do overtake each other they should show it in a pop-up window like the one they did in Official Formula One Racing by Eidos and Lankhor. It used to be a cool feature. Also when something interesting event like a car crashes or if a safety car is deployed they can show it on this pop-up window. The next feature would be the tires. The AI should gamble on the tires when the weather is unpredictable and even when the track is completely wet, if the player is on a complete slick tires, they should be able to drive the ca
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