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  1. I actually very much looking forward to F1 2014.The new turbo engine and hybrid system. A new track that I can't wait to try. I think this is going to be a major iteration, due to new rules. 
  2. Quick start option for time trial, quick race etc. Basically skip the garage, race start video clips, car setup etc. 
  3. That's the point of continuous improvement via continuous feedback, isn't it? Time changes. And at times, only after one feedback is implemented do we see the next level of potential improvement. 
  4. I don't know about you. To me F1 2014 is a major iteration. Turbo engine and the improved hybrid system would and should mean the cars sound different, drive differently. That alone is worth the admission price. Also it would be great if Russian track is featured too. I don't really do a lot of career. I play Time Trial mostly to improve. And I go online to play with friends. I am not that into classic edition. It is nice to have. And I don't even know how authentic it is, without the comparison to today's F1 sport. 
  5. @Wynterdust We could also say that it doesn't make sense to have a rookie like me getting into F1 sport. But it is part of the game and simulation.  Back to this topic, I guess in real life, you need to have financial sponsors and that may also affect the team you get into. But how far can the simulation goes? I am OK to be able to target which driver to replace. But there should be some objectives to fulfill depending on the driver we aim to replace. My 5 cents. 
  6. Oh yes. Like how Alonso used to practice on his legendary start! Good tip. Cheers. 
  7. And will Mercedes team be as OP as they are in this F1 season? That would be good for immersion :-) 
  8. Thanks for compiling the list. Very helpful. I wonder if the engineer well be smarter in providing pointers to improve during qualifying and race, much like in F1 sport on how Hamilton could improve in some turns. 
  9. As a fan of the sport, I would like to see closer simulation to the season. This year there is a lot going on. Turbo engine, aerodynamic change, new track in Russia? While this is a game, I look at it from a simulation perspective. So long as they have done a good job on that, extra game features are just bonuses to me. 
  10. Oh yes. I enjoy Alex's videos too. I have got to check out Ownage.  I think we ought to have that mod as default UI, with G force too. That would just be like TV! OK. You've reminded me. I shall try cockpit view this season. I have always wanted to do it.  
  11. Interesting. May I know at what speed you shift to 3rd gear, since I presume your rev would be purple for the first two gears.  Oh yes. I remember watching his videos back in 2012. I enjoyed watching them. It is not easy to decipher what people actually do to their throttle at start. At least for me. 
  12. I actually would like the opposite. No flash back like a 'hard core' mode. If you make a mistake, recover it like real F1 drivers do. Not against unlimited flash back (though it would mean that you would spend more time correcting mistakes than driving?). But I have been thinking of no flash back feature for quite some time. Since 2012 actually, lol. 
  13. Thanks for the reply! OK. KERS on 3rd gear seems like a really good advice. Cheers. I also find that the pickup for 3rd gear seems slow. And burning KERS on 1st or 2nd gear seems to send the rev straight to purple.  Maybe I shall start with 25% throttle. Full throttle worked in F1 2012. It doesn't seem to work that well in this edition. 
  14. Hi. I have been a huge fan of F1 2012 and played with no assist in both PC and PS3 versions. Yesterday I bought F1 2013 PC version (Steam sales hooray). I feel that I am not doing that good in starting in this version (with no assist), especially in wet.  What I usually do is hold the rev just before hitting purple at start. Once the car starts rolling forward, I graduately increase the rev till around 120 kph. Then shift to 2nd gear. Right now, my 2nd gear seems to be purple immediately. Likely due to losing traction. In any case, I am slower than the AI cars around me. Any help would be
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