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  1. I was racing in Bahrain in my career and came up behind Alonso midway through a 50% race. As he was coming up to Turn 13 his left rear Tyre blew out! I ended up nearly smashing it him. As I drove by after the flashback his tyre was definitely punctured. Anyone else had this in 2014? Here is the video http://youtu.be/syeQQOc5aOg
  2. After 5 instalments (not counting 2009) of Codemaster's F1 franchise it's time they started adding flesh to the bare bones of their games. Next Gen has got to be the time they reverse their own trend of stripping out content and start adding the things people have beens asking for since 2011. Surely there are only so many years the Codies team can keep selling us the same source code! Across all their 5 games they have learnt how to re-create the car handling and physics to the point where every year they are essentially changing a few parameters and labelling it as all new handling! TIME ENOUGH! Can we please have some more content that reflects real F1? After all the game is supposed to be the Official Licensed Product of F1. For a start Pitstops have been a major bugbear of mine. In real F1 pitstops are crucial for strategy and if the player had the ability to control how good their pitstop was it would added another level to Career and multiplayer. Instead for 5 years we've had to put up with a weak cutscene! In the Codemasters games a pitstop is essentially a chore. Every race you go through the motions to achieve the exact same time to come out in the exact same place once everyone else has pitted. Yawn. This is an area of the game I would really like to see be improved. Maybe the speed of each pitstop could be based on how good your In lap is? or something along th e lines of F1 CE's button sequence pitstop? Or just giving the gamer more control over driving into the pit box (within reason!) obviously not allowing people to go crashing into over pit crews. How ever it is done it needs to add much needed variation to the game. This brings me nicely onto the starts! Yet again this year in order to achieve a good start you just rev the hell out of the engine! Can we have a clutch? I have suggested before about using the Right Analog Stick in the up position to act as the clutch on race start. That way I could set my rev point with the clutch pressed and on race start the release speed and amount of acceleration greatly impacts on how good a start you get. Again adding some much needed variation to the starts. At present everyone revs the hell out the engine and all pull away at the same speed. Yawn. Next, the Engineer content is old and stale. Can we have some more meaningful engineer feedback related to real time race into.  Can this be coupled with more car reliability issues? Brakes that actually do overheat, increase engine wear, especially on units that have been used more than once, Energy recovery failures, battery over heating, intermittent power failures as a consequence of not listening to the engineer's warnings. Ai still need to be more opportunistic when going for an overtake. Yesterday on my career I was in a Mclaren and being followed by Nico Rosberg. for 3 laps he was in the DRS zone and everytime he would cruise up behind me with ease only to back out. I wasn't weaving all over the track or blocking yet he would get close to me and back off! I do like how this year the Ai squeeze you but in general I would like to see more committed Ai. Live the Life needs to be brought back with more emphasis on building up your career. I would prefer to start as a rookie auditioning for a lower team etc. Formation laps, full race weekend, podiums, better helmet designs with sponsors, updated celebration cutscenes. In short Codemasters - It's Time To Deliver!!
  3. Hatta or anyone who knows: Is there a point to engine overheating? On some of the gameplay videos I have noticed the engine indicator in the HUD turns bright red when the engine gets hot. Is there any real consequence to this? does the engine blow? or is it merely for decoration? I remember the same feature (if you can call it a feature!) was in F1 2010 but nothing happened if you ignored it. For example if a driver in the current season of F1 ignores a component overheating there will be a consequence (Brakes will ultimately fail, Engine will blow, Battery will explode etc etc
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    New F1 2014 Trailer

  5. Wanorak

    Safety car deploy high probability only monaco?

    Yep me to I've raced 4 races so far and had 2 Safety Cars. Both were noting to do with me
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    Ai Tyre Blowout in Career 2014

    Oh right ;-) I never had a blow out in 2013 after 3 years of career? Strange. Thanks for that 
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    Ai Tyre Blowout in Career 2014

    You can see the Ferrari nose? and the Mclaren shape and livery?? It is 2014
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    Patch confirmation?

    Makes sense to have someone that is coming from online community angle to at least get a Beta version to help with issues pre release
  9. Like Battlefield hosted servers? 
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    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    Failures short term and terminal!, Formation lap, Real pitstops, AI that commit, Live the Life back, All race weekend sessions, Improve the engineer and maybe add a couple different voices for different teams, Clutch for starts and pits, Podiums, Rookie season where you have to trial for lower teams to get a drive, Better R&D tasks, more detail on car setup evolution during Practice sessions, increased fragility of engine and MGU-K and MGU-H, Brake overheating, better news stories to reflect real season, better helmets with sponsors or made up sponsors... The list goes on
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    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    Yeah like in Rainbow Six or Operation Flashpoint to control squad...Good idea!
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    Thinking of picking up 2014...

    If you buy it you will enjoy it.......but after about 3 races in career the novelty wears off and you are left feeling mugged off by Codemasters again.
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    Patch confirmation?

    Steve Hood on twitter is the best bet as, to his credit, he does tend to reply or read the tweets at the very least.
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    Patch confirmation?

    Basically it isn't even a Williams its a frankenstein car......not very official I mailed you the link to racedepartment go check it out, if you're on pc version there is a fix already there although you cant use online functions of the game Has anyone told Steve Hood? or anyone at Codies?
  15. Wanorak

    Patch confirmation?

    Basically it isn't even a Williams its a frankenstein car......not very official
  16. I definitely would love something like that, as long as all the reliability issues occur with a proper probability. Like is said consequences of ignoring the warnings from the engineer or HUD elements showing warnings I am not talking about that. I am saying I would enjoy issues that were not fault of my own. Agree maybe have an option for random failures so people can choose. I know it sounds weird but I really enjoyed it in F1 CE when the engine gave out mid race
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    Patch confirmation?

    How do you know that? @hughesy told me about it, a guy on race department noticed that on the game database the Williams had a Renault engine instead of the Mercedes engine that it should have. I think they have sorted it themselves (on @Racedepartment)  on the pc version but cant access online until codemasters fix it officially. Feel free to go check yourself as I was in utter disbelief also when it was dropped in here yesterday yet nobody seems to be talking about it.  How can something like that be missed? surely that would only be missed if they.....were....rushing.....the.........Game out!!!!
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    Patch confirmation?

    How do you know that?
  19. I definitely would love something like that, as long as all the reliability issues occur with a proper probability. Like is said consequences of ignoring the warnings from the engineer or HUD elements showing warnings
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    F1 2015

    So what you are saying is "soon"
  21. Yes my advice is push the start button, and scroll down to retire from race. You should find the next race has better weather
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    F1 2015......will it be any better ?

    In all likelihood the Next Gen game next year will be a banker lap. As in, they are currently struggling with the new game engine so will set their sights predictably low for their first instalment on Ps4/XB1. It's not hard to envisage more of the same because that's all they've managed to do in 5 whole years - more of the same!!! Put it this way, for the first time they will have the opportunity to run at 60fps including all nice real time reflections etc so they will most likely max out the next gen processing with that leaving very little room or time to do anything else....much the same as what happened on PS3/Xbox 360 for the last 5 games. Like in life as in game design, you live within your means. I'm willing to bet that this will indeed be the case - £50 I'm right
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    Annoying team radio

    On past F1 games you could reduce the amount of verbosity meaning they talk less....maybe do that. But I know what you mean same stale old boring engineer saying same stale boring twaddle!