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  1. BerrryBriight

    Announcing F1 2015

    I agree. Project cars is truly awesome. Only if Codemasters could use this quality and realism of AI in their F1 Games I've always likes CM AI a bit more than other racers, even with their few quirks... And honestly project cars AI DRIVES ME CRAZY, they are just so inconsistent and sometimes the aggression is just out of hand. And when I say aggression it's not in a good way. So I I have pretty high hopes for the AI This time around
  2. BerrryBriight

    Message for Steve

    I completely agree. Although the AI still needs a lot of improvement, F1 2013 has the best AI out of all racing games out there. This is Codies strength and their bread & butter. If I wanted to play online multi-player, I would go to iRacing. (I did iRacing hard-core for 7 months) You are right on! Minus the few annoyances here and there, Codie's AI are hands down the most fun to race....I won't be on f1 14' because I jumped on the next gen bandwagon a bit to soon but I'm really hoping they bring back the practice sessions  and the interviews with maybe a little more depth to them...and add in the formation and cool down laps, some people disagree but those small things can add a lot to the immersion and the feeling of actually racing in f1