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  1. Very low bar...ha...Dirt Rally came out in in 2015. DR2.0 4 years later. The ffb detail from surfaces is completely missing. The graphical issues with darkness, motion blur, and bouncing are sickening. The no grip/beached whale glitch is a thing. The co-driver missing calls is a thing. The entire career mode needs online service to be playable. Its a laughable joke. So its taken codies 4 years and honestly other than some eye-candy on the side of the road, and some stupid god ray blinding sun effects their game arguably has gotten worse. WRC 6 released in 2016 and 8's coming in 2019. So
  2. If WRC can get the physics and ffb right, its going to be a great game. They are claiming to be overhauling both as well as the co-driver. For me its a must buy. Just look at the jump from WRC-6 to what we are seeing as an alpha in WRC-8. The stages we've got to see look incredible. Instead of bashing these games guys, its more like what a great time to be alive that we will have hopefully more than one awesome rally game. I wish DR2.0 had some form of modern top tier rally car, but they dont. Heck we cant even get the 2010 class from DR1. WRC is going to have what 14-15 locations with 100
  3. Someone tell him.....  lol The title of the video is wrong, thats a modified road car, definately not Grp B Had no idea man...just remember seeing it a while ago and wondered what was up.
  4. So there's a handbrake on this quattro?, yes modern video, so i assume this has been added well after the fact that the tech finally came along?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-XmLak_Xik&t=119s
  5. The only reason I asked about dlc in the q and a was for future locations...not day one dlc...I in fact hate that very much as it should be implemented into the game before release.  My question was more based to be say could we get added locations say 3-6-9-12 months from release.  It would be nice to have more than 5 rally locations and to end up with more tracks across the board.  Dirt Rally is an amazing game that has staying power with most rally players...think of how much better it could have been with 3-4 more locations and a few car packs?
  6. But they have the WRX license and both dirt rally and dirt4 arent rx only games...plus we get more classes this time around....
  7. Nah, they woudn't be so cruel, and they surely left something for gossipers there. List updated with N, by the way. Okay, I'm terrible at guessing but i'd pick New Zealand, Norway, Malaysia or Malta. Monaco/Monte Carlo? Maybe not your stage but DR Stages They already said Monte's out due to licensing.  I think WRC or the FIA put to bed Dirt Rally being able to copy stages from the WRC...they don't want Dirt rally to compete with the WRC games, which it doesnt...Dirt blows those games out of the water!
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/5rnuqk/im_paul_coleman_chief_games_designer_for_dirt_4/ Paul's taking questions on reddit meow!
  9. Wish there was a way to share set-ups on console...or be nice if some of the fast guys on steam would upload screen shots of their sets...no way for us to extract that info on ps4.
  10. found this from a couple of noobs.  But shows more gameplay.           https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1R5erH4Rew
  11. So what will the top class be? I really do enjoy throwing the 2010 cars around the forests of wales
  12. With Dirt 4 appealing to a broader audience, I think we can bet DLC will be a thing this time around....I'm betting we get more locations later down the road....
  13. the 2 new rallycross laps... Montalegre  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vadguwfy_jE Loheac Brittany https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkg6MRNdRck
  14. Dont know why everyone's gotta be all up in arms...you lucky few got to go try this game...I would think if it wasnt going to be worthy of having a go, you'd let us know.  I for one cant wait for it, all of my friends are casual gamers and prefer arcade handling, so I can race and mess around with them online in a fun setting...I however prefer the hardcoreness of dirt rally.  Sounds like I'll still get that option for when I'm playing offline or wanting the challenge in a league.  This should open up codies to more funding as it strikes a broader audience.  A lot of people
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