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  1. Come on codies...its 2019.  Who in their right mind allowed the ridiculous rain graphic to pass development.  Its bad enough the headlights dont illuminate far enough in front of the car to push in the dark...then you add a sheet of white lines that looks like they are straight out of a sega genesis game from 1997 makes it impossible. Please for the love of god fix this.  

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  2. 19 hours ago, ianism said:

    jump from WRC 6 to 8? yeah, it only took 3 years for them to make a game that looks like it might be good. wow, that's a very low bar you're setting. o.O

    honestly, I'm a fan of not buying the WRC games, because their franchise exists because WRC wants total control over their product. they don't let Codemasters use their licensed cars! look at how you have to pay them directly to watch their competitions! in comparison, World RX puts everything on youtube for free - they've even uploaded all the past events from 2014-2015 too now!

    just kill the WRC games so the WRC can do a deal with Codemasters to include their content in the Dirt games. they're just on another level. even if you're comparing just the arcade-oriented ones like Dirt 2-4, they are way more fun to drive than WRC 7.

    thanks for mentioning my favourite arcade racing game of all time 😄

    Very low bar...ha...Dirt Rally came out in in 2015. DR2.0 4 years later. The ffb detail from surfaces is completely missing.  The graphical issues with darkness, motion blur, and bouncing are sickening.  The no grip/beached whale glitch is a thing.  The co-driver missing calls is a thing.  The entire career mode needs online service to be playable. Its a laughable joke.  So its taken codies 4 years and honestly other than some eye-candy on the side of the road, and some stupid god ray blinding sun effects their game arguably has gotten worse.  WRC 6 released in 2016 and 8's coming in 2019.  So in 3 years, they are overhauling physics/graphics/dynamic weather/co-driver/stage design.  Time to take the blinders off.  My post wasnt bashing DR2.0, but you seemed to take it that way. At the end of the day we are lucky to be able to have two rally games out in 2019 instead of none.  If codemasters made the WRC game, it wouldnt get half the justice Kylotonn is giving it now.   

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  3. If WRC can get the physics and ffb right, its going to be a great game.  They are claiming to be overhauling both as well as the co-driver.  For me its a must buy.  Just look at the jump from WRC-6 to what we are seeing as an alpha in WRC-8. The stages we've got to see look incredible. Instead of bashing these games guys, its more like what a great time to be alive that we will have hopefully more than one awesome rally game. I wish DR2.0 had some form of modern top tier rally car, but they dont. Heck we cant even get the 2010 class from DR1.  WRC is going to have what 14-15 locations with 100 stages?  And they are going to have historical cars in the game as well.  Not bashing codies here, but they better get the issues sorted because it looks like a worthy opponent is finally showing up. Heck their rain effects already look better than the glaucoma ridden rain in dr.  I like how they dont have the rain drops on the screen like a mid 90s sega genesis game. 

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  4. Oscar97 said:
    We already know what they want to do with DLC. One DLC every three months, with 5 new cars and 3 new locations, most likely one rally and two rallycross tracks.
    One Rally DLC isnt enough..far far from it.  Hopefully as a community we can talk them into 3-4 more locations further down the road on top of the 6 we are getting.  

  5. KevM said:
    wfwr26 said:
    So there's a handbrake on this quattro?, yes modern video, so i assume this has been added well after the fact that the tech finally came along?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-XmLak_Xik&t=119s
    Someone tell him.....  lol

    The title of the video is wrong, thats a modified road car, definately not Grp B
    Had no idea man...just remember seeing it a while ago and wondered what was up.

  6. Race43 said:

    Well Guess what guys i Went back to open Championship and chose the trustworthy Little Mini and i Won the Finish Rally and managed to stay 1st in overall for a Little while that is until Monte Carlo, Wales, and Greece came up and that pesky gnarly German Rally well Sweden is still alittle bit of a challenge before i begin getting green instead of red but i am more Confident now i can flat out the mini and sometimes break and take the 2´s, 1´s and sometimes i just throw it around using the handbrake but almost all 5´s and 6´s i flat out in the Mini.

    I now need a good car to start managing Clubman rallyes they are longer 6 races/Rally and different weather conditions i didn´t manage to get past Clubman earlier today but i will because even if the online events give some cash clubman also gives some more cash.

    I am to much of a Noob to get any serious Money from Daily events and monthly but i guess i need to keep at it, and the Rewards will come, only thing is that Championships becomes to get one sided as it is same tracks over and over, that is why Codemasters should give both console players and PC players some DLC more Rallies and cars.

    But i guess that isn´t their main thing right now  one can hope in the future but who knows.

    So what car that is more powerful than the Mini but isn´t  impossible to manage on the tracks that is the question RWD cars seems a Little too loose and more Difficult to handle, the 1995 Subaru is a fun car but too fast and that makes it also harder to handle, 1980´s i have bought the Cosworth guess i should have bought the Beemer :)

    Best Whishes


    Daily's dont pay much even if you are in the top flight...monthlys are the highest paying.  Just do custom championships...you can race to your hearts content.

  7. Talking about DLC 4 months before the game is due to be released is a bit stupid. 

    As Paul said, if they started saying DLC will be coming, people will turn around and say why wasn't it in there from launch. 
    The only reason I asked about dlc in the q and a was for future locations...not day one dlc...I in fact hate that very much as it should be implemented into the game before release.  My question was more based to be say could we get added locations say 3-6-9-12 months from release.  It would be nice to have more than 5 rally locations and to end up with more tracks across the board.  Dirt Rally is an amazing game that has staying power with most rally players...think of how much better it could have been with 3-4 more locations and a few car packs?

  8. Thing is I wouldnt want CM to make a WRC only game (if thats what it would mean) if it meant they would lose creative control. I think Your Stage is going to be brilliant for us rally fans especially for replayability and I'd rather have that than complete realism. A rally stage is a rally stage, yes photorealistic versions of IRL stages would be great but as its a game, I would just learn them the same way I've learnt the ones from DR.
    But they have the WRX license and both dirt rally and dirt4 arent rx only games...plus we get more classes this time around....

  9. Sucks we cant even get the 2010 class back from dirt rally. I was hoping for at least a 2016 class of wrc car. Stayed optimistic that we'd get the new 2017 cars, but the WRC/FIA or whoever is in charge of that license is hosing us...You would think that they would want their cars/series put out there as much as you could.

  10. Hah, you forgot "mystery" :D  

    But yeah, i think that's a 'surprise me' option, not another location.
    Nah, they woudn't be so cruel, and they surely left something for gossipers there. List updated with N, by the way.
    Okay, I'm terrible at guessing but i'd pick New Zealand, Norway, Malaysia or Malta.
    Monaco/Monte Carlo? Maybe not your stage but DR Stages
    They already said Monte's out due to licensing.  I think WRC or the FIA put to bed Dirt Rally being able to copy stages from the WRC...they don't want Dirt rally to compete with the WRC games, which it doesnt...Dirt blows those games out of the water!

  11. kinda bummed we wont even have the 2010 wrc cars...really bummed that we cant have the 2017 classification of a wrc class or equivalent.  That is, make up a few fake brands with the 2017 specs. I'm guessing we are getting hosed by Citroen because of gran tourismo...just like the reason we lost pikes peak....

  12. Hmmm... @KickUp, Would it be possible to create a bespoke 2017 spec WRC car? Essentially just make a car that follows the 2017 tech regs and call it the CM17 WRC or something. This way there would be no licensing issues with the FIA or manufacturers. Just a thought, because damn those 2017 cars look like fun to drive!
    I agree 110% with this!

  13. THIS!!!!

    Just pulled this off steam

    "KickUp Member, Codemasters Champion

    ‪I'll be honest and say that I haven't had time to read the gossip thread today as I have been very busy talking to the press today. As I sit alone in a bar waiting for some food I thought I'd write this just so you know. ‬

    ‪We built DiRT 4 on the simulation that started with DiRT Rally. We've improved the simulation (Aero, Chassis, Tyres and much more) Basically all the stuff that you have been asking for. ‬

    ‪We've not dumbed anything down, we've just given players more ways to learn and get comfortable with rally so that the people who love the sport but can't handle the sim have a great game that they can play. Those that live for the simulation get an improved experience. I know it's hard to believe but we have managed to achieve both. ‬

    ‪You've asked for more content and Your Stage is our answer to that. We simply are not allowed to represent the actual iconic stages that we did for reasons beyond our control. What we have created is an incredible piece of technology that means that you will be able to generate new stages in our locations to your hearts content. I've worked in game development for 14 years now and this is the most incredible thing I've ever been involved with. This takes everything we did with DiRT Rally and takes it to the next level. ‬

    ‪This was a piece of technology that couldn't be added to DiRT Rally, its so much more than that and as more news comes out over the coming months it hope it aligns with your expectations. ‬

    ‪My food is here now but I hope that helps explain where we are coming from. I'll be catching up with the Gossip thread over the weekend but for now please rest assured that the spirt of Rally is still burning strong. ‬".........Paul Coleman

  14. So much hate around here all of the sudden.  We have a new title with new locations and more content.  Once again I've said it a million times, but I'm guessing you can almost guarantee more stages through DLC.  Codies want to make money so why wouldnt they use the same strategy that every other game company does now-a-days.  Look at bf1...they give you what 6 maps at release? Then plan out 4 or 5 more expansion packs?  Who's to say they don't bring out some other locations for us to race at.  The big thing is that like in dirt rally, the 5 locations are unique...and that allows for each rally to be appealing.  The only thing I see that is really missing is having stages that are like in Monte where you have clean fast tarmac at the beginning to end on ice and snow at the end.  Hopefully  Spain maybe has tarmac to dirt at least, or the Michigan stages...

  15. The only issue might be that the official WRC license would mean Codemasters would have to make tracks for all of the rallies on the calendar, and could be limited to only WRC cars in the current year alone.

    Having no license = more flexible, but some restrictions. Although if Codemasters created an engine into which content could be plugged, they could release rallies gradually over the year, to build up the WRC game perhaps. If they ever got the license!
    These exact reasons are why I voted no to this, and I think releasing content would over time like that would be a hell of a lot of work for CM which I don't think they could justify the time and effort. 
    But the ground work is laid...they've got 6 rallies completed...3 more coming this year...the physics are in place...so realistically car models and a few more locations...Honestly I just really want to be able to drive a properly modeled and handling full blown wrc car...but cant because of the licensing.

  16. m260602 said:
    Well I think they can at least create fictional stages for Greece and Monte-Carlo so that they dont have a problem with the real ones.Furthermore,cause of the difficulty of  the stage generator to create the mountainous landscape,these fictional rally stages(Greece and Monte-Carlo)can just exist in all the single player modes apart from 'Your stage'.That way,there will be 7 rallies in total rather than just 5.
    That's probably why they added a track creator/editor so you could add your own stages like Monte Carlo for example.
    No, the problem with Monte and Greece are the mountians....the generator cant work around them yet.  Hard to get the "stiching" correct when you have to snake around a mountain.  Would be nice to see them as stand alone rally's without the availability in the "your rally" feature or whatever its called.  

  17. Areyouben said:
    The amount of cars that were in the build was about half of what we'll see in the final version. And with the 2010+ cars removed there is more space for some of the older cars to make those classes more complete. I would love to see the Peugeot 206 and the Seat Cordoba join the Subaru and Focus!
    So what will the top class be? I really do enjoy throwing the 2010 cars around the forests of wales

  18. I hope that with Dirt 4, Codies will take this title to whoever is in charge of the WRC gaming license and show them they can make a game that is a bit forgiving to pick up for the casual fan, yet have a simulation mode that is 2nd to none and make the hardcore fans happy.  Could you imagine a game from these guys that contains the full WRC and WRX world championships.  I'd pay double for a dirt rally style game with this...then to top off if it had great simulation physics, but the ability to play with arcade physics (to appeal to casual players)...a man can wish!