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  1. Come on codies...its 2019.  Who in their right mind allowed the ridiculous rain graphic to pass development.  Its bad enough the headlights dont illuminate far enough in front of the car to push in the dark...then you add a sheet of white lines that looks like they are straight out of a sega genesis game from 1997 makes it impossible. Please for the love of god fix this.  

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  2. 19 hours ago, ianism said:

    jump from WRC 6 to 8? yeah, it only took 3 years for them to make a game that looks like it might be good. wow, that's a very low bar you're setting. o.O

    honestly, I'm a fan of not buying the WRC games, because their franchise exists because WRC wants total control over their product. they don't let Codemasters use their licensed cars! look at how you have to pay them directly to watch their competitions! in comparison, World RX puts everything on youtube for free - they've even uploaded all the past events from 2014-2015 too now!

    just kill the WRC games so the WRC can do a deal with Codemasters to include their content in the Dirt games. they're just on another level. even if you're comparing just the arcade-oriented ones like Dirt 2-4, they are way more fun to drive than WRC 7.

    thanks for mentioning my favourite arcade racing game of all time 😄

    Very low bar...ha...Dirt Rally came out in in 2015. DR2.0 4 years later. The ffb detail from surfaces is completely missing.  The graphical issues with darkness, motion blur, and bouncing are sickening.  The no grip/beached whale glitch is a thing.  The co-driver missing calls is a thing.  The entire career mode needs online service to be playable. Its a laughable joke.  So its taken codies 4 years and honestly other than some eye-candy on the side of the road, and some stupid god ray blinding sun effects their game arguably has gotten worse.  WRC 6 released in 2016 and 8's coming in 2019.  So in 3 years, they are overhauling physics/graphics/dynamic weather/co-driver/stage design.  Time to take the blinders off.  My post wasnt bashing DR2.0, but you seemed to take it that way. At the end of the day we are lucky to be able to have two rally games out in 2019 instead of none.  If codemasters made the WRC game, it wouldnt get half the justice Kylotonn is giving it now.   

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  3. If WRC can get the physics and ffb right, its going to be a great game.  They are claiming to be overhauling both as well as the co-driver.  For me its a must buy.  Just look at the jump from WRC-6 to what we are seeing as an alpha in WRC-8. The stages we've got to see look incredible. Instead of bashing these games guys, its more like what a great time to be alive that we will have hopefully more than one awesome rally game. I wish DR2.0 had some form of modern top tier rally car, but they dont. Heck we cant even get the 2010 class from DR1.  WRC is going to have what 14-15 locations with 100 stages?  And they are going to have historical cars in the game as well.  Not bashing codies here, but they better get the issues sorted because it looks like a worthy opponent is finally showing up. Heck their rain effects already look better than the glaucoma ridden rain in dr.  I like how they dont have the rain drops on the screen like a mid 90s sega genesis game. 

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  4. KevM said:
    wfwr26 said:
    So there's a handbrake on this quattro?, yes modern video, so i assume this has been added well after the fact that the tech finally came along?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-XmLak_Xik&t=119s
    Someone tell him.....  lol

    The title of the video is wrong, thats a modified road car, definately not Grp B
    Had no idea man...just remember seeing it a while ago and wondered what was up.

  5. Talking about DLC 4 months before the game is due to be released is a bit stupid. 

    As Paul said, if they started saying DLC will be coming, people will turn around and say why wasn't it in there from launch. 
    The only reason I asked about dlc in the q and a was for future locations...not day one dlc...I in fact hate that very much as it should be implemented into the game before release.  My question was more based to be say could we get added locations say 3-6-9-12 months from release.  It would be nice to have more than 5 rally locations and to end up with more tracks across the board.  Dirt Rally is an amazing game that has staying power with most rally players...think of how much better it could have been with 3-4 more locations and a few car packs?

  6. Thing is I wouldnt want CM to make a WRC only game (if thats what it would mean) if it meant they would lose creative control. I think Your Stage is going to be brilliant for us rally fans especially for replayability and I'd rather have that than complete realism. A rally stage is a rally stage, yes photorealistic versions of IRL stages would be great but as its a game, I would just learn them the same way I've learnt the ones from DR.
    But they have the WRX license and both dirt rally and dirt4 arent rx only games...plus we get more classes this time around....

  7. Hah, you forgot "mystery" :D  

    But yeah, i think that's a 'surprise me' option, not another location.
    Nah, they woudn't be so cruel, and they surely left something for gossipers there. List updated with N, by the way.
    Okay, I'm terrible at guessing but i'd pick New Zealand, Norway, Malaysia or Malta.
    Monaco/Monte Carlo? Maybe not your stage but DR Stages
    They already said Monte's out due to licensing.  I think WRC or the FIA put to bed Dirt Rally being able to copy stages from the WRC...they don't want Dirt rally to compete with the WRC games, which it doesnt...Dirt blows those games out of the water!

  8. Hmmm... @KickUp, Would it be possible to create a bespoke 2017 spec WRC car? Essentially just make a car that follows the 2017 tech regs and call it the CM17 WRC or something. This way there would be no licensing issues with the FIA or manufacturers. Just a thought, because damn those 2017 cars look like fun to drive!
    I agree 110% with this!

  9. Areyouben said:
    The amount of cars that were in the build was about half of what we'll see in the final version. And with the 2010+ cars removed there is more space for some of the older cars to make those classes more complete. I would love to see the Peugeot 206 and the Seat Cordoba join the Subaru and Focus!
    So what will the top class be? I really do enjoy throwing the 2010 cars around the forests of wales

  10. Guys! This is a more fleshed out version of dirt rally. The sim handling is improved from dirt rally a lot and felt really good. The stages, even though generated, still felt like proper stages, and the pacenotes were absolutely fine. This game is a true successor to Dirt Rally, it just caters to a wider audience by having an optional arcade handling mode.
    Dont know why everyone's gotta be all up in arms...you lucky few got to go try this game...I would think if it wasnt going to be worthy of having a go, you'd let us know.  I for one cant wait for it, all of my friends are casual gamers and prefer arcade handling, so I can race and mess around with them online in a fun setting...I however prefer the hardcoreness of dirt rally.  Sounds like I'll still get that option for when I'm playing offline or wanting the challenge in a league.  This should open up codies to more funding as it strikes a broader audience.  A lot of people bought dirt rally thinking it wasnt going to be as hardcore as it was, and those people traded it back in right away.  I for one did because I didnt initially have a wheel on ps4.  I've since come back and cant get enough of it.  Cant wait for June!

  11. Etirion said:
    That sounds very cool, what about the physics, do they feel different, better? More realistic? Longer stages?
    Lots better, car weight feels miles better, braking distances are better, and cars no longer fly to the moon over bumps.

    There is also an aracade handling mode available for those that prefer dirt 3 style handling. I didn't personally try it because I was only interested in the simulation handling, but others said it was good
    This needs to be stickied for everyone worrying about weather or not this game will be sim or arcade...

  12. Dytut said:
    Norwegians stealing Codies thunder by gossiping in advance ;-)

    But release... today? TODAY?! !!!!! 

    There's no way its released today...(note--I really hope I'm wrong.) but no preorders taken....I doubt it.  Got to be the google translation sweet talking you. I've got to thing that the game title is UNVEILED or in other words "released" today.

  13. JZStudios said:
    Evilsmurf said:
    Procver said:
    Oh I see... this will be the perfect year to practice my patience, for Project Cars 2 and specially this dark secret from the Codies...
    We simple mortals have to wait, oh well...
    Played them both, one's definitely better than the other
    Ah. Guess I better suit up for the PCars hype train since I don't give a damn about VR.
    Man I drank the Project Cars Kool-Aid...till they announced they couldn't figure out oval track racing.  Seeing as how I'm in the US, I desperately wanted the Indy500 to make it into the DLC as it was promised.  But big wig Ian "I'm the Boss and its my way or the Highway" Bell pretty much said eff you! So I decided to never give em another dime!  I'm gonna guess the next installment of Dirt is 1000xs better than any bug riddled crap SMS can produce.  This waiting is killing me...hope the next announcement from Codies says, something like Dirt Rally 2.0 Fall release 2017!