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  1. EstrayOne

    How to be more transparent to your customers

    I've officially given up on this. Every year it's the same loop again. People are excited for new features New features are implemented poorly People complain about the same old bugs since 2015 Codemasters does nothing, gives some small patches but never fix the biggest issues with the game. And never addresses any community comments. Mandatory "request features for next year's game" with a list of unrealistic expectations. On and on and on.
  2. EstrayOne

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    Well I just stopped playing after Bahrain quali.... I'll play again once they've updated the performance of the cars. It's utter nonsense IRL they're stomping on the throttle mid corner and I can't even put my big toe on the throttle in the first 2 corners in Bahrain without spinning out. Seriously I loose about 0.3 to 0.5 seconds in the first 2 corners alone because I can;t get the power down (and yes I tried different setups, spent an entire afternoon trying every different setting and it's the same for all of them). Nevermind the laptimes that are 1-2 sec slower than IRL..
  3. I see it's this thread again where we can post things codemasters won't ever read....
  4. I gave in and did this. I also play a lot of other sims so I was already looking to buy it. It's a pretty expensive solution but the immersion is greatly increased.