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  1. EstrayOne

    How to be more transparent to your customers

    I've officially given up on this. Every year it's the same loop again. People are excited for new features New features are implemented poorly People complain about the same old bugs since 2015 Codemasters does nothing, gives some small patches but never fix the biggest issues with the game. And never addresses any community comments. Mandatory "request features for next year's game" with a list of unrealistic expectations. On and on and on.
  2. EstrayOne

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    Well I just stopped playing after Bahrain quali.... I'll play again once they've updated the performance of the cars. It's utter nonsense IRL they're stomping on the throttle mid corner and I can't even put my big toe on the throttle in the first 2 corners in Bahrain without spinning out. Seriously I loose about 0.3 to 0.5 seconds in the first 2 corners alone because I can;t get the power down (and yes I tried different setups, spent an entire afternoon trying every different setting and it's the same for all of them). Nevermind the laptimes that are 1-2 sec slower than IRL..
  3. I see it's this thread again where we can post things codemasters won't ever read....
  4. That's the whole point.... the cars feel slower because the game simulates less grip in the game than in real life.
  5. EstrayOne

    Warp speed helicopter

    Anyone noticed the absolutely rediculous and distracting bugged helicopter flying around since 1.05? That thing swoops above the track at warp speed and even went through the track when doing time trial in Austria. It's not a super big issue but it's really distracting.
  6. EstrayOne

    1.05 is some kind of misunderstanding

    About 130m imo Edit: and we know they brake much later this year because of the insane amount of grip so 100m is not that strange tbh
  7. I want say that the game is now finally playable. The handling is much much better (F1 cars actually have grip now the way you see them absolutely annihilating corners like they do irl) and the overall game is much more stable. The AI is also better in that they don't punt you every corner like they're driving go-karts. Al around much better experience!
  8. EstrayOne

    Scuderia Ferrari MISSION WINNOW Livery!!!!

    The developers aren't responsible for the mods since it's a thing you deliberately choose to put in your game. So Codemasters is not legally responsible for the way you choose to alter the game. (That's my guess I'm not a lawyer or anything). Modding on console is not really a thing because Microsoft and Sony are sort of responsible for what you see in game I think?
  9. EstrayOne

    Last corner at Suzuka

    It's on the inside of the final corner in Spain also, the inside curb has a huge drop off. Been there since forever
  10. I gave in and did this. I also play a lot of other sims so I was already looking to buy it. It's a pretty expensive solution but the immersion is greatly increased.
  11. Yeah I'm regretting my purchase.. it started out so nice with the F2 storyline, that really got me motivated. Then Australia hits.... Back to F1 2016 again this year with the AI going ridiculously fast in the race compared to quali (I have to push every lap as the AI doesn't seem to need to manage ERS, fuel or tyres). Also the AI is quit literally r*****rded they just can't race normally. And I had the classic "rains all race but it never gets wet" where you're in some infinite gray area between inters and dry tyres where the AI again seems to have no problem.
  12. EstrayOne

    Lap times are down.

    I'm really wondering why I buy this piece of **** garbage game every year. It's now been 4 years of the same **** racing. AI have no regard for you, turn in to you ram you in the back. All the while you can't see your mirrors. Sessions where it rains for 12 laps yet it never gets wet and you're stuck in this infinite grey area between inters and dry while the AI is setting dry times. 100% difficulty in quali is good but then you get to the race and you have to push like a ******* mad man every lap because the AI doesn't need to manage anything it seems.
  13. EstrayOne

    Lap times are down.

    Lap times are nowhere near real life. Australia practice 100% difficulty I get a 1:25,7 in the McLaren and that puts me right in the middle of the pack. Where in real life they do 1:22 easy. I feel like there is lots of traction missing, you can't hammer the throttle early like they do in real life. Also in real life they ride the curbs a lot (watch an onboard from Australia quali this year) where as in the game you get punished immediately for running over the curbs.
  14. In free practice I bumped the front wing of my McLaren, however for the remainder of the session they didn't repair the front wing when in the pits so I had to do the rest of the session with a broken front wing. Is this a known issue and is there any workaround?
  15. EstrayOne

    F1 2019 Legends Edtion 3 Days Early Access

    BOOHOO I WANT TO PLAY IT NOOOOOWWW!!! this is how you sound