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  1. Solid company, for example, BMW or FIAT, thinks the intricacies of the transition from old models to new ones. Still they produce spare parts for cars 1950s. When I started playing Racenet, I also thought it is "BMW". But practice has shown that this is not so. In last year the first (home) page are not  worked regularly more 3-th months. This was in favor of the transition to the F1 2013.Now, not running (?!) great Dirt Showdown, and from May 28 ceased to record the results for F1 2012.Here are my own observations. There are 12 drivers the best for last week:1. Dominik95 - 233.
  2. I already got 21 gold of 24 in racenet (weekly online) F2012. But this week, I found that XP for achievements are not recorded. They are small - from 100 XP (bronze) to 400 XP (gold). But I am not sure that as a result I can get the achievement in 24 carat gold. Or XP is not connected with this fact?
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