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  1. Jap! Exactly this was written in my post to this topic I linked above. Maybe there is more truth in what I mentioned, that I thought really is.
  2. 1. Nothing more to say. This is an already know bug. 2. I never got these expierences. If I try to overtake someone, I often wait until the opponent makes the move to the side, he wants to defense. Then I choose the other side or move even more his side (depends on the corner). The closer your move is taken, the more the opponent can't react to this (and can't block you). 3. I know what you mean and for sure it is not that realistic. But it is not a big problem for this game. I am happy, that the AI fights overall! I mean for Schumacher and Mazipin is the fight about not beeing last
  3. Jap that was me! 😄 And exactly because of your thoughts, I made this topic. I thought the same. It may not be true, it is just a thought. But it does not seem that unlogical for me. Why, you can read in this thread.
  4. In the past CM always told us when the final update was there. Because of Barrys posts here and because it was never written yet, that CM won't bring any updates anymore, we can be sure, that there will be another update for this game.
  5. I can confirm, this bug is still there. And it is not the same like some mentioned, when some drivers don't move out of the way. This is a different bug, which occurs in different modes. I can confirm this bug, mentioned from @Rango happend to me only in multiplayer (PS4), here in league racing with 4 players. 50 % length, 101 AI. We started a season. In two races (Bahrain & China) the exactly the problem, how it is shown in the videos, happend in practise and qualifying both and have clear impect to the whole season (grid penalty, DNFs for championship contenders etc.)! This is
  6. On my point of view Codemasters should not focus on more different modes we could play, they should more focus on what they already have and make way deeper expierences there. The Story Mode should be deleted, but there are some elements which should be implemented into the driver and my Team mode. (Cutscenes were great, media world etc.) The focus should be on the most used modes, so my team and driver career mode + multiplayer. Both singleplayer modes could be combined with multiplayer, the system behind these modes would work in multiplayer too. With Coop career Codemasters made
  7. Maybe we should base on the agreement that maxed out cars are the problem for us both. We wouldn't ask the question "what its the point in developing when we start as a lowest team and end up with the lowest team when cars are maxed out?", if it wouldn't be possible to max out cars overall. Besides that "maxed-out" Cars are not realistic at all. In F1 never exists a maxed out car, which cannot get faster anymore. For sure, this is by game design. But here is the problem in my eyes. The game shouldn't make it possible to reach the end of the devlopments. Only this would fit to the world of
  8. I wonder, that no one wrote about Baku. In some cases I like the track but having a little bit understeer makes the track especially in Sector 2 a horror trip. And I am very happy that Vietnam is deleted from the actual calendar 😄
  9. Thats a good question. Good that you already noticed, that there are different race styles and that you use this option to start with the game. The game can be really challeging on expert mode, so Codemasters made good steps with making everyone (the experienced ones and the rookies) for creating the race style modes. I think you can't change it because changing between standard and casual wouldn't make any difference in time trial. Or it is a unknow bug. But all the assists you have turned on in casual mode you can turn on in standard mode too. And parameters like tire temperature, tire
  10. Not for everyone is the mainpoint to reach maxed out cars. For me for example I like to have a challenge for 1,2,3 seasons. So with developing the car and playing max 3 seasons (never reached that yet, only two) I aim to become world champion or cunstructor champion one day. So for sure, the game is not made for 10 seasons. But 10 seasons is in the way I play the game (50 % races) never realistic to reach. I think slowing down the development process could help in multiple ways: For the ones, who like to have updates that are more special, because they are not one of a lot another updates each
  11. okay I guess we get it, the rain is too much for you 😄 (why I never had the problem in coop mode yet?! Maybe because we are still in first season. I don't know if this theory makes sense..) mh.. Why did CM never told us more about the hidden assist when changing race style from expert to standard? I tested yesterday too and had the same result: Expert seems to be a bit faster, you seem to be able to take more speed into the corners but the standard mode ist definitly more stable. But I cannot define any values. It's more a feeling because I was still able to be quick standard mode. With
  12. Very interesting that you had almost the same expierences. My buddy seem to have less mistakes while driving on standard. But it is nowhere descriped officially that there are some aids active, right? I have the feeling that there are not extra assists turned on, but maybe all paramaters seems to be less sensitive, so turning too hard, or accelerating too much where normally you could spin because of lost grip now get balanced out by the game.
  13. By the way: Can someone tell me what bugs we could expect when doing a 4 player league season in F1 21? I know that f1 21 has more bugs in multiplayer, in coop mode we had almost none. Now we start our yearly league season with 24 tracks. If there are some bugs, it would be good to know, just to be prepared. I read that AI now sometimes don't go off the ideal line, when they are on out/inlap and you are on a timed lap. Thats probably a bug that came up with one of the updates, because I never had problem with that before. In a test session we 4 had the problem, that one of us was n
  14. Maybe you know the video from @PJTierney It was not said cleary, thats why thoughts came up, if standard or beginner race style has hidden aids active compared to expert race style? I know that it mainly expand and reduce the amount of options you can turn on/off but after some tests I have the feeling that driving with standard race style makes controlling the car easier compared to expert style, does it? For sure I talk about a comparison when using the same editable driving aids. I have the feeling that there is another mechanic behind, that makes car controlling less
  15. That's how I understand it too. But there is no real reason to drive with off throttle diff 75 and more or ? Personally I never had any problems with oversteer in corner entry.
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