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  1. DonBlanko

    Driver Aids settings in multiplayer

    In my league with my friends i have the suspicion, that one of my friends is cheating. We all have the rules to drive with the same driving aids. We all have to drive with Traction in Medium, Brake full, etc. This is, because we can drive almost the same pace and have good fair fights with the AI on 100 Level. One of our mates has less expierences, but is not that bad. He is the most of he time a few tenth behind us, but can attack us in a lot of races. We drive a full season. Since Hockenheim Q3 there is a massive time advantage in relation to his earlier results. I guess he is about 0,5 seconds faster now and got 2 Poles in a row. That made me thoughtful. I have the suspicion that he found the time because of setting traction contol to off. We all know that this is a time gainer and a massive advantage. So here is my question: What do I have to do for saving all the driver aids? In my settings there is momentarily the possibility to change the driver aids lower, but not higher as I adjust. But I want that no one can adjust it in another way - no matter of lowering the settings or setting driver aids on full. Where can I avoid that anyone is adjusting it afterwards? I know that I should talk to him. But I want a prove, before I talk to him.
  2. DonBlanko

    See Total Amount of Acclaim (Team & Driver) Per Level

    This Topic is one of the weaknesses of the game. You are right, that visible numbers would make the feature more transparent, but i guess they wont implement this in the last Patch. Nevertheless the managing part of the game is less difficult and complex than expected. So you dont have to force to much on the acclaim and gaining the maximum. You cannot really make something wrong. I think almost no one managed the team so Bad, that he/she had to close a manufacturer. 😄 The Main point is to reach the sponsor goal and to develop the Car. Money and acclaim increase fast enough then. I wished the managing part would be more difficult. Developing (bringing an update) should cost money. Then sponsors and (then acclaim too) would have been more importend. But we have to be patienced. It is the first time my team was featured in the game! 👍
  3. DonBlanko

    FINALLY, a big breakthrough on setups for MyTeam and Career modes

    Do you have examples what kind of aero settings you were using before your breakthrough? You are right, that the ai is using lower downforce setups in this Game. But it is interesting to know that the ai is not usuing full power in practise!
  4. DonBlanko

    F2 2020 in My Team and Carreer Mode

    But the question is, will there be the possibility to hire the 2020 f2 drivers? There are some gamers who consider between starting a New career or my team Mode without the actual f2 drivers but maybe regretting it because CM patched it later, or waiting for the Patch, but maybe regretting it, because the implementation never comes.
  5. DonBlanko

    F2 2020

    Can anybody show the new driver ratings? Especially for f2?
  6. DonBlanko

    Tyre wear and differential

    There is an advantage. In my expierence, the higher the diff on throttle, the more acceleration grip you have. But is the value too extrem (depends on track and Drilling skill) you can have problems with losing your back, because the acceleration is too extrem for the rest of the setup or the track and tyre grip. And you may possible have a more understary car when leaving the corner not absoluty streight, because the outer tires cannot rotate faster than the inner tyres. But normaly therefore is the diff off throttle option, because in the corner entry you normaly are Not on throttle.
  7. DonBlanko

    1.13 patch is out

    Yeah you are not that wrong. I like that the weather forecast is not that unrealistic right in the game. But you are right, when rain is going to come, it rains always before the rain should come or it rains in in the Moment the forecast predicted. But Situations like in turkey, when rain was predicted but never comes, are rare.
  8. DonBlanko

    Slow KI on my Inlap [Idea]

    Jap thats it. Sometimes I slow extremly Down or even stay on the track. Before that they dont overtake. And sometimes this slowly driving behind me makes Traffics.. but maybe i am the Problem and not them. But nevertheless it should be possible to drive a shower inlap and to Signal other drivers that they can Overtake me.
  9. DonBlanko

    1.13 patch is out

    I hope it is also implemented in existing career modes and not only in the new ones. @BarryBL , could you help here?
  10. DonBlanko

    Slow KI on my Inlap [Idea]

    Do you also have to problem, that the AI slows extremly down, when you are on the Inlap after a hotlap and they match you on the track? I think its generelly a good thing, that a AI Driver, who is not on a hotlap doesnt want to overtake me. But sometimes I just make a slow inlap and try to avoid more tire deg. but creates a little traffic, which disturbes other drivers on hotlap. Just because the other AI drivers does not want to overtake, even if they are faster (and are not on hotlap too). I thought about using the function to say Jeff "Pit Stop", could show the AI that I want to come in, so they can overtake me if they are faster. Maybe CM could think about this feature? @BarryBL Or do you have a solution for that problem?`How do you solve this situation? After a hotlap I really dont want to make another fast lap because of tire deg. By the way: Do you know what the radio function "Pit stop" makes? For what is this good? I haven't noticed any faster pit stops in race because of that.
  11. DonBlanko

    1.13 patch is out

  12. DonBlanko

    Awareness stat

    And des, this should also let hamilton be the dominant driver in the game, like it is in real life.. and not bottas.
  13. DonBlanko

    Qualifying harder compound

    But you are not able to choose the Hard tire in q2. Maximum ist the Medium tire. That is what the thread is about.
  14. DonBlanko

    F2 pit stop Sprintrace

    Uhh i also thought about that. So it is no individuel Problem. Thank you for sharing your expierences. I hope CM can fix this while releasing f2 2020 in the game.
  15. DonBlanko

    F2 pit stop Sprintrace

    Hello everybody! Do you have the same Problem, that in f2 in (50 % race lenght) sprintrace a lot cars Start on Soft compound and do a pit stop later, while it is a lot faster (and possible) do Start with the harder compound and complete the race without pitting? And nevertheless their is no different strategy in Feature race for the AI. They always Start on Soft and finish in Medium. But here it would be cool to see that some AI drivers choose the opposite strategy. I am not sure if this is a Bug or just a Problem of how f2 strategy is designed. What do you Think?