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  1. I think it is good, if it is like you said. Its way more realistic. Without all this graphic bar etc. a driver feels the pressure, when he does not get the results like the teammate does. This is exactly how it should be. It is better and a lot more immersive when you cannot be sure to have a safe Seat, instead of reading a boring coloured bar, which gives you more Information than its good for.
  2. DonBlanko

    About tyre pressures

    What does the telemetry app shows exactly?
  3. DonBlanko

    Ai v ai are a step backwards

    I read that some recommended that the AI fights more in higher difficulty Levels. But in my expierence its still in 101 AI too less, or even less than f1 2019.
  4. DonBlanko

    Ai v ai are a step backwards

    It is hard to read without any commas or a dot. Nevertheless I agree. Yesterday I raced in the USA and Hamilton was on a 2 stop strategy. He felt behind Alfa romeo, who were on hards. He clearly hat Problems with new softs to overtake them. Especially when there is a drs train. The AI really should try to overtake in corners and breaking zones, not only with on straights. For me as an human Player it is great devolopment with the new Dirty air and Overtake difficulty. But the AI dont try overtakes enough, so they stay behind. Even when they could drive seconds faster than the car in Front.
  5. DonBlanko

    Reasons for less tire wear

    Ah sorry. We have simulated tire temperatures. But we never had really problems with them. Yesterday in Japan my temps were about 101 degrees but it was still okay and i was easily able to drive with Soft and Medium, when the KI mostly choose Soft and Hard. Is maybe the Breaking Assist the Main factor for that less tire wear?
  6. DonBlanko

    Reasons for less tire wear

    Hey guys! My topic belongs to F1 2019 und F1 2020 as well. I play a season with 3 Friends in F1 2019 multiplayer. We are not on the exact same level of driving skills but with adding Break assist on full and Traktion Control on full we are able to have competetive seasons on the AI Level 101. And we are able to drive together in less than 0,6 sec in Qualifying. Another reason is, that we are driving more clean with this assists. The Breaking support from Codemasters is in the newer games nearly perfect. You can really have good races with this and rarely have the feeling that you could go faster through a corner without breaking assist. I know we could do exactly. But now to my problems: in both games, I recognized that our tire wear is the most time less then it should be. When i do carreer in f1 2020 the most time i have a lot less tire wear than expected. The same expierence in F1 2019 in our multiplayer season. It could be nice, but its not realistic that we often are able to drive quicker strategies than the KI. Maybe it is our setup, but I think its more the assists, because our speed is good. Wo do you think helps the tire wear most of our configurations? And how could we play with more realistic tire wear, like the AI has? We dont want to have an advantage in this case. The next season we want to switch to Traktion Control off, but still Break assist on full. Any ideas? By the way: in F1 2020 i have no traction control on but still have that tire wear "problem" in the most races.
  7. DonBlanko

    AI Damage Setting, Can We Clarify?

    You are totally right. It is my mistake. I read my quoted Post from svensenk86 in a wrong way. I just overflow the Last sentence from him and understood it that the ai has Simulation damage. So sorry for my mistake 🙂 I think so too that ai seems to have full damage. But nevertheless it would be great if codemasters could comment this topic.
  8. DonBlanko

    AI Damage Setting, Can We Clarify?

    How do you know that? I have that Feeling that the most here tell sth. Like it is a fact, but its just a thought / an opinion / personal expierence. By the way: I have made the expierence in f1 2019 that you can get punctures with worn tires on full damage too. You dont need to have Simulation damage.
  9. DonBlanko

    AI Damage Setting, Can We Clarify?

    How do you know that? I Think the same but a Statement from codemasters would be great. By the way: except of the Chance of getting damage, whats the difference between Simulation and full damage? Does it also affect tires etc?
  10. DonBlanko

    Improving your car in My Team (share your tips)

    I understand that is another fair solution CM could look at. Another aspect I like to have, would be another value, which Shows the possibility that the developed upgrade could make the car worser, or even not better. I mean now there is the case that the car gets quicker with every update you development. When you are lucky, the upgrade works from the first try the Team brings it to the car. If not, you just have to invest some R&D and then you have the effect for sure. But if I remember the development of Haas in the last years, there was sometimes the Situation that they were not sure, if the updates makes that car quicker. And in My Team mode you could invest in a higher Chance of non-failing Upgrades, almost like it is now. But nevertheless it would also be more immersive when you first have to check if the updates makes a car quicker or not. In The game you know this BEFORE you even drive a lap. That does not make sense. In real life the Teams test the function of new Upgrades in the free practise or in Mid/End-Seasons-Tests. Maybe this could be implemented with another Training Programm like, drive 3 laps with the new frontwing and 3 with the old FW and reach an time under xxx without damage the frontwing, for checking the functionility of the new parts. Or maybe this test is implemented in every lap you do in free practise without a new Training Programm. This are just a few thoughts. @BarryBL would you like to comment the last idea?
  11. DonBlanko

    Improving your car in My Team (share your tips)

    I don't agree with that. A lot of gamers don't want to Play the game for 7 seasons to be able to win the title. Its just too much time you need for this. I Think it is good as it is. But maybe a better idea is that rule changes should have more effect. Maybe after 3-4 seasons should come a bigger rule change which effects that the most of you aero, chassis and/or engine devolopment gets deleted. And the devolopment for the new things should fail more than the normal development, because of rule change it is new stuff, which we have no data for. If you were able to become a Topteam in the Last seasons, for sure, you have better Possibilities to stay in top 3 but it could be possible to be the loser of rule change. I just want to say that there should be bigger rule change, which has more effects. I Think its more realistic and would effect more longtime fun.
  12. DonBlanko


    That looks great. I just deplore that the game engine makes every car white or shiny when they are far away from the camera Spot. You only see the real colors, when the car is quiet near to camera. Sometimes there is the effect that a Black car is shining white and getting more and more dark when it comes nearer to camera. Does not look that good.
  13. DonBlanko

    End of Season Driver Transfers

    Nice thought but we have some example, which shows, that the drivers can choose other Teams instead of their Topteams like RB, Ferrari or Mercedes. For example, ocon, a Mercedes Driver, who wents to Renault. Or Sainz, a former Torro Rosso (Red Bull) Driver, Who wents to Renault, Mclaren and now Ferrari. The only Team which is the most time related to their 2nd Team drivers is, red Bull. I am happy enough, when the game simulates driver changes under the aspect of their driver skills, their Age, their acclaim and the grid positions of the teams in the end of the season.
  14. DonBlanko

    What does this symbol mean?

    Jap true. I just wanted to say that it is new that tire worn also is now signed, when its specific percentage is given. I cant remember that a sign like this came up in the Games before.
  15. DonBlanko

    What does this symbol mean?

    It is new that this sign lights up, when your tires are used. I think its about 60 % tire damage.