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  1. Like BarryBL in another thread wrote, the AI improved since 2019. They are aggressive and fight hard. For sure, this can be frustrating when a Overtake is more challeging than someone thought, but THIS is Racing. I hope they don't change that. And like already mentioned: The few mistakes of the AI here and there a good and make Racing more immersive. Only in rain they have more unused Potential. It seems that they are less aggressive there and drive with less mistakes, what is unrealistic in case of slippery conditions. But all in all: I really like the AI! Go on like this codemast
  2. I think the perks need a total overhaul. For example should be a difference between race pace and quali pace. Bottas is a good reason for that. In Qualifying he is not that bad, mostly just near Hamilton and stronger than Perez. But race pace is way worser. He has so much less aggressiveness. On top here would be f.e. Verstappen, Leclerc is also on of the tops, alonso, earlier magnussen, Hamilton. Aggressiveness is an indicator how much energy a driver uses to defend and Overtake hard. Yesterday we saw masterclass from alonso just because of aggressiveness and will to hold the position.
  3. Good videos! The first one is quiet okay for me. For sure the alfa romeo is defending quiet late, but I like that he is defending at all. I like that they it seems like the alfa has kind of a bad reaction time, what makes the AI feel a bit more real. Even when this move was the reason why you lost car control I think these situations are quiet normal in real life too and make Racing more immersive. The second video showed a Move which is not understandable in relation the move of the first video. This is a move which is also not human-like. But I never saw a move like that from AI.
  4. I am wondering about the posted video. I never had such a expierence and I believe @2Pacalypse when he said he made those expierences too. But I always had good racing with losers and winners when i play the game. Maybe the AI Level is difference here? I play the game with 97 level. What are your levels? It seems there is a big difference in agressivness depending on the AI level. I thought it just makes a difference in case of pace per lap.
  5. Hmm.. well I don't agree with the sentence "Basically you are expected to drive with a level of precision that is effectively impossible." It is definitly possible, it is just a case of practise AND a case of fairplay. The AI is designed for getting overtakes clean. If someone thinks the AI can be overtaken by an unclean overtake with a risk of collision, because when you hit the AI there is no human behind it, who could get angry or sth else, and as a AI they have to go away, then this is the wrong way of trying an overtake. In my opinion the AI has to fight as hard as humans would
  6. I don't think there is something wrong with AI overall. They are racing. And it is quiet good since 2019. Often players think, the AI should avoid a crash at all costs, when the player is trying to overtake. But no, the player has to do either. A clean overtake is not easy. My expierence is that the most collisions are caused by the player and not by the AI. But yes, like all others say, we need videos to watch at your problems.
  7. Yesterday my teammate (pad, TC off) and me (Fanatec wheel, TC off) had some problems in Spain in coop career in case of oversteer in turn 7 and 9. I know, corner 9 is quiet difficult this year, another racing line (using inner curbs) and smother use of throttle in corner exit on outside curb helped me there, even when it is stays dangerous there. But In turn 7 my friend had some problems with his rear. My expierence is, that driving with a controller is quiet good this year. I had a lot grip. But he lost his rear/spins very often in exit of turn 7. We tried with lower diff (throttl
  8. You're right. This rule was made in times of corona I remember. But is the given tire choice similiar to real life? I don't have the feeling that the teams use that much softs in practise.
  9. DonBlanko

    Rain and R&D

    Great, thanks! I know it is a bit untopic now but: Is there a possibility to see how much money the Team has got? I can't remember that there was sth. shown in coop mode. Your argument to increase cash rate for team to let them get facilities faster is quiet good. But I don't know how much the setting influence this when we can't see the teams money.
  10. DonBlanko

    Rain and R&D

    What career settings do you use? My friend and me like to have a "slow"-Career progress too!
  11. Look here: Short Answer: Yes Codies are looking at this.
  12. Now i am curious: what exactly happened with the AI in your 30% dirty air tests that makes you calling their behaviour "weirdly"? 😄
  13. Hmm I don't agree with that. Yesterday I tried a wet qualifying and race in bahrain (just for testing after reading this) and I had no problems. I drive with 97 AI, qualified 11 in dry with ferrari and 7 in rain. It helped me a lot that I increased the rear downforce and to use a more downforce setup at all. I was surprised how much grip I had compared to dry conditions in bahrain. I think little setup changes have big effect in this game now. I haven't tried any track yet but I noticed that more downforce setups made it so much more easier to drive and to set good laptimes. For sure you have
  14. is this correct or your opinion / estimation? Hmm an option to increase the dirty air effect would be cool yes, but I guess, it is to complicated to progamme that easy, as we think. I mean the AI is programmed to work well with this kind of dirty air effect we have and are still addicted to have DRS for overtakings. Thats why we rarely see overtakes in rain. If there would be an option to increase dirty air, there wouldn't be any overtakes anymore. In real life the drivers can react to this and drive different lines to avoid the dirty air of the front car. So if we want an option like th
  15. DonBlanko

    Rain and R&D

    You just have a hard season. Sometimes the conditions are good, lots of dry races, no failures of updates, and sometimes there are harder days. Its all good here in this game. You just have bad luck, in my opinion 😕
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