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  1. DonBlanko

    F1 2021 two Player career

    I can understand your reaction. My question is more or less, that I am asking myself, if we will be able to let other Players join races, even when Player 3 and 4 are not able to develop the car. And that brings me to the other question I asked.
  2. DonBlanko

    F1 2021 two Player career

    Here is the Quote: "Two-Player Career We’re also excited to reveal a feature you’ve requested for a long time – the ability to play career with your friends, either co-operatively or competitively. As each player will have complete control over the assists, you’ll be able to enjoy the game whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer to the series. " In Text there is written about the ability to Play career with your friends (more than two). But the Topic is written "Two Player Career". So how do you think how is that meant? And what means career? Developing a car together? And will it be possible to have a career with just another friend but with the option to let other friends drive with us like in a league? What do you think/know?
  3. DonBlanko

    F1 2021 game

    I saw a post on Instagram that some features were leaked. F.e. that Imola and portimao will be added to the game, which are great news. But since this is not official, we can just wait. Before you ask: I have a screenshot of that. But I dont know if i am allowed to post possible leaked infos in a official forum of CM?
  4. DonBlanko

    Developing f1 game in corona times

    Since Corona and its restrictions last for longer than the most of us thought, I thought about how it will effect the - till now unoffical - F1 2021 game. I know that CM won't talk about the game until it is announced. So my question is meant genereally: how you, CM, deal with developing, making patches etc. for a game in times of corona? I guess home office, maybe working in different daytimes effects how you can develop a game? Can you tell us something about how you solve those problems and how it effects your work? For Example the announcing of adding new "old" tracks to the calender: does it make you grey hair, when you hear those announces? Did you even know, that this could happen in the last season? Does the F1 Holders talk to you about new Changes before they get announced? It would be quiet interesting to get a short view in your daily work. 🙂 This would give a chance of understanding some decicision you've made and will make, too. Maybe you could explain this on the example of F1 2020. For the Case, no one of CM is answering: How do you guys think that this pandemic effects the work of developing a game like f1 2020 / f1 2021? Do you think we could see some Restrictions in the future game, maybe less developed content or sth. like that? @BarryBL
  5. DonBlanko

    Car updates not applied, AI faster or I slower?

    No, I had exactly the same problem, and I know that f.e. Bahrain is my better tracks. I might be wrong, but I remember a thread were this problem was discussed. Someone found out, that the AI seems to get faster the faster the car gets. So your car gets faster but, you in person might not get faster. Maybe someone remembers the thread too were it was discussed.
  6. DonBlanko

    AI Issues in Featured event

    I understand that is can be frustrating. Even in gp mode. But the AI is in every mode the same and it is okay like that. Those situations are quiet realistic and even in event mode, these situations are part of the game and part of the challenge you chose and especially they are part of formula 1. This can happen to everyone. And even beeing frustrating is sometimes part of formula 1. So try to take it sporty instead of wishing someone to be fired. 😊
  7. DonBlanko

    Career mode, correcting mistakes

    By the way: does anyone know how the manual save system works ? Where can I save manually? (On ps4) I've never found an option.
  8. DonBlanko

    Career mode, correcting mistakes

    Maybe you should switch the auto save off. But dont ask me how to save then. I never saw a option to save manually. But there must be an option. Maybe someone else could help in this point.
  9. DonBlanko

    AI Issues in Featured event

    I dont think this is a fault of the AI. I am sure, if you would have waited to overtake the Mclaren after that corner, you could have done it easily. Even when there were no blue flags. Even a slower driver is racing too. And he is not air, just because he is slower. For sure they has to let the leader pass but i think the expactation is a little bit to much to think they should stop their race just for staying not in the way. It is a race, they are racing, you are racing. In corners it is difficult to let someone pass. Maybe you should try a team like Williams. You will see that it is not always easy to let the faster cars pass correctly. It is against your nature as a racer to slow down and let cars pass.
  10. DonBlanko

    F2 sprint race

    Its part of the game design and it is really annoying. The AI never choose a medium in feature Race. And in addition to that, the AI sometimes use worn tires in Sprint Race from the Training Sessions. That's why often see someone pitting in a Sprint race.. and that's why you see them on soft while you choose medium.
  11. DonBlanko

    Help Needed - Career Mode Driver

    Maybe you should be more patienced. F2 drivers are a bit weaker than f1 drivers and maybe you just need more time to find the time in f1 car. Williams has bad aerodynamics, thats why they are not that fast on topspeed too. Be patienced, try to learn how the ai is driving cornerns, in which you have Problems. Think about driving aids. With your level of speed you find the most time with driving clean. Maybe you should learn to drive clean first. Then you can get faster. Maybe and some driving aids, later you can set them off. Step by step. If you have problems with the control of the car make standard setups or one with more downforce for better handling. The first step is to maximum a clean line, lap for lap. Then you develop the rest.
  12. DonBlanko

    Driver Aids settings in multiplayer

    In my league with my friends i have the suspicion, that one of my friends is cheating. We all have the rules to drive with the same driving aids. We all have to drive with Traction in Medium, Brake full, etc. This is, because we can drive almost the same pace and have good fair fights with the AI on 100 Level. One of our mates has less expierences, but is not that bad. He is the most of he time a few tenth behind us, but can attack us in a lot of races. We drive a full season. Since Hockenheim Q3 there is a massive time advantage in relation to his earlier results. I guess he is about 0,5 seconds faster now and got 2 Poles in a row. That made me thoughtful. I have the suspicion that he found the time because of setting traction contol to off. We all know that this is a time gainer and a massive advantage. So here is my question: What do I have to do for saving all the driver aids? In my settings there is momentarily the possibility to change the driver aids lower, but not higher as I adjust. But I want that no one can adjust it in another way - no matter of lowering the settings or setting driver aids on full. Where can I avoid that anyone is adjusting it afterwards? I know that I should talk to him. But I want a prove, before I talk to him.
  13. DonBlanko

    See Total Amount of Acclaim (Team & Driver) Per Level

    This Topic is one of the weaknesses of the game. You are right, that visible numbers would make the feature more transparent, but i guess they wont implement this in the last Patch. Nevertheless the managing part of the game is less difficult and complex than expected. So you dont have to force to much on the acclaim and gaining the maximum. You cannot really make something wrong. I think almost no one managed the team so Bad, that he/she had to close a manufacturer. 😄 The Main point is to reach the sponsor goal and to develop the Car. Money and acclaim increase fast enough then. I wished the managing part would be more difficult. Developing (bringing an update) should cost money. Then sponsors and (then acclaim too) would have been more importend. But we have to be patienced. It is the first time my team was featured in the game! 👍
  14. DonBlanko

    FINALLY, a big breakthrough on setups for MyTeam and Career modes

    Do you have examples what kind of aero settings you were using before your breakthrough? You are right, that the ai is using lower downforce setups in this Game. But it is interesting to know that the ai is not usuing full power in practise!
  15. DonBlanko

    F2 2020 in My Team and Carreer Mode

    But the question is, will there be the possibility to hire the 2020 f2 drivers? There are some gamers who consider between starting a New career or my team Mode without the actual f2 drivers but maybe regretting it because CM patched it later, or waiting for the Patch, but maybe regretting it, because the implementation never comes.