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  1. H2oRipper

    Gridautosport game freeze

    Game is a complete failure on every level.After a two week hiatus after two months of freezes I just tried to play and could not even get past the garage while tuning.It is passed the point of being a little let down or pisssed.It is a total disgrace to the gaming industry and a huge FU to the fans for the continued failure and non support from the company.My only regret is I bought the downloadable version and not the disc where I could get rid of the POS.Nice job on the moneygrab morons.I would not even take the game at this point if it was given for free.So bad on every level to have this going on for so long and no help or support from Codemasters.Nice job on destroying the fanbase the devs need to go back to what ever job they had at Dennys or Walmart prior to putting this mess together.
  2. H2oRipper

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Game is a complete failure.After a two week hiatus after almost a full two months of repeated game freezes I just tried to play.Could not get past the point of tuning in the garage or changing up a livery before the game froze.It is past the point of being let down and or pissed about it.It is not even worth the effort anyomore to even put the disc in the xbox.My only regret is that I purchased the downloadable  instead of the disc version.I would not even take the game if it was given to me right now.Complete failure and the lack of concern or support is so wrong on every level.Total disgrace to the gaming industry and a huge FU to the fans.This game has destroyed the fanbase big time.Myself not even going to try anymore.Done with Autosport completely.Nice job on the moneygrab morons.
  3. H2oRipper

    Gridautosport game freeze

    Game is still unplayable and broke.Total disgrace and absolutely ridiculous.Just wish I had bought the disc version instead of downloadable.It would have been returned two weeks ago.
  4. H2oRipper

    How much more can we endure?

    Between the resets on Grid 2,resets on Autosport and now the un playable condition of Autosport because of the freezes I myself will not spend a dime on anything Codemaster period.They are a total failure in my book and sorry I even tried to support them.Again another fine example of  a rushed together heap of gaming crap.Instead of fixing anything they rush out another money grabbing pile of shit.Noce job total failure across the board,
  5. H2oRipper

    Gridautosport game freeze

    The game freezing is absolutely ridiculous and has been for the last month.The last week has been the worse.Every third game or so you freeze.It is hard enough to cover all the disciplines with the limited garage spaces provided which is another money grabbing dlc for making us buy extra through a dlc purchase and the only way to level cars is to play the game.It cannot be played currently because of the game freezes so it is a no win situation across the board.Stop putting out the garbage dlcs and fix what we all have bought which is the game itself.By letting this situation continue for so long and no help or solution as of yet it comes across as just another greedy money grabbing  heap of rushed together gaming.Get your heads out of the sand and start supporting this game instead of going for the quick buck.
  6. H2oRipper

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    Reset in Grid 2 now I have a team on Autosport.Four members,three have been reset and my best driver has just messaged my telling me that he Hhs also been reset and also the saves are corrupt and does not want to play this anymore.Dude was a beast on Forza,Grid and Grid 2.Nice job NOT.
  7. H2oRipper

    So I've just got my save corrupted ..

    Was reset in Grid 2.I was reluctant to buy Autosport because of this.Now I have a team of four members,3 out of the four have been reset.My best driver has not only been reset twice but now his saves are also corrupted.All have lost the urge to play and myself I am on the verge of giving it up as well.What is the use of playing if my progress and stats will more than likely be wiped away because of no fault of my own?
  8. H2oRipper

    GRID Autosport - An honest review

    Having been reset on Grid 2 from a level 60 to 1 I was reluctant to purchase Autosport,My close friends convinced me to buy it and like it but do not love it.Main reason?Now I have a team and 2 out of the four members have lost all of there stats.Is something going to be done about this?Pretty much to the point of shelving it and moving on,Kind of hard to get level up but,whats the use if all my hard work will more than likely be wiped away from no fault of my own.Seriously,2 out of the four members have basically given up and one is on his third reset.It is not just myself but numerous players I have come in to contact with have also been reset,whats the deal?Very difficult if not impossible to find the urge to play with this going on.