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  1. 44jon06

    Some stuff

    There is a way of bringing up an issue and this isn’t it. Please have some consideration for the Codemasters team who have worked night and day to get this game out. Yes there are issues but this isn’t going to help.
  2. xXxJonnyxXx44 - Xbox One
  3. 44jon06


    As the thread clearly states it’s an issue that a lot of people are dealing with. I’m sure Barry and the Codemasters team are working on a fix but constantly tagging Barry like so many people have isn’t going to help.
  4. 44jon06

    Will Buxton

    Hi, Yes he appears again. He comes back to the HQ for another interview, I’m only at Spain but I’m sure he will do other mid season interviews and probably an end of season interview as well.