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  1. ChristerHiort

    Fanatec V2 functions on PS4

    Yes, the patch 1.9 now supports the different knobs. his is my mapping for to start with: Rotary Switches: Diff and Brake Bias up or down (not sure this stays as I rarely fiddle with this and they can be easily bumped) Black toggle switches: Fuel and Energy up or down The silver switches in the middle seems to work only like a left or right activator, so I have mapped the left for Engine Status and Temps for a left and right turn. The right switch is similarly for status view panels for a left and right turn. (Note that these are functioning for left and right independent how they are set so for example, you can not map menus for the 1,2,3 and 4 position of one ****. It would have been nice but I guess in the race you don't want to spend too much time on flipping trough a menu so left and right probably works better) The center silver **** does not seem to be in play as it only supports the settings for the advanced paddles.
  2. ChristerHiort

    F1® 2019 – Compatible Wheels And Controllers

    The dials and decoders on Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula v2 are not working in the game on PS4. It is a shame as its been heavily advertised for F1 2019. I even go the game for 1$ when purchasing the wheel...
  3. I had hoped that the 2019 edition would include the timing and the current lap in the replay. In the Time Trial it would be useful in order to review your driving. very similarly, when watching a race replay, why don't we see the position pylon and timing etc ? Any other racing game have this. It would be nice with options to turn off if someone desires. Thanks