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  1. barons1985


    yes with nvidia sorraund, I meant the option that allows you to insert, distance between you and central monitor, angle between the monitors, etc.
  2. we are in 2019 and the triple screen is not yet supported! ASSETTO CORSA already supported it in 2012! not possible, update yourself
  3. I have the same problems, resolution 5760 x 1080, it is not possible to have these problems after all this time !!! support is needed for the triple screen, assetto corsa was already present in 2012 !!!
  4. Hello is there a pdf that explains what the various menu items are for? it would be useful to have some explanations explaining what happens if I change the value of a thing, it would be useful in the graphic settings and also in the ffb menu. thank you
  5. barons1985

    [PC] device problem

    ciao, spero che tu possa aiutarmi, dopo l'aggiornamento i dispositivi non sono più riconosciuti (pedali - freno a mano), nella lista sono travati ma non puoi montare gli ingressi, il volante funziona perfettamente
  6. barons1985

    Dirt Rally 2 Controller issue

    hello, I also have the same problem, accuforce v1 steering wheel immediately recognized, pedals and handbrake do not work, I have to remove and replace usb to make everything work