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  1. Turtlemoose

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    1) option to switch failures off for AI 2) add a "medium" option for track limits. I've ran wide over kerbs and lost time yet still get a penalty 3) grow the development tree further in career for the car 4) Someone's idea from above - add another bar in career for popularity with fans which influences whether teams want you. This would add another layer to the game of whether you decide to answer interview questions that raise your own team rep, the individual departments or fan popularity. 5) improve AI car development on career - teams develop car too slow, maybe add a difficulty level for this? 6) Pre Season testing - similar to the tests you do in practice you can have a set number of tests that you attempt to complete (set 5 consistent Lap times on worn tyres, or 3 laps on heavy fuel load etc) depending on how many you and Other AI teams complete will alter grid order slightly- not saying for Mercedes to go from quickest to last but maybe teams move around a few positions in grid order. You could even have a very brief summary at end of test that shows how teams performed. 7) bit more AI consistency in terms of performance across all circuits 8 ) general visual improvements (tyre wear, spray from rain, car damage, punctures) 9) Customise grid order for single race weekend And finally..... 10) add all previous tracks from codemasters games that had DRS (Istanbul, Nurburgring, Valencia, Korea, India, Sepang) have the option of calendar changing up in career mode (maybe option yourself to change it, teams vote on changes or game does it random. EDIT: OH AND FIX the random fast sectors glitch from some AI where they are 2 seconds faster than anyone else in practice or qualy!
  2. I'm back to cause havoc once again. I'll keep this simple; three categories, 1) label your annoying bugs to be fixed, 2) your gameplay improvement to be tweaked and finally 3) the unrealistic but you never know it may happen one day ideas; 1) AI sector times practice and quali times glitch fixed, extra setting for corner cutting, AI consistency performance across all circuits. Ability to turn AI mechanical failures off 2) Career - add even more improvements to the branches of car development, AI to improve a bit faster than F1 2018, pre season test that can alter performance of teams heading in to new season. Time penalties to be used/taken before a pitstop. Speed track classification viewing during practice/quail section 3) Get all previous tracks in F1 codemasters series in 2019 game, allow calendar in career mode to change. Driver transfers!!!!!!!!!! Reserve driver promotion