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  1. Turtlemoose

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    I think most people in July had their performance order as: Merc RBR Racing Farce McLaren Ferrari Renault Alpha Tauri Haas Williams Alfa Romeo Only thing that needs to change is bump Renault up to 3rd/4th and bump Williams down and you've got the ideal performances.
  2. Turtlemoose

    Patch 1.09 and Patch 1.10 | Patch Notes

    @BarryBL am I going mad or have the following changes been made? 1) AI errors increased 2) cars easier to control with high tyre wear than before?
  3. Turtlemoose

    1.09 is out [PC]

    So 2 things that have struck me whilst half way through a quick race at Netherlands: 1) More AI mistakes 2) cars more easier to handle with high tyre wear. Is it just me?
  4. I have had a play around with A.I difficulty mode..... I put difficulty 5 points lower than usual, then started running higher wing setups than usual. The lower difficulty puts me on an even keel with A.I down the straights and out of traction zones. The increased downforce obviously improves me through corners. Initially felt like I was making the game deliberately easier, but in fact I believe it balances the game out more.
  5. Turtlemoose

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Someone speaking sense. I'm surprised there are not more people on here who think A.I's traction out of slow corners needs to be nerfed. If your cars lack straight line speed, A.I will overtake you, which means having to run 5-5 wing setups on tracks like Monaco and Singapore!
  6. Turtlemoose

    Feasibility of Bahrains Outer circuit?

    If Codies were/are financial geniuses - when it comes to releasing F1 2021, they'll release the standard game as well as a special edition which includes all the additional circuits used in 2020 for an additional cost. I know I'd happily pay for the extra.
  7. Turtlemoose

    Who said the AI don't make mistakes

    The rear end of the A.I cars moving around under acceleration is a really nice touch
  8. Turtlemoose

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    I'm gonna stick up for Codies here, I'm often on these forum pointing out things that are odd or dont seem right, but theres a lot more right with this game than wrong. I understand that people want the proper formation laps, cool down lap after race finishes and all the other little bits that make up the realism but ultimately it comes down to the racing for me - codies are only a few minor things away from getting that as it should. Add in the ability for Codies to keep all previous drivers and circuits on the game from previous years and they're really got themselves sorted.
  9. I remember on F1 2018 I started at McLaren and had to move the A.I difficulty up (For example) from 92 to 97 by the end of the 1st season as I adapted to the game so that myself and Alonso ran at a similar pace. However once the car really started to push towards the front of the grid, I would then struggle to keep pace with Alonso and not pull further ahead from cars that I had out developed. @BarryBL have you ever seen or noticed this?
  10. Turtlemoose

    Removal of the slow-motion effect when crashing then car

    I imagine that the OP doesn't like the fact that you do not get to see the crashes play out in full - instead it does the slow motion and cuts out quite early from the game.
  11. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has noticed this - in fact I've seen it going back to probably F1 2017 - not sure it really affected F1 2016 as there were not as many car upgrades, but does seem like the A.I benefit more from upgrades than the human player.
  12. They should make the development parts that need adapting cost more resource points. There should be maintenance costs for more developed facilities.
  13. OK another way of explaining this...... You start much quicker than your team mate - however as the performance of your car increases your team mate also improves even though A.I difficulty remains the same.
  14. R&D chart of the teams in "career" or "My Team"
  15. No, this is you taking a slow team and taking them to the midfield or even the top end of the grid whilst keeping the A.I difficulty level the same. I've found that going back to previous games that as your own team improves, the A.I difficulty does too even if the car performance of other hasn't.