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  1. Acceleration corners like the long right hander at China that leads on to the back straight, the last corner at Bahrain, last corner at Brazil, chicane between two straights at Abu Dhabi, Hairpin at Suzuka, Austria Turn 2, France Chicane exit - I find A.I are a decent match and seems ok. However corners like the one I mentioned before Wellington Straight, right-left hander on to back straight at France, Turns 1 & 2 exit at Bahrain, entrance to Monaco tunnel, tight left hander on to back straight at Netherlands, exit of chicane at Suzuka, I honestly believe A.I are overpowered. I know
  2. I'm fine with Silverstone barring the acceleration zone that leads on to the Wellington Straight - regardless of what car setup I use, what racing line I take or how gentle/aggressive I am with throttle, I lose at least 3 tenths of a second to AI here.
  3. Austria!!!! Seriously I think every single player would be in agreement that A.I are woeful here compared with every other circuit. We can all debate and be competitive at certain tracks compared to others - but Austria sticks out so badly.
  4. Small resemblances to the 1994 Pacific Car, I like.
  5. You have the same issue with me trying to do Benetton 1998-99 livery. We both need a template where the sidepods are a different colour to the chassis. @BarryBL any in the pipeline for us?
  6. I'm still hoping for a livery to be unlocked/purchased where separate colours can be selected for the chassis, sidepods and rear wing so I could create something like this...
  7. @magpieracer48 - would you be able to see if you could create a Benetton 96 livery, I'm finding it difficult to get near it.
  8. Man..... I've requested this every year since about 2015, not sure why they can't add this
  9. Any number of teams for me from the 90's/early 00's as I grew up in that era of F1. Benetton, Ligier/Prost, BAR, Minardi, Arrows!
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