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  1. oscarolim

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    What are the ranked skill improvements?
  2. oscarolim

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    Happening now to me as well.
  3. It's even worse now, that I can't find any game because I am safety rating S and I guess there aren't enough S ranked to match with. What's the solution here? I get into a game and ram into everyone to downgrade my safety rating and then be able to match with more players? Seems like a **** solution.
  4. If only it was easy to use Jeff with a controller (or a wheel). This is a game should be playable without extra hardware. On Xbox, to use a Mic, I have to install a Kinect. Which unless you have the OG, you need an extra adaptor for. Idiots have been swerving and blocking long before proximity arrows. I've actually started to see cleaner driving when they started showing up in console games. But sure, they could bring back the hardcore lobbies, where everything is off, and still have ranked lobbies for more casual players. Not everyone that buys the game is trying to win the next eSports competition. Some of us just want to enjoy the game and be able to unlock the achievements too. Options ;)
  5. Sure, circuit map is a visual aid. Then again, IRL, drivers have an engineer telling them about the track situation, where other drivers are, etc. The game doesn't have that, the map replaces it. Proximity arrows. Consoles don't support VR, and IRL you is much easier to have spatial awareness, than in a game where, not only you are looking at a screen, lag can make a car be in one place and the next second in another place. So while they are visual aids, they prevent accidents for not fault of anyone.
  6. Majority of the lobby plays with TC off. Then they spin and take a few with them. Super fun.
  7. Oh yes. Because one thing I haven't seen this year yet is someone with a safety rating S crashing deliberately into someone... /s
  8. oscarolim

    so this week's cheat is....

    I also play on his room (not lately because of holidays) and while is true it can be fun to drive with collisions, more often than not, because of the game bugs, is quite frustrating doing so.  It can also be quite challenging to drive when you have several ghosts around you and you're looking for different racing lines.