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  1. PatrickTucker

    Any further updates for F1 2019?

    I’d like to see support for pedals that have the rumble feature. The extra feedback would be nice. Pad users get it.
  2. PatrickTucker

    Will the understeer of the 2019 cars get fixed?

    Not sure what I use will work for you to be honest. 🤔 This year I took the time to learn what each setting really does to the car. I went to silverstone in TT and went thru every setting one by one. Started at balanced for 10-12 laps to get a good feel for what the car was doing around the track. Then starting with the front wing I set it to 11 Max, and ran 5-6 laps documenting what was better, and what was worse. Then I took it to Min 11, same thing, 5-6 laps. 250 laps, 2 days later, and I had a pretty good understanding of how I wanted the car to feel. Now I have a base setup that I work from that’s very stable. A few tweaks for each track, and then you’re literally “off to the races!” So, I shouldn’t give you guys this, but here’s my stock setup. Maybe some of you try and let me know what you think? Aero 5-6 Transmission 50% - 72% Suspension Geometry -2.90 -1.40 .10 .20 Suspension 4-4 7-5 4-5 Brakes 85-58% Tyres 23.0 21.5
  3. PatrickTucker

    F1® 2019 - Compatible Wheels And Controllers

    Fanatec Podium series w/ club sport V3 pedals. I just upgraded from the T300 (F1 rim w/ T3PA pro pedals), and I’m super impressed with the quality, the smoothness, and the strength of the FFB.
  4. PatrickTucker

    Will the understeer of the 2019 cars get fixed?

    Fixing the understeer is in the setups. I’ve knocked off 2 secs/lap in the last week. I’m finally starting to beat my 2018 times consistently.
  5. PatrickTucker

    F1 2019 Mexico Hotlap + Setup (1:14.432)

    Pad? wheel? assists? just curious.
  6. PatrickTucker

    Suggestions for Patch 1.17 (XBox1, PS4, PC)

    Honestly, I’ve never been around a bigger bunch of smartasses, and outright [Removed] than in this forum. Be nice guys, it’s not that hard.
  7. PatrickTucker

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    Hahahahaha!!! This ☝️☝️☝️ I love setting up a lobby with all assists banned, and having 20 guys to race with drop to two. Not so fast then are they!! 😂😂😂
  8. PatrickTucker

    fanatec v3 pedals vibration supported?

    @Lescadres Which platform? They don't work no assists on PS4 from what I can find.
  9. PatrickTucker

    Help!! I’m slow this year, and can’t figure out why!

    Update: Ok, so I’ve been toying with the settings in game for my wheel. Reducing the FFB, and increasing the steering damper has worked wonders for making me feel more in control of the car. It has seemingly reduced the understeer, and made the car less twitchy on curbs and under low-speed acceleration. (Figure that out...) I’ve just recently gotten the Fanatec Podium series wheel. I’ve set the FFB to 45, where I ran my T300 on 110, and I’ve set the steering damper to 25 so far. I intend on continuing to add to that as long as it continues to benefit. Crazy how much stronger this wheel is compared to the Thrustmaster. I like the FFB to be strong, but I couldn’t steer the car quick enough with it at default setting of 70.
  10. PatrickTucker

    fanatec v3 pedals vibration supported?

    I disagree with rumble pedals being an assist. If that’s the case the FFB is an assist.
  11. PatrickTucker

    Help!! I’m slow this year, and can’t figure out why!

    I use no assists, and cockpit cam. Most of the guys I know run t-cam, and a few run the corner line (weak imo), but the remaining assists are off for the fastest guys. The ones I league race with anyways.
  12. PatrickTucker

    Help!! I’m slow this year, and can’t figure out why!

    I do feel like I’m getting killed on the brakes, when that was one of my weapons. I WAS good late on the brakes. Now it seems almost everyone online can brake at least 50m later.
  13. PatrickTucker

    Help!! I’m slow this year, and can’t figure out why!

    @TheEmpireWasRight I have both channels, but to be honest it’s quite embarrassing to be this far off so I’ve not streamed any yet. @kalamazoo123 I read in the forums that the pad was way overpowered earlier. Is that still the case? Even still though, a lot of my friends list are way quick, and I know a lot of them are on wheels so I can’t just rest on that. If they can find it so can I. Just not sure where to look. I am on a new wheel and pedals this year, and it’s a different feel so I’ve been playing with the settings a bit to see if that’s it.
  14. I’ve been driving F1 titles since 2012. Moved to a wheel in 16, and steadily picked up my pace over next few years to the point that in 17-18 I was easily in the top 2-5% in TT on all tracks (except Bahrain 🤮), no assists, and cockpit cam This year I've had the game about a month, and I’m really struggling to find the pace. Where as in online lobbies I’d be about a second off the pace when the fastest guys show up, and dominate in what I’d call just random lobbies. But now I find myself 2-3 seconds off, and I’m not sure why? Any other long time players having this issue, or do I just suck this year? Maybe I need more time...
  15. PatrickTucker

    Pad vs wheel car setup

    T150 is a great wheel to get started, but if you’re aiming for the T300 go ahead and get it. You won’t be disappointed. As far the pedals go, get the T3PA Pro pedals. They’re waaaay better. I just upgraded to the Fanatec Podium wheel. All I can say is.... Oooooooo it’s nice!