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  1. gtfclad82

    Patch 1.05. Is Safety Car working now?

    @svensenk86 try to keep your delta in the green if when it goes red you need to coast your car by just letting go of your throttle if still in the red after that tap your brake when on a straight and keep in mind when your coming into a corner the delta seems to go to red quicker so take it easy when cornering in a safety car situation. Also turn down your engine to lean mix and if u use ers turn that to 0 (none). If u keep within 0.300 - 0.500 of the delta either way you should be able to work out when to and not to push. Hope this help mate.
  2. gtfclad82

    Girlfriend attempts time trials 😂

    Good effort soon be smashin those lap records
  3. gtfclad82

    RANKED RACES - Setups not saving after Quali [ZX]

    It did change though from my bahrain setup to my Italy one with no one in the league lobby who joined or entered the qualy or race while I raced against 16 ghosted ai. @AlexTT
  4. gtfclad82

    RANKED RACES - Setups not saving after Quali [ZX]

    I've just done a league race one shot qualy.... now there was only me who turned up for the qualy or race out of 16 drivers so was driving against ghosted ai the whole qualy and race no one joined at all at any time and it still changed my setup but didn't change to default setup but my saved Italy setup with 2-2 wings it was a struggle but got there in the end ha
  5. Does anybody know what "placement" means on your licence just noticed it thanks.
  6. gtfclad82

    Standard Setups

    They should have what they have in dirt rally 2.0 regarding camber and toe and show a diagram of the car with it showing the wheels turned in or out depending which way you clicked the slider in car setup would solve the big confusion with people not knowing which way they are going when setting there car up with it being a codemasters game also it surely must be possible.
  7. https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/12-technical-assistance/
  8. @saukisuI'd put this in the technical forum mate with what platform,track,car,and game mode you was playing on.
  9. gtfclad82

    PS4 and PC players together

    Not possible I'm afraid.
  10. While its loading for qualy 1 press options button before it loads onto the actual qualy session then it should pop up with the "weekend structure" menu you can change the AI driver level from this page ... hope this helps @iXLongyXi
  11. You can change the difficulty between sessions when on the loading screens I restarted the game everytime I reset the difficulty when in qualy till I dialled in my level I was happy with @iXLongyXi
  12. I'm not to sure about having a virtual rear view mirror I can see it being used in multiplayer as an aid to brake test people as if we haven't got enough of rammers we'd have blockers aswell not for me on this suggestion.
  13. I'd prefer they fix the setups changing between qualy and race sessions in multiplayer to be honest an random drs failures are a plus I'm my eyes could do with other random failures like irl all optional of course for the players not wanting that sort of thing just my opinion.
  14. Ps4 user here but you may be right in what your sayin what people dont realise is it's not only a whole lot of work creating a patch but also as far as I know it costs quite a bit of money for each patch on different formats so cm might roll 2 patches in one for Xbox as you suggested to save on finances.