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  1. Purple44

    Chat option in GRID Autosport!!

    I see Project Cars can be pre-order now and going get release in November. I did a Google search and it look like text chat is in for Pcars. :) http://forum.wmdportal.com/archive/index.php/t-15227.html [b]A text chat profanity filter has been added to the in-game multiplayer chat[/b] I'm wondering if I should just pass on GRID Autosport and save my money for Pcars? GRID Autosport may be the only PC racing game release this year without text chat for online.
  2. Purple44

    Chat option in GRID Autosport!!

    Not looking good for text chat being patch into GAS:  >:( http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/3214/holiday-two-weeks-afk-couple-of-updates#latest At this time, no. I'm hoping it will make it into a future patch but it's unlikely at this time, sorry. This is second patch for GAS, if Codies not taking the time to add text chat now, doubt it will happen. We might see a 3rd PC patch some day, then I think that will be it for patches. Codemasters will move on to working on DIRT 4.
  3. Enjoy your holiday Loore, but before you go, can you give us a yes or no answer if text chat will be in the next patch?
  4. Purple44

    Chat option in GRID Autosport!!

    http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/3090/repair-costs-playlist-changes-update/p2 Hi Loore, any chance of Codemasters confirming text chat will finally be patch into a GRID Autosport? Also, should I assume if text chat won't make it in next patch, then text chat will never make it into GRID Autosport? http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/comment/13436/#Comment_13436 Its Friday, still no word from Loore if text chat is in in the next patch. :(
  5. Purple44


    There 5 flashbacks online in GRID Autosport, just like GRID 2? I thought Loore posted that Codemasters was thinking about using 3 and we posted maybe 1 would be OK. http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/570/flashbacks-again/p3 As it stands flashbacks are on in playlists, although I do believe they've lowered the amount down slightly which should add an element of "should I use it" about them. ................ That said, this is something we'll be monitoring once the game goes live and we will act should the need be there. This is something we're keeping a close eye and once the game launches we'll have a vast amount of data to analyse, along with first hand feedback from everyone
  6. Purple44


    Releasing a beta would help find these problems that are tough for QA to find. Also having a set release date a game got to get release by, make it tougher to give QA more time to find and fix problems with a game and to add important online features like text chat. Good thing the The Crew got delayed 5 months and there will be a second beta test for PC this month and next month the console get a go at a beta. Bugbear Next Car Game ( working title ) does not have a set release date. Between alpha and beta testing, most the bugs will be work out when final version get release next year.
  7. Purple44

    Repair Costs / Playlist Changes Update

    I don't recall them ever promising to add text chat. Some people just read what they want to read... Text Chat is a must have feature in a PC racing games. It should never been left out of GRID 2 and us PC players were shock that text chat was not in GRID Autosport. If you want PC online to have longevity ( like a GRID 1 and Flatout 2 had ), text chat one the key ingredients. The online community need to be able to talk and BS online to get to know each other. When most PC players mute VOIP, then online become a quiet place. :( http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/comment/13436/#Comment_13436
  8. Purple44

    Repair Costs / Playlist Changes Update

    Hi Loore, any chance of Codemasters confirming text chat will finally be patch into a GRID Autosport? Also, should I assume if text chat won't make it in next patch, then text chat will never make it into GRID Autosport? http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/comment/13436/#Comment_13436
  9. Purple44

    New tracks on the way

    Hope Codemasters does not make the big mistake they made with GRID 2 and sell the new tracks as a single track dlc and divide the online commununity so they could not enjoy these tracks online. New tracks need to be in just 1 track DLC. http://community.bugbeargames.com/index.php/topic,1302.0.html [quote=Purple44] Here a great pic by Flumper to show how DLCs can't screw things up online for players that want to race DLCs online ( GRID 2 ): Downloadable content required http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/664/oqvu.jpg All the players in pic have the SPA track DLC, but can any of these players race the SPA track together? Bugbear take note if decide to take the DLC route instead of using an expansion pack. [/quote]
  10. Purple44

    Dear Complainers and CM

    I disagree, missing text chat on PC version for the second time ( no text chat in GRID 2 ) is a big issue for online racing!! Will PC version of GAS online be a ghost town by Christmas, like what happen with GRID 2? Codies got the online right with GRID 1 and online was strong for 3 years before the online PC servers got turned off. :( Took me a month in G2 online to reach lvl 28 so I could finally buy a tier 4 car and quit using that crappy tier 4 loaner car. GGRRRRRRRR
  11. The guys I derby race with, told me Sunday they not happy with GRID Autosport derby racing. So They started up GRID 2 and I join them with my purple Jupiter. It to bad Codmasters will not fix the Detroit short track so laps will always count, after Codies mess up the lap count after the last patch that fix the cheating of checkpoints on the Detroit long track! http://www.lay-zmattress.com/flatout2/purple44/GRID%202/Jupiter-purple-rim.jpg Still waiting for text chat, will it be in a patch soon?
  12. Purple44

    Apparently it is your fault.

    LOL That what I like with the racing in GRID 1 PC, could I handle the pressure in touring car of having a good player on my bumper, just waiting for me to take a corner wide in a 5 lapper! :)  I did fail test many times :p One of my main rules for touring car racing ( not talking derby racing here ), if  I can't pass you cleanly then I should not go for the pass. You race a good line for 5 laps and don't give me good opportunity to pass, I will be happy to take second position behind you. Maybe I pickup GRID Autosport on sale next month. Still waiting for text chat. But will PC online still be going strong without text chat next month? Will need to get some practice in on the tracks before I give online a go. Lucky for me, I know some good PC players I can join up with for some good close online racing.
  13. So no official word yet that text chat will be in the coming patch for GAS?
  14. Purple44

    So, no force feedback, really?

    It like when you let go of a wheel in a car, it will try and go back to center. I like this with my wheel, but don't want it to strong, cause then you may be fighting the center spring when turning the wheel. Come in useful when derby racing with GRID. ;) I get my 243 rotation from when I had a MOMO wheel. MOMO wheel would turn all the way to 8 o'clock position to the left and would turn all the way to 4 o'clock position to the right ( 240 degrees ). Using a side camera, you see car's wheels were fully turn left at 9 o'clock and car's wheels were fully turn right at 3 o'clock. With using 243 degrees with the 900 degree DFGT wheel, I know I only need to turn my wheel half way to get a full turn left or right. I know some players that like around 200 degree rotation, but I find that make my wheel to sensitive, making me over steer.
  15. Purple44

    So, no force feedback, really?

    I like 150% for my DFGT wheel, but have not got to test GRID Autosport yet.