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  1. What, I can not make custom livery for offline? Career mode or single player races?  :-O
  2. What happens when you don't have enough money for repairs? Do you go negative and then have to work your way out of a cash hole? -1044, -44,600 Or does the game sell your car and you have to go back to using a loaner car online? Is repair costs only done in the playlists or repair costs can happen in a custom host too? If in a custom host, what happens when derby racing where players are hitting the other cars all the time?
  3. I don't have GAS yet, but I'm curious why sell online car that you have leveled up, to buy it new again?
  4. GRID 1 derby racing was good practice to fen off griefers in the other races. ;)
  5. @Assie, if nobody posts GAS Steam save folder soon, here GRID 2 folder which should get you close: E:\Steam\userdata\338120**( this number label to be different)\44350 Go here and look for a new folder with the install date of GRID AutoSport  - E:\Steam\userdata\338120**\ Since Flatout 1, I make it a practice to backup savegame folder. I don't think  I have ever gotten a corrupt savegame file, but have read horror stories, so better safe than sorry. I have also found other good uses of a savegame file. ;)  It save my 3000 mile toughen up Jupiter after I did the "wash the car"
  6. he-he, i was trying to sound less addicted, as i was one of those racing till the end. Tis mergano / duvel. Another to add to the list: They added a solid version of derby back, but i don't think car damage happens like in grid1 (where you build up the milage to get a hard car), not that this bothers me, what does bother me is that you cannot kill opponants? This makes it pointless Codies. Please correct me if i'm wrong on this and it can be enabled somehow. You can't wreck the leaders of the race!!!!! That blaspheme, this will ruin the fun of derby racing online. ~X( Even in a cu
  7. Glad to hear Gooner that bumper to bumper racing is back in GRID. :D Just waiting for text chat to be patch in so I can buy GRID Autosport. Here video for those new to GRID, who have not gotten to experience bumper to bumper racing online with touring cars, from the GRID 1 days: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1665__K3tg Is there a front runner car yet to be thee "touring car" for GAS, like the Lacetti was for GRID 1?
  8. no comment for that! =))  For me honestly GAS is better from Grid 1 ( no need to refer that is way better than Grid 2) even from Toca 3  which was one of me best racing in PC considering that GAS has way better graphics and way better damage model ... And with upcoming patches , updates , fixes etc but also with 8 DLC that they are gonna to come in future , we can speak for one of the 3 top Codemasters games ever for me !  8 DLCs, does that mean Codemasters is going to divide the online community again like they did in GRID 2?
  9. Did Codemasters make another bad decision about online by doing the region lock again like GRID 2? How many players will not know about the Steam region lock and go online and find out it dead and give up on racing GAS online? Like the players in the US. 2 months after release of GRID 2, it was tough to fine players online if you used a US Steam region. Had to use UK to find players. We did ask Codies not to do this with GRID Autosport and still Codemasters does it again. :(
  10. Just read about a problem with online playlist that could help kill off playlist racing: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/571/random-grid-order#latest
  11. Ya it fusrating when you think you got a 1st and find out you are 1 lap short of finishing the race. GRRRR +1
  12. Hmm, another feature that could help kill off the online playlist? It was bad in GRID 2 always putting the higher levels players in the back of start grid, now sound like Codies made another bad decision with always putting highest championship points players up front in start grid. In Flatout 2, there tournament points, but points did not come into play until end of tournament, to see who won the tournament. In Flatout 2, all races are a random start. Every player should get a shot at getting a good start position on start grid, unless you are going to have qualifying to see who should ge
  13. Months? don't you mean years? PC GRID 1 online was doing well for the 3 years the online servers were running. Lots of hosts on a Saturday. Loore, can you tell us yet that text chat will definitely be in a patch soon? My money waiting to buy GRID Autosport. You give your word text chat in, I could buy GAS now and get started on career mode, before I go online.
  14. Hi Loore, I hope text chat still in the plans for a patch so I can buy GAS.
  15. Hmm Loore says GRID Autosport will have a worldwide release on the 27th. Maybe Steam is lying to you? Edit: Just read this:
  16. Ya it fusrating when you think you got a 1st and find out you are 1 lap short of finishing the race. GRRRR
  17. I'm stuck on the sidelines with no text chat in GRID Autosport. :((
  18. I don't think there anything in The Crew that mandatory. You can do the story line which will have some cop chases or skip story line all together. Or just pick and chose wihich missions and challenges you want to do to level up to unlock new cars and earn better parts for your cars. Or pay real money to unlock all the cars, but you can not buy better car parts for $$, have to earn new car parts in game. You can go solo or join up to 7 other players online. Can make your own custom checkpoint race. :) Only thing holding me back from buying The Crew is there is still no text chat!!!! ~X( I go
  19. Yeah it will pop up in your library for all who pre-ordered via Steam. I'd add that something people ask for a lot is more Demo Derby in GRID... Showdown is a whole game of demo derby!  We ask for a true last man standing demo derby. How could Codemasters release a demo derby game without the option to do a real derby where only one player survives the derby?? And Showdown totally miss the magic of derby racing in GRID 1. You need 12 players, an 8 lap race and players able to go backwards on the track so the wreckers could take out the leaders! 24 car derbys offline, 12 player l
  20. Never, never wash your Jupiter!!!! Or it will end up like this after a wash.  :-O If want to ruin a toughen up 3000 mile Jupiter, just take it to the car wash!!!! In GRID 2, the Jupiter did not toughen up like we saw in GRID 1, so I doubt we will see the cars toughen up after putting a 1000 miles on them.
  21. Loore says there will be a new derby car, but GRID AutoSport will use the same old Detroit figure 8 track that GRID 1 and GRID 2 DLC used. :(
  22. I agree, let driver skill win you the race, not because you got a better setup than the other guys racing online.
  23. Here another lesson to be learned from GRID 1. The pad players needed the advance controller settings to be competitive with the wheel players online. The old GRID 1 forum had a big thread of setting up controllers, be they a wheel or a pad.
  24. So after a 5 lap race were you and 2 other guys finish within a second of each other and you take 1st, you would not want to say "vgr"? Little things like that help make online a more friendly place and help give online longevity. You do want to go online next summer and still have loads of online PC players racing? GRID 1 did it and Flatout 2 did it and I think chat text help with that: [quote=Purple44] Almost 3 years after the release of Flatout 2: http://flatoutjoint.com/index.php?option=com_smf&Itemid=26&topic=1743.0 [quote=Purple44]   Saturday, May 08, 2009, 11:34:
  25. Scooter, I'm sure it was said a player can loan any and every car for an online race, in order to prevent G2's dlc issues you allude to, this time around. I would doubt if you would get a loaner car of a DLC car online. That did not happen with GRID 2. You only got to use the free DLC car in that tier. You could call the free cars loaners I guess, but the free DLC cars were faster than the loaner cars.. The DLC that broke the camel back was when Codemasters release single track DLCs. This really made a mess online. Host might have only 1 or the other track or have both DLC tracks. If y
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