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  1. Hmm, most PC games that you pre-order have a discounted price on Steam. The only discount for GRID Autosport is if you have bought GRID 2 already, will save you $5. Also, console version of GRID Autosport going for $50, PC version is costing the same as console version. Usually buying PC version of AAA title you save $10.
  2. On the PC side, Codemasters had Steam do an automatic update that gave all PC players some new free DLC cars and show the other dlcs cars. But you had to buy the DLC car pack to get to use the other DLC cars. On the console side, Codemasters could not use an automatic update. Codies try to get the word out to consoles players, there some free cars to be had if player would go download this new update. If console player never got the news, they did not get to see the DLC cars online. I don't remember if that stop console players that did not have the new free car DLC from joining some of the
  3. there's nothing wrong with the hood cam I use that myself whwn drivibfg that sort of car and the T cam when racing open wheelers As long as you drive youre car in real life lying on youre hood there is nothng wrong indeed.    In my opinion racegames should have only one view available and that is incar.   ;) But can you go 3 cars wide in a tight turn and not rub any paint, online? I did with the Lacetti, and second chase cam, one time. I was the middle car :O I like using second chase so I can see a lot the action on the track, even thou it can make me
  4. 5 laps is a long race. I have trouble doing 5 laps without screwing up somewhere and letting Gooner pass me. :P I can remember back in the old days with GRID 1, at one time we use to do 30 min races in a private host for a tournament. 30 mins with a force feedback wheel, you start to feel it in your arms after 20 mins. I could not last doing a 2 hour race.
  5. I've been wondering about this myself.  Do Codemasters think we want something super flash with multi possibilities.....no idea, but I think when 'we' think of chat, all we want is something 'simple', to work exactly as you describe.  The closest we've had to an explanation (from Loore) is that console owners don't use keyboards.  We don't need to go into all that again, but hopefully CM will understand all we're asking for is this 'simple' chat option.  I think there's always a danger of over thinking/designing something. We get that and that's the sort of thing we'r
  6. The reason for Steam is to give publisher\ game maker some kind of DRM. Steam has become an except-able forum of DRM for PC players. We could go back to GFWL!   GRRRRRR  If Micosoft would of kept it running! No GFWL on my newest gaming computer. :) GRID Autosport still a no buy for me.  :(
  7. Becaue we are in the dark about the MP I wasn't expecting you changed youre mind already.   :) So I believe it is only me then left undecided. I'm not undecided, no text chat, no buy on release day, no demo, no pre-order. Those my rules I try and live by these days when it come to buying PC racing games. I will put money up for an alpha\beta that I get to test, if I feel the Devs are worth trusting, like Bugbear. I do most my racing online, so multiplay a key part of a racing game for me.
  8. And DLCs have away of dividing the online community. Especially like the single track DLCs that were done for GRID 2. :( [quote=Purple44] Here a great pic by Flumper to show how DLCs can't screw things up online for players that want to race DLCs online ( GRID 2 ): Downloadable content required All the players in pic have the SPA track DLC, but can any of these players race the SPA track together? Bugbear take note if decide to take the DLC route instead of using an expansion pack. [/quote]
  9. And again it fine if players want to use flashbacks offline. That has no effect on other players that chose not to use them offline. But allowing flashbacks online, effects all players online. Some say we need flashbacks online because of rammers, but giving rammers flashbacks too, you just allow rammers to cause even more trouble online. So you really have not gain anything. Better to use kick vote to get rid of griefers! Also having flashbacks online encourage some players to take risks, they would avoid if there was no flashbacks. I guess we will see in 6 months, if having flashbacks in
  10. You did read the whole post by Rastus that explain how he came about getting his hands on a press preview? Thanks for the review Rastus. It nice to hear how a real player of racing games and who has many hours on GRID 1, feels about GRID Autosport. :)
  11. I prefer that aswell. Problem is though when recording a online race while you are on TS everything that is said is recorded aswell. Thats when I decide to just renove all game sounds and only put music in.   :) I havent found a way to setup fraps so it wont record sounds from TS. I dont think it is even possible. Use that old gaming computer with XP ( my 3rd computer in computer room ) and run Teamspeak from that computer. No TS voices in Fraps that way. ;) 1st computer runs game, like Gas Guzzlers Extreme. 2nd computer running dedicated software to host GGE for players to j
  12. I think there 2 ways Codemasters could go with Flashbacks, just allow 1 "get out of mistake free card" or just have one beginners playlist host where a few flashbacks are allow. When new players are ready and know the tracks, they can move on to the other playlists with no flashbacks and may find the racing better since there no flashbacks.
  13. The bumper to bumper racing online with touring car and good players. The great chaos derby racing with the Jupiter. The variety of cars ( from slow to fast ) and the eye candy in a 2008 PC racing game. How did GRID 1 know I had a MOMO wheel?
  14. I've been waiting since 2008 and GRID 1 for a another good online racer. And GRID Autosport may come up short when it come to online racing. I may have to wait until Bugbear release final version of Next Car Game, before I find another good online race with the longevity of GRID 1 and Flatout 2 online.
  15. And how will flashbacks online influence the endurance races? http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/05/20/grid-autosport-interview/ RPS: I know you were saying, in the release anyway, that you were putting tyre degradation in there, or at least for endurance races. I wondered if that was just a feature of endurance races or that was always the case no matter what you are doing in Grid? Nicholson: It was just for endurance racing, so with endurance racing what we wanted to do is the same approach as what we talked about already, it’s trying to get you to feel what it would be lik
  16. And nice for griefers, too. I want to see GRID A online have the longevity of a GRID 1 or Flatout 2. Having flashbacks and no text chat put that in doubt. Flatout 1 and GRID 1 are the only two racing games that are not sims, to have a robust online PC community after 6 months that I have seen since I started racing online back in 2005 with Flatout 1. Have seen to many racing games come to the PC and fail online over the years. :(  By now, game makers should know what works online and what don't!!!! Offline is for a few weeks while doing career mode, online can be for years if online do
  17. How about talk about the Next Car Game being work on by Bugbear? OOPs getting off topic now.
  18. GRID 2 had 5 flashbacks to use, people been guessing this will get lowered to 3 in GRID A. That be enough for greifers to still cause plenty of trouble, then if their car get fix, they still have a fresh car to go on and cause some more trouble until griefer wrecks his car. And if griefer using a loaner car, would griefer even worry about wrecking the car? Will GRID A charge you $$ for the damage to a loaner car? Here a compromise, 1 flashback for the ones that feel the need to use it and flashback should not gain you position on the track. Should cost you a few seconds, so there some kind o
  19. Let turn this around, have just one playlist that has flashbacks available and have this playlist be a smorgasbord of the the different tracks and cars so the "new" player get expose to what GIRD A has to offer if newbie did not take the time to do career mode first to learn the tracks before going online? Also GRID 1 online was very successful for 3 years before the online servers were turn off, with no flashback options. I don't see how having flashbacks would make online racing with GRID A stronger. From what we saw with GRID 2, flashbacks hurt the health of the online community!  :(
  20. There was no Flashbacks with GRID 1 online!!!!!! But GRID 1 I believe was first Codemasters game to use flashbacks offline. Assie, you sure DIRT 2 and 3 had flashback online? I ended up passing on DIRT 2 and 3 thanks to GFWL, so I can not confirm flashbacks were use online or not with DIRT.
  21. Loore posted this yesterday: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/12/what-you-want-to-see-from-grid/p30
  22. But have the Griefers change? If they find out they can use the flashbacks to their advantage like they did in GRID 2, they will be out causing trouble again.
  23. Will there be flashbacks in the online endurance races? That would seem to be a big cheat to be able to use a flashback in an endurance race.
  24. But text chat was there for the original PC GRID, was there for PC DIRT 2, can't confirm text chat for PC DIRT 3 ( there should be someone here that can confirm text chat for DIRT 3 ). Codemasters use to cater to the PC online player, but lately not so much it seem. Little old Bugbear studio with only 30 devs, knows how to cater to PC players, we got text chat confirm even defore Bugbear release there first Build for there new racing\ derby game last December: Got Multiplayer? [quote=Team Bugbear]  October 25, 2013 During the summer and fall, we’ve been implementing a new lobby system
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