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  1. If Steam is used to block online players from seeing other hosts online, then you are getting into GFWL territory. GRRRRR At least with Steam you are not block out right from going online, like what happen with GFWL and players in unsupported countries that bought DIRT 2 and 3. But thanks to GRID 2 using Steam download region, players only saw hosts in their region and only got to join Playlists that were hosted near their region. I go online with GRID 2 last summer and pickings were slim using the Seattle download region. Until I learn about the region restrictions, in the old GRID 2 forum
  2. Guess you won't have to worry about lag with only 4 players in the lobby on a week night. I won't have to worry about as there's always lots of players in my zone, no matter the game I play. If you have to worry because you are njot that lucky when It comes to this, then that's your problem. All I want is you to not be able to switch my region and lag everyone in a room. CM please have no mercy with this. Region lock mandatory, for the sake of online quality experience. Would not resticting players from joining host by PING be a better way to handling laggy players online, than us
  3. yeah back on F1 2010 I tried to get into the game  without using flashbacks as well as I felt using flashbacks might feel somewhsat cheating the system but I just found the handling to difficult without them even on Amateur difficulty. It's not that I can't race it's just I think that sometimes I have a tendency to push a little too hard when I'm chasing another car especially if I'm close to that car and trying to get past them. I used to use them more than I do now though as I tended to use them all up when first playing it. Nowadays though I've managed to get good enough to n
  4. You mean text chat is in now? That the only way that will get GAS on my buy list on release day.
  5. I sorry!! I should of worded that better. :\"> 84% of the people that voted, think it best not to have Flashbacks online.
  6. Where game going draw the PING line? At 150 or 200 or 250? At 150 nobody should be laggy. But from my experience I'm not laggy when racing with Euro guys at 200 PING. A PING of 300 and you will be laggy. Somewhere between 200 around 300, players become laggy. Now the big question, will game search globally for hosts to join and list the hosts ( or put you in a playlist host ) that you have a reasonable PING to? Or will game only look for hosts in your region, say only Europe or only US? Loore, in this touring car video I did of GRID 1 back in Dec 2008, most players were Euro and I'm in the U
  7. Guess you won't have to worry about lag with only 4 players in the lobby on a week night.
  8. But how can Codemasters forget a key feature like text chat for online 2 times in a row ( GRID 2 and now GRID Autosport )?  ~X( Why is text chat not an important online feature in Codemasters eyes any more? Has concentrating on making racing games for the consoles has blur Codies vision to what need to be done for online PC gamers? We are almost out of time to have text chat added to GRID Autosport before it goes Gold here soon.
  9. From what Loore said, this time around, players using no assists will be faster than players using assists. @P308R, a poll has been done: ;) Flashbacks in online races Yes/No? 10 yes votes 54 no votes 84% of online players in the forum, think it best not to have Flashbacks online.
  10. Getting the band back together for a reuinion tour? :) Ya if we get text chat online.  :-bd Some the old band mates in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1665__K3tg Howdy Frank and The Frank. :)
  11. Yep.  Sounds like a big improvement, but I still very much prefer the original GRID penalties:  no official penalties, just natural consequences to cutting, like loss of traction in grass, dirt, gravel, kitty litter - or rocks, holes, various obstructions, etc. Nice feedback/feedback, though.  Thanks. Frank (the new guy) But online, there was some major cheating going on, on some the tracks in GRID 1. :(
  12. That sound like a penalty system that could work well online. :) Just need text chat so I can buy GRID Autosport on release day!
  13. I'd say that the positive ones here are going on a gut feeling about this game, interesting, could we all be wrong ? For the first time in many years Purple is even being somewhat positive about it, could that be an indicator ? After the debacle of Grid 2 I think that maybe we are of the mind that, well, it couldn't be worse than that ? I'm glad to see Codemasters making a good effort at trying to make a GRID that the GRID 1 fan base will like and have been waiting to many years for. I can see GRID Autosport delivering a good experience offline, but I have been an online for the las
  14. Using Google: Codemasters respond to complaints about lack of cockpit view in Grid 2 "In response to complaints from the community regarding the lack of cockpit view in GRID 2, Codemasters reveal that only 5% of players actually used it. Announced less then 12 hours ago and Codemasters are already receiving complaints about GRID 2. The main point of contention is the loss of in-car camera view that was available in the original. Though Codemasters say their decisions was justified. “There seems to be some confusion about where we get our data from to help u
  15. I thought the reason why there was no cock-pit view in GRID 2 was because the consoles could not handle high detail cock-pit view and handle the other eye candy that Codies wanted to do with GRID 2? And Codemasters was unwilling to do high detail cock-pit view just for the PC. GRID Autosport is for the old consoles, 360 and PS3, so this problem has not gone away.
  16. We got Codemasters to get rid of ebay cars online with the PC v1.3 patch for GRID 1 and now ebay cars are back in the playlists in GRID Autosport. :(
  17. First thing monday I'm printing that quote off and putting it on the wall ;) Things may of turn the corner for the offline version of the new GRID, but there a BIG ? mark if GRID Autosport online will survive pass Christmas as a robust online racing game like GRID 1 did. I love racing GIRD 1 online. Was the first racing game that actually pulled me away from racing Flatout 2 online. I had to make time for both racing games. I'm still worried that GRID Autosport online going to fall short. It don't take much to screw up online and have it die off early after release. I keep seeing it hap
  18. "All cars available to race from the start of MP" Does not sound like it reading this: Online Playlist: As with Custom Cups, if you own any vehicles from the class currently in use, you can choose to use them and make the most of any upgrades and tuning you’ve unlocked – in addition to showing off your custom liveries! If not, you can still borrow one of the loaner vehicles to race with. Or does it mean stock loaner version of all cars are available?
  19. I got to read new Codemasters blog today, Online Discipline Progression & Game Modes and reading "If you don’t own an eligible car, don’t worry – you can still compete with a loan vehicle, just like in other Online game modes.", like in GRID 2, tier 4!! GRRRRRR Are we going back to having a crap-ola car like SLR McLaren 722 loaner car for tier 4? It took me 2 months before I level up enough to get rid of terrible loaner car in class 4 and start to be competitive with the other online players. I learn just to pull over with the loaner car and let the other guys pass me in a class 4
  20. Ya corner cutting is geting 4 wheels off the track, 2 wheels off the track is not corner cutting in my book.
  21. I hope so based on what I've heard about Autosport I think so as well No text chat, Codies miss the corner.
  22. Are these touring car drivers racing with all assists off? How about the videos, are they with all assists off?
  23. Ya got my interest now that I see there a mini copper. :) Now Codies just need to announce there will be text chat and then I could buy GRID Autosport on release day. Edit: OOPS, make that a mini cooper. @joepineapples  LOL
  24. CaptainJack said: I was thinking wrong about the playlists lobbys, I was thinking all assists would be off for some reason. I read Loore post and it look like player will have the option to go with all assists OFF or ON. Codemasters won't be forcing players to go without assists in a playlist host, but it does sound like if you want to win, assists OFF will be the way to go. Which would be OK with me. You should be faster without assists than with them in Autosport. But GRID 1 players that are expecting to be faster with all assists ON, may be in for a surprise online w
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