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  1. I would like to see Codemasters be successful and getting the online right will help a lot. In my 9 years of racing online, I have seen only two racing games ( sims not included ) that had a strong online after the first year, Flatout 2 and GRID 1. It pretty easy to screw up online to have it die off in a couple of months. It a lot harder to get it all right so online has longevity. I may sound like a broken record, but with the history of PC racing online and what Codemasters has posted, I got reason to be worry about GRID Autosport public playlists having longevity. Also about the new han
  2. +1, good post. Saying sry online goes a long way to keeping tempers clam down. Just make sure you are not saying sry in the chat window after every race!!!! I have seen players in GRID 1 get piss-off at someone and drive backwards on the track to hunt player down, if there no collision forward option enabled, causing chaos on the track for the other players trying to race. I try and keep my cool when racing online, I do not want to be the one to ruin someone else race trying to pay back a guy that knock me off the track. And it may been a "s-it happens" moment, that racing.
  3. Online need more than just a perfect driving model for online to survive. Codemasters got things pretty much right with GRID 1 online, after a couple of patches, that added colliosn forward and all assists off hosting option and getting rid of ebay cars so we could have a fairer race online. ( kick vote was still mess up thou ) GRID 2 was a big failure online compared to GRID 1. With PC GRID Autosport, the jury still out if online will be good enough to have the longevity of a GRID 1 or Flatout 2. Sure if you got lots of online racing friends, you can get together for a night and have som
  4. PC text chat does not do this to your ears!! NFS: The Run need a mic mute for online racing!! I do use a headset and mic, but I use it through my second computer and Teamspeak. I just hear the voices of the guys in my headset and I can still hear the sound of racing game through my 5:1 surrond sound speaker system. :) Text chat can't be that hard to do. Bugbear done it for Next Car Game, Refract for Distance ( only about 5 Devs ), Gamepires has done it for Gas Guzzlers Extreme ( in lobby and while doing deathmatches\races ), also has VOIP, but not many use it:
  5. Ya, game need to go gold this month if GRID Autosport going be ready for release next month. So this might be the last week a decision can be made to get text chat into the game.
  6. When it come to derby racing, you either love it or hate, I don't think there much middle ground. GRID 1 derby racing was second most popular tournament pick, behind touring car. So there were a few players that like derby racing. Me, I love GRID 1 derby racing with 12 players, 8 laps and having to survive the wreckers to win maybe 1 or 2 races in a 3 hour session. GRID 2 derby racing took a little the fun out of it when I should of gotten one of my rare wins, but 1 of my laps did not count!!! :( I do hope Codemasters understand what made figure 8 derby racing special in GRID 1, since they f
  7. Hahahaha . . .the wagon is rolling and there will be many more . . . no matter what they say to the contrary. Loore, and members of the team have really put themselves on the line with this one so failure is not an option. But failure is still possible online. :( Keep seeing it happen year after year to online racing games. :(
  8. I sure hope there no region locked. With Steam set to Seattle download, was only a few hosts to fine online and tough to get a full house in the playlists. Until I learn to change region to London. Which get me to race with mostly Euro guys and leaving the US guys behind, unless they learn the trick for GRID 2. I want to race with the whole world, like I got to do with GRID 1 and Flatout 1 and 2 online.
  9. WTF? we dnt want tuning online, we just want a level field. is this too much to ask codies?? Second that!! +4
  10. I want 12 player races when I go online!! Custom lobbys is a hit or miss getting a full lobby, even half a lobby if go online with GRID 2 in the evening in the US, last summer. Then add DLCs to the mix, good luck finding a custom host you could actually join. :( The nice thing about playlist lobbys in GRID 2, the game tried to keep them full. A lot easier getting 10-12 player races. :) Since the community is divided on Flashbacks being online, Please give us a hardcore playlist with no flashbacks, damage on and collision forward to stop griefers from going backwards on the track. Also thro
  11. I would love to see a new racing game that delivery bumper to bumper racing for this summer. And I hope Codemasters see the light and add text chat so PC GRID Autosport has a fighting chance at online longevity if Codies get the rest of multiplayer right. But with Codemasters history over the last few years, I need to see some proof in the pudding, before I buy GA. Releasing a demo would help.
  12. Here another reason to have text chat, A Dev for Gas Guzzlers Extreme was in my lobby last night and he tried telling us how to do a quick 180 turn so you could shoot at the guy chasing you. Also it nice to have text chat so after a tournament is over, host can say "break time", so the guys can get a drink or visit the bathroom or stretch their legs. Gamepires Devs have done a good job with the online for Gas Guzzlers Extreme, Codemasters could learn a thing or 2 from them. :)
  13. @Skiddyboy13  > Codenasters found the sweet spot between sim and arcade with GRID 1 online. GRID 1 online was still strong after 3 years, until the GRID 1 online servers got turn off for the PC and PS3 players. It been almost 3 years now and us old GRID 1 fans are still waiting for a racing game that hit the sweet spot online. Flashbacks online are not part of the sweet spot, in my opinion. A good kick vote system can help online get rid of rammers with the help of text chat in the lobby to disccuss if someone need to be kicked.
  14. Sorry Loore, but what is there to discussion? If GRID Autosport going have longevity like GRID 1 and Flatout 2 had, online will need text chat so online community can get to know each other. No text chat, online headed for an early grave. :( And with all the heated discussion in the old GRID 2 forum about there being no text chat, how is it that Codemasters still felt it would be OK to leave text chat out again????????
  15. You forgot one feature for online, in the race results screen, need to show best lap times for all players. Codemasters forgot this feature in GRID 2 and had to patch it in.
  16. This work well back in the old days before DLCs, I think it still will work well today. :) Please Codemasters, do not do this again with DLCs and pre-order bonuses: :( [quote=Purple44] Here a great pic by Flumper to show how DLCs can't screw things up online for players that want to race DLCs online ( GRID 2 ): [url=http://community.codemasters.com/t5/GRID-2-General-Discussion/Downloadable-content-required/m-p/402858/highlight/false#M26785][color=orange][b]Downloadable content required[/b][/color][/url] [img]http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/664/oqvu.jpg[/img] All the players in pic have t
  17. Variety is something which makes GRID such a great experience :) That one the things that made GRID 1 a very good racing game offline and online, the variety of racing to chosse from. :) Was not a "good" drifter in GRID 1, but I did like giving it a go. :)
  18. Also, with the seruity of flashbacks, some players are more likely to go to fast into a turn, since they can use a flashback to save their bad decision. With no flashback, players are more likely to learn the tracks and where they need to brake. Flashbacks do not encourage good racing online.
  19. Split screen is there. First thing I always do is turn off motion blur . . .bloody irritating gimmick. When riding my M/C if I saw MB like presented in racing games I'd be over the nearest hedge . . On another point . . . Loore was definitely listening to us, I mean, no chat and no spectate . .yep, siree, he surely was listening. Just because features you wanted aren't in doesn't mean we didn't listen. Unfortunately we had a pretty big list and sometimes you don't get everything you want. We're still looking at chat, isn't a definite no just yet. It's easy to say you listen,
  20. So Codies did not learn the lessens from GRID 2 online. :( Which came first? The chicken or the egg? With flashback online, that just encourages the griefers to do more damage, not less. Griefers where taking players out, use a flashback and end up in front of player they took out and headed on to their next target. :( Good PC players will be staying away form the public playlists. There goes your longevity for GRID Autosport when after a month, players going online find the playlist with only a few players in the lobby or no players at. Griefers will not care about the damage they do to th
  21. If flashbacks can be use online, then Codemasters did not learn from GRID 2 where griefers use flashback to their advantage. There is no need for flashbacks online. Text chat a must have for me and a must have for online to have longevity. Both Flatout 2 ( 6 yrs ) and GRID 1 ( 3 yrs ) had text chat and online was going strong until the PC online servers were turn off. Just look at GRID 2. Codemasters drop text chat from GRID 2 ( we had it for GRID 1 ), so online on average you would see about 3 players using VOIP and the other 9 players were silent. No gr ( good race ) or sry ( sor
  22. I'm a PC player and I don't know of any PC racing game that not a sim, that has a strong online right now and can give you bumper to bumper racing like we saw with GRID 1 touring car racing. Can you tell me the PC racing game you are thinking of? GRID 1 with all assists off is the most sim I want my racing games to be. I'm not into having to figure out the right set up for a car, worrying about wearing out my tires and dealing with pit stops ( like F1 ). A 5 lap race is long enough race for me unless it on the short GRID derby figure 8 tracks, then need 8 laps.
  23. test Codemasters deliver on the eye candy again, but eye candy does not give you longevity online. Codemasters got things pretty much right online with PC GRID 1 after v1.2 patch ( but still had to fix ebay car issue with v1.3 patch ), then Codemasters turn around and gets way to many things wrong with GRID 2 online, that no patch could fix and GRID 1 online players are wondering who the hick was making these bad online decisions for Codemasters? PC GRID 1 online was strong for 3 years then the online servers got turn off! GRRRR  PC GRID 2 online by the end of the summer, the writing on
  24. If you mean the world of 'likes', high fives', and a lot of wootin, they've tried that and its in danger of making them look like also rans.  This is why they need to take a long hard look at what made them so popular with racing fans in the first place.  Go back to their roots, as I suggested in the Grid thread. You been reading some of my PowerPoints Joe? Don't worry, without saying too much - we know, we've fixed it and I'm positive you'll like the direction we are going in. I became a fan of Codemasters with GRID 1 with the bumper to bumper racing we had online with to
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