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  1. I answer questions that I have an answer too, I like to think I've been pretty open to be honest, at least more than we have in the past and certainly more than other devs. If this is in regard to the freezing issue, we're working on a patch and it's currently going through internal QA, once that's complete and we're satisfied with it working we'll pass it over to Microsoft. @loore Yes it was about the freezing issue and i thank you for your swift reply. i just so enjoy playing CM games but its so frustrating when they dont work. If you need game testers im more than willng to help. I woul
  2. You are so right no one on this planet can tell me that GAS has more code than GTA V and GTA just keeps adding more features to thier game .  Excuse after excuse is the motto at Codemasters .;{)
  3. Then they should only make PC games and stop taking our money under false pretences. 
  4.  To @lorre After having 3 friends actually ring codemasters to find out whats going on with this buggie game, on all 3 occassions codemasters customer relations told each of them that it was a problem with there xbox and or the xbox live service. TSK TSK codemasters stop blaming others for your crap coding.  time to tell people why we have had our money stolen.And maybe tell us why 4 months into a game you stop supportting it. Should we expect another update. I dont expect an answer you seem to pick and choose what questions you answer????????????????
  5. why is intel sponsoring such a broken game with the intel challenge do they know how broken it is. Ive emailed intel to say its really good that they sponsor this challenge, but since the game is so broken the majority of us cannot play it and CM have been vague in response to there clients questions. i hope intel didnt pay for this sponsorship, fact is they are not getting any value for their money.
  6. @justbiglee come on inform your clients on what the hell is going on with this so called patch. so much hope has changed to complete frustration.
  7. Dirt Showdown should never have been Grid 2 just stuffed Grid AS Day 50 and still waiting for patch Dirt 2, 8 years still not fixed start line glitch Don't hold your breath guys And yet they must fix this 1 or how can we trust them to write code for the new engine. Oh that's right they have to build a new engine for XB1 and PS4 Holy Crap more teething problems coming guys.
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