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  1. Am I correct in assuming that this will only change performance in season 1? If I load my career in season 2, everything has already changed so much due to development, driver changes and rule changes so no need to tweak right?
  2. DeMilo86

    F2 Scenarios too hard?

    Effectively its not an F2-F1 issue. Its an AI balancing issue. For instance the AI are sooo slow through Australia turn 9 and 10 however they are super quixk through other fast corners in the game gor not apparent reason. I fully understand it must be very hard but here lies the main issue here
  3. DeMilo86

    F2 Scenarios too hard?

    Sorry mate i disagree. You shouldn't have to change sliders all the time - when do you do that for other games? You don't change the difficulty half way through playing an action game because they made one bit too hard... Inappreciate its not easy to do but The AI difficulty you choose should be scaled to F2, and more importantly across all tracks. Basically...In the past the AI have been way over powered or vice versa at certain tracks so if this is still an issue it needs looking at. If its just an F2 thing then yes change the diff. Butnubhave to admit changing diff for eavh scenario amd each race is just a pain in the hoop, more so because u have to keep restarting races and writing down which tracks AI are too iver or underpowered at. Not ideal
  4. DeMilo86

    F2 Scenarios too hard?

    Cool let me know how you find the austria and abu dhabi scenario vs the f2 career. Have fun!
  5. DeMilo86

    F2 Scenarios too hard?

    Hi all Does anybody else think that the AI in the F2 challenges is unbalanced compared to when you get to F1? for instance my AI sweet spot for f1 career is 105, however if i start the f2 challenges on 105 im no where near the required pace in the final 2 challenges. Not a big deal but a bit frustrating. Its nice starting the abu dhabi challenge knowing that it will be close and you may or may not get the title... but feel im a bit robbed of that exciting race
  6. DeMilo86

    Wide Resolution on PC

    Hi all. I play with a wide monitor with resolution of 3440 x 1440 - however in cockpit mode i don't get any benefit of having more to my left or right. For example i still can't see my mirrors without panning left or right. Its like the same view whether im using a standard resolution or a wide one I know i can change FOV but that means you have to sacrifice being further away from the front if the car. Am i missing something here?? Any thoughts appreciated... Thanks
  7. DeMilo86

    Crash Physics (here me out here)

    Gp4 had very good contact physics for a game if that time. It must be said that tyre on tyre contact nowadays is far less likely to launch a car. Contact physics are important and im sorry but they're awful in codies f1 games . Like i said in my OP, i dont want crushed mangled upside down cars, just some better contact physics to create some more action and more immersion. Contact is a bit part of racing when it happens and the games dont reflect this
  8. DeMilo86

    Pedal Calibration?

    Anybody know about this following more time with the game?
  9. DeMilo86

    Pedal Calibration?

    Yes i did. No luck. You can only change it one way and not the other... like i needed a negative saturation figure.
  10. I know that this is usually an open and closed case... we all complain that crashes aren’t very realistic and feel super weird, then we all agree that sponsors/FOM don’t like to see crumpled up cars, HOWEVER I feel that this is not the discussion we should be having re: crashing. IMO when two cars touch each other, when they hit each other, or when cars collide with objects and walls the physics are very poor but HEAR ME OUT HERE 😀 I completely agree that we are not buying the game for crashes or making a game for idiots to drive backwards around a circuit however a MASSIVE part of Motorsport is surviving the bump and grind - the first lap is a good example - dancing around cars that have just touched - trying to avoid a crash when it happens in front of you, judging the change in speed this creates between different cars as you dive into a turn. I’m not asking for crumpled up cars, or crazy car crash flips, I just really really wish that contact physics were better and more enjoyable. When someone crashes in front of you, you instinctively react to what the real world tells you, or what you see on TV, however in Codie’s F1 games, you don’t ever really know what will happen - it’s all very random, the physics don’t make sense and we’ve all had the situation whereby you end up having to use a flashback due to some super Weird crash bugs. Incidents are Big part of F1 and it should be an exciting spectacle when cars touch in front of you or have an incident however when I play these games I pray for no crashes because they look and feel awful. This in turn impacts the immersion and feel of a race weekend..... And don’t get me started on the safety car!! let me know what you think.
  11. DeMilo86

    Pedal Calibration?

    Hi. Can somebody please confirm if 2019 has pedal calibration? 2018 did not and the game thought I was braking 100% when my pedal was 50% down. There were many options to tweak sensitivity settings but no calibration and I simply couldn’t play the game with my pedal setup. Was such a strange feature to miss out. thanks for helping
  12. DeMilo86

    F1 2018 Brake Pedal not registering

    Not sure if it's the same issue, but I have a G29 and when playing F1 2018 (on PC) i only need to put my brake pedal down to about 50% but the game registers this as 'full braking'. I can't seem to re-configure it anywhere. It's like I need 'negative' brake linearity. Can anybody advise please?