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  1. Try a refund and rebuy Super Deluxe on Steam. You could also check some reseller.
  2. This is the Dirt Rally section, maybe you have to repeat your question in the Dirt section. As far as I remember you need to upgrade facilities, that the upgrades can be researched and produced.
  3. Peter Mathen

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Confirmed Car List

    Do you guys know if there is a car list in google docs or text form including the classes? I want to check which cars I already have in garage or which I'm missing
  4. Peter Mathen

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack – Available Now

    It's because it is dirt for the engine, only the visuals are snowy
  5. Peter Mathen

    VR resolution is till broken

    Native Resolution of HMD or Screen?
  6. This problem persists from the beginning however at the moment year 1 is available at the same price as S3 + S4 in current sale.
  7. Peter Mathen

    Huge rhythmic stutter on high end PC

    Just to remind CM, that the problem is not solved at all. Because of the special livery of Petter Solberg I started DR2 (now v1.12) after a few month break to see what's changed and it's worse than ever. Now the rhytmic stutter is down to 4 fps with frametime of 300ms, it's nearly unplayable. I will try the DS4 trick to see if that helps or if there is a new problem. Edit: The DS4 trick to unplug the controller after the game started no longer works. The time delta between the stutters is 12s so what does the game engine every 12s that it slows down the whole game? BTW: I'm really happy that only the CM games have this problem nothing in ACC, R3E, Automobilista, iRacing, PC2 ...
  8. Peter Mathen

    Jämsä, Finland – Available Now in DiRT Rally 2.0

    So thanks to clear this up. As you can see in the following discussion that is not very understandable more if you compare the new awfull version to the old nice version of DR1. For me this means, thankfully I've waited with my decission to buy season 3+4 until Finnland is fixed. And as it will not be fixed I saved some money, because for sure I'm nobody who pays money to annoy myself.
  9. Peter Mathen

    Jämsä, Finland – Available Now in DiRT Rally 2.0

    I'm really disappointed what was made out of the DR1 Finland. Graphics reduced, fog added. Finland is one of my favorites in DR1 but in DR2 CM made it far worse ... I don't know what's happening with CM. Also the big difference between the advertising pictures which PJTierney "spammed" and the reality has at least a bland taste.
  10. Brightness on the one side also on the other side it's way to dark, mainly in the woods. So this needs a more balanced approach. The seat position range is to small, that's also reported a lot of times. Steam with SteamVR and Index on Win 10
  11. Peter Mathen

    Racenet again

    Racenet again not available, so no single player, no multiplayer only free test drives 😞 CM please patch at least the career mode that we can play even if the Racenet is unstable or not available
  12. this is correct in this version of the car and already 100 times discussed. ..
  13. Peter Mathen

    Cannot edit profile in VR

    Yes that's one more of the bugs. CM please enable the keyboard in VR and implement the mirror so that we can use the mirror if the HMD is atm not worn, to easier write names or dial in settings with the keyboard. I don't know why there has to be this message to wear the headset, do CM think we forget to use the HMD to drive in VR?
  14. Sure, but the settings are mostly the same as already discussed in this thread. CPU i9 / GPU 2080ti / HMD Valve Index with 2 x lighthouses DirtFix 1.1 installed (I want to get rid of the HID USB stutter without this plug in and out of my DS4 controller routine) SteamVR Setting Video 100%, per app for DR 2 150% Nvidia driver: Anisotropic 16x Basic graphics: Multisampling off, Anisotropic off / mirror screen 1280x720 windowed (I don't need it, because the mirror is to small and can't be used to dial in the settings -> only active if HMD on your head REALLY? I would like it if it was in DR 1) Custom advanced settings based on Medium: Shader high, Texture high, Weather high, Crowd low, Cloth high, Mirrors low, Vehicle details high, Ground cover low, God rays replay, Chromatic abb. replay, Bloom off, Lens dust off VR comfort: Motion blur off As written above my biggest issue is the moving world. If I move the head slowly the world stays stable, but I move my head faster (left - right or up - down) the world is moving with my head movement. This is so weird, and it makes me feel motion sick and it's a real problem.
  15. You are welcome to hope, without hope there is no future ...