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  1. Try the first steps in non VR mode, maybe there are some bugs with fresh install. After that retry in VR.
  2. Peter Mathen

    Reset Progress

    Would be good to know what the options will do.
  3. Peter Mathen

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    I've looked the first beta video on heise online and it's what I expected more Mario Kart than Dirt Rally. I think a lot of people on console and gamepad will like it even it's nothing for me. Wheel support... seems better to not try it.
  4. Peter Mathen

    Change world scale in VR?

    It's functioning for me with a Valve Index. Maybe there are other VR.ini files for other HMDs.
  5. The problem was that you have to set softlock off, the wheel has to be set to fixed 1080, then calibrate and after that set softlock back to on. The 2nd thing is, normally with Fanatec wheels if you want variable steering angles the setting should be set to Auto and the game can change the steering angle. The Fanatec wheels have then automatically the correct softlock. If set not to Auto it's normally to overwrite the steering angle to your liking. But with the CM implementation you must set your wheel to 1080 what by the way is not the max possible steering angle and CM implemented a software softlock which would not be needed on Fanatec.
  6. Peter Mathen

    Change world scale in VR?

    There is no option in the game but you can edit the VR .xml file. I changed in Documents-My Games-Dirt Rally 2-hardwaresettings in the file hardware_settings_config_vr.xml in the vr section the value of eyeDistanceMultiplier from 1.0 to 0.9 to scale all things a little larger. You can try but I don't know how much you can alter the value until other side effects will happen. <vr enabled="true" eyeDistanceMultiplier="0.900000" lockedOrientation="true"> <motion_blur enabled="false" /> <vignetteless enabled="true" /> </vr>
  7. This problem exists since more or less day one. Until now the issues are reduced but not solved. A solution could be to move this data completely to the local device (PC or console) or another way could be to resync to the last known data of the CM server. To delete the data of the player is the dumbest solution. Maybe this is a sign for you to move on ...
  8. Ground Cover on high reduces the flickering but adds to much load on graphics. So this is not a solution. The solution would be that on low a reduced number of foliage is rendered but it should be always the same reduced number not changing. The current solution renders a reduced number but it renders on each picture different grass brings us this horrible flickering grass.
  9. Peter Mathen

    Dirt 5 will be amazing!

    Let's wait until it's available but for me it sounds as a fun racer for gamepad couch coop ... so nothing for me.
  10. Even with the current build 1.13 this foliage / grass flickering is not solved. I'm using 21:9 3440x1440 with FoV on -5 (max narrow) and the Foliage / Grass is flickering like hell. The above mentioned setting "grass=false" in hardware_settings_config.xml is active. This seams also standard after some versions. The problem is that the grass is not continuously rendered. I've made 2 sreenshots from a standing car and when you flip the 2 screenshots you see that between the 2 frames the grass is flickering. The reason is that in one frame grass is rendered in the next frame not, in third frame some other grass is missing and so on => this leads to the badly flickering grass and depends not on shadows. DL both pictures and flip them, more or less the whole grass is flickering The only solution is to disable the grass with ground cover = off. Even on ground cover setting medium their is some grass rendered some not. Grass rendered (e.g. in the red circle): Grass missing (e.g. in the red circle):
  11. Peter Mathen

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    Did you also change to manual clutch and manual H-shifter or are you driving with paddles, what's a lot easier? For me it's not managable at the moment with manual Clutsch and H-Shifter on very hard.
  12. Most people are changing from Game Pass version to Steam because the Game Pass version has bugs with DLCs. So I wonder why you want chose the other way round?
  13. The always Online DRM from Codemasters was and is a pain in the a** from the beginning on. Some have it never, some only at the early days and some have it now. No solution from CM until now.
  14. Try a refund and rebuy Super Deluxe on Steam. You could also check some reseller.
  15. This is the Dirt Rally section, maybe you have to repeat your question in the Dirt section. As far as I remember you need to upgrade facilities, that the upgrades can be researched and produced.