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  1. Peter Mathen

    Dirt Rally 2 stuttering every 2/3 seconds

    There are a lot of threads about this problem since 1.0 It seems DR2 has more problems with newer HW. I have pointed out this bug myself after each update in the bug thread and the rhythm stutter thread. I have also the frametimes graphic attached but nothing is happening.
  2. This mode upvoted posts first if I want to read the newest answers upsets me. Why is CM thinking that it's cool to read an one week old answer if the question in the thread is after this answer? So I want permanently change from sort by votes: To sort by date: This solution with likes for bugs is from my point of view not helpful for a meaningful discussion.
  3. Peter Mathen

    DiRT Rally 2.0: VR Bug-Reporting Thread

    Newest Version 1.7 has also the stutter bug reading the HID devices. Version 1.7 / Steam / Win 10 (1903) / Fanatec Podium / I9 9900, RTX 2080TI / Valve Index As you can see on the left side the frametimes are at 70ms level, which causes a lot of stutter, you can also see the stuttering fps drop At the moment where I plug out my DS4 controller (which I only plug in to plug out in DR 2) the frametimes comes down to around 13 ms without any stutter. You could use more or less any HID device to plug in and plug out to remove the stutter e.g. the same happens with my TH8 shifter.
  4. 2nd day in VR gaming, it's so good and that's what I was waiting for. The tips in the link are good, I have disabled the AA in DR2 and used 4x AA in Nvidia driver (the normal one, will try tomorrow the SSAA). I got a good performance 90 fps stable, even in night and rain with a very good image, ok not the PC2 quality but decent. I don't like the white reflections from wet tracks, this is looking sometimes like snow but most times it has a metal or chrome touch. Also the brightness is to unstable, in night and wet conditions way to bright on sunny days in the shadows to dark. But nevertheless it's a very good start with VR.
  5. Peter Mathen

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Version 1.7 Bug-Reporting Thread

    PC / Steam / Win 10 / DR2 v1.7 Audio Cut Out bug in middle of stage -> this bug is here since beginning, when will this be solved? To get the sound back (as often written), switch in Win sound settings the audio standard device to another device and back to the used device (HMD headset).
  6. Peter Mathen

    Huge rhythmic stutter on high end PC

    Just the usual information, that the Stutter problem is not resolved. DR V 1.7.0 / Steam / Win 10 / VR (Valve Index at 90Hz) This time I attached a DS4 Controller - started the game and started a stage (sitting on the start line) left side with frametime all over the place up in the 50ms -> results in a lot of stutter while driving Then I disconnected the DS4 controller and the stutter is gone, you can see on the right side the frametime is down to around 13ms PS: Last time I used my TH8 shifter to disconnect, because I forgot to connect the DS4 first. So you can disconnect any HID device while the game is running to remove this stutter. @CM Please solve this issue, it's here since v1.0 and now we are at v1.7
  7. That's 100% wrong. On my Valve Index and on the WMR HMDs the Oculus Version does not run at all. It's very interesting to see, that the Oculus customers think that all people use the Facebook Hardware. Edit: Looked for your problem and according to reddit you should try -vrmode Oculus in the Steam launch options. Beside that, there are a lot of bugs in the VR version and it's poorly optimized. AA is e.g. very bad implemented, the lighting and colors in my headset are way to bright so I had to go down to 0.3 brightness what's leads to problems in the darker areas. I can't use the keyboard in VR, so no way to rename a championship or other things where you need to input something with the keyboard. Or the idea of CM that we have close SteamVR to play in VR ... what? Missing start menu in Steam for VR or flat gaming, etc.
  8. Peter Mathen

    How to start in Non VR mode

    Ok, Renaming the SteamVR folder is a WorkaRound but CM should go the normal way and include an Startmenu in Steam where you can select VR or not. Because there are more bugs with starting in VR e.g. if SteamVR is running (what's the normal state if someone is playing in VR) DR2 can not be started you have to close SteamVR to play in VR Another way is to change the VR parameter in a config file. Documents\My Games\DiRT Rally 2.0\hardwaresettings\hardware_settings_config.xml -> VR Enabled = "False"
  9. Peter Mathen

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Version 1.7 Bug-Reporting Thread

    If it's not a new bug, then this bug is there since v1.0 it's a problem with reading the HID devices properly. I have recorded the stutter I think 5 times, but there is nothing happening. Some people a deleting a HID device in the hardware manager, some people have to disconnect their wheel (what's senseless in a rally game). My solution is that I add a game controller before the game start and disconnect the controller when the game is running.
  10. Peter Mathen

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Version 1.7 Bug-Reporting Thread

    To be honest if there are bugs they should be solved without a need to upvote it ... bugs are nothing where the "Like" philosophy is the right way to go on. Riggs had invested a lot in summing up the bug lists and the teams should work them out. After each version the same bugs even from version 1.0 are still in the game and each time when a new patch is rolled out the procedure with the same and some new bugs starts again.
  11. Peter Mathen

    Can't get VR to work

    I had the same problem, I was on SteamVR beta 1.7.2. Deinstalled SteamVR, started the game in 2D, changed to window mode 1280x720, reinstalled SteamVR, stable 1.6.10 Now the game started in VR, the menu is theater mode, changed the graphic settings to medium and had a lot of fun in VR.
  12. Peter Mathen

    DiRT Rally 2.0: VR Bug-Reporting Thread

    Deinstall SteamVR then DR 2 will start in flat mode. I had also the blank screen problem, deinstalled SteamVR changed the game to window mode, installed SteamVR and was able to see also tne menu. Could also be that's depending on the new SteamVR beta 1.7.2, atm on 1.6.10
  13. Just a short feedback after the newest patch. VR feels very nice, and I had 2h fun. So now Dirt Rally 2 is really DR 2. My game was in FS mode and I couldn't got it started in VR or without VR, so I had to deinstall SteamVR change the settings to window mode and re-install SteamVR. There are some bugs with lighting and some flickering bushes. Wet stages looking wrong, it's like there is ice and it's very chromium looking. F11 for VR reset is not very well choosen. The rhythmic stutter bug with HID reading is also not solved. I have seen a lot people on Steam reporting this also, because in VR it's more visible.
  14. Peter Mathen

    DiRT Rally 2.0, Version 1.6: Bug Reporting Thread

    What platform you're playing on: Steam, PC What your PC setup/build is like (if playing on Steam): i9, 32GB RAM, 2080TI Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user: Deluxe Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected, like steering wheels, gaming mice etc.: Fanatec wheel base, HE Pedals, Fanatec Handbrake, TM Gear shifter Stuttering as before nothing changed -> frametime up to 45 ms, left part of the picture, 1st line FPS, 3rd line frametime after unplugging a device while game is running (e.g. gear shifter) stuttering is gone -> frametime 7 ms (right part of the picture), you see high frametimes as long as I'm in the menu but as soon I'm on the stage, all is very smooth as it should be. I also checked what's happening if I crash in the trees. You can see a frametime jump after pressing recover vehicle (in the picture the 2 spikes to the right). When I restart the game with the gear shifter unplugged the stuttering is back and I have to unplug a second device (e.g. keyboard). => the stuttering is very annoying and with this spikes in frametime it's no fun and not usable, so no wonder that in the sim racing forums a lot of people have already dropped this game.8 Handbrake more or less a digital button even if it's a analog handbrake. As mentioned before, Fanatec SDK not updated, Kunos had done this after 1 week, CM not even after a few months.
  15. Peter Mathen

    The DiRT Roadbook

    So it seems that a few bug fixes are on the way but unfortunately nothing about the stuttering based on HID reading aka USB devices (where the work a round is to unplug a USB device while the game is running or delete HID devices in device manager). This is a problem which most people with better gear (Wheelbase and Pedals or Handbrake) have. In the sim racing forum nobody plays DR anymore because of this really basic problem. Who want to race where the game has a rhythmic stutter? I would really like if CM would solve their input reading problem.