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    Fanatec Clubsport Handbrake v1.5

    Good information, but seems not available.
  2. Peter Mathen

    Fanatec Clubsport Handbrake v1.5

    A little late but no issues here with the Fanatec handbrake. Minimum and maximum set in driver so no auto calibration and no need for DiView here. Don't forget to use the HB before start of game because sometimes it needs to register or activated in the driver. The only aspect is that the handbrake in DR2 is not good to dose. So it's more on - off.
  3. Thanks found it and joined. I will try a run to see how many seconds I'm behind all others 🙂
  4. As I'm having the last weeks a lot of fun in DR2 I think I would try some club races. So which club are you talking about and do you like to have some new racers?
  5. Peter Mathen

    WRC 9

    Maybe you should ask that in their support forum or on Epic ... sorry I forgot that both does not exist. You could try email their support or Steam forum.
  6. Peter Mathen

    Co-driver feedback

    This is very one-sided. I have yesterday driven a weekly event with the H3 ( I really like to go with H-shifter and manual clutch) and I was driving completely after the co-driver. Because it was Finnland there is no other way as we have overall these fog hiding the corners . For me they are all more or less good and you can hear that there were some changes to the first release. I like Phil Mills and I'm being able to draw the next corners in my inner eye to get the breaking and cornering right (at least most times). Maybe there are big differences in languages and I use only Phil Mills which I like.
  7. Peter Mathen

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series - 2020 Season

    I really like this world series even when I only get 4:05.8 in week one but to be honest I have done it without a training of the car and track. So I get a new car and that's ok for me It's a nice add on to the dailys and weeklys. For sure some will try very hard and will try to find the shortest way using each unsportsman cuts. But that's the way if you could win prizes, each time it goes this way.
  8. Peter Mathen

    WRC 9

    Maybe you want to re-read my post to answer your question yourself.
  9. Peter Mathen

    Project CARS 3 banners in DiRT Rally 2.0

    This is really annoying overall this yellow PC3 banners. So the update 1.15 didn't bring us any improvements or bug fixes regarding the patch notes but lots of yellow banners. Better would be to bring real sponsors in the game coupled with a new track or car.
  10. Peter Mathen

    WRC 9

    Looking at the WRC 9 streams it looks not like they have made steps forward regarding FoV, cockpit view and car movement. Also it seems that there is no more custom championship instead they have a kind of club championship. BTW: The key shops sell it already for around 25 EUR.
  11. Really? After all the bugs reported in the 1.14 thread there is not even one of these bugs mentioned in the patch note to 1.15 ... so why should you fill out this form if they will completely ignored? This seems like a placebo thread.
  12. Peter Mathen

    VR Jitter / Blinking while Head movement

    I'm playing mostly in VR and even if there are some problems I had not discovered this. So you should describe it better what you understand of blinking. Mostly it's simple to high settings where the system can't render the frame fast enough.
  13. One of the many bugs ... for me, I'm on PC, all categories show up. Normally if you enter an event without the needed car a popup leads you directly to the dealership to buy a car. Means if there is a event the needed car is available to buy (with in game money).
  14. The events are part of the online "career" my team and therefore CM had the idea that you can only participate if you have enough experience in lower tier cars and after that you buy the higher tier cars. So you start with some lower tier cars in your championship and get money from that to work your way up to the higher tiers. In my team the championship and events let you earn in game money to buy new cars.
  15. The 3 most heavy settings are Crowd -> set it to to low or off, Ground Cover -> set it to off and Multi Sampling -> start with 4x After that you can check Reflections (medium), TAA (off) and Ambient Occlusion (off).
  16. Peter Mathen

    VR - Headset Not Worn

    There is a sensor inside the HMD which gives information if worn or not. So try to check if this is free and clean. This HMD not worn message is from my side of view something that should be removed, there is no sense in it because if I have my HMD not on my head I know it without this message.
  17. Peter Mathen

    Unable to create profile to start VR game

    Try the first steps in non VR mode, maybe there are some bugs with fresh install. After that retry in VR.
  18. Peter Mathen

    Reset Progress

    Would be good to know what the options will do.
  19. Peter Mathen

    Change world scale in VR?

    It's functioning for me with a Valve Index. Maybe there are other VR.ini files for other HMDs.
  20. The problem was that you have to set softlock off, the wheel has to be set to fixed 1080, then calibrate and after that set softlock back to on. The 2nd thing is, normally with Fanatec wheels if you want variable steering angles the setting should be set to Auto and the game can change the steering angle. The Fanatec wheels have then automatically the correct softlock. If set not to Auto it's normally to overwrite the steering angle to your liking. But with the CM implementation you must set your wheel to 1080 what by the way is not the max possible steering angle and CM implemented a software softlock which would not be needed on Fanatec.
  21. Peter Mathen

    Change world scale in VR?

    There is no option in the game but you can edit the VR .xml file. I changed in Documents-My Games-Dirt Rally 2-hardwaresettings in the file hardware_settings_config_vr.xml in the vr section the value of eyeDistanceMultiplier from 1.0 to 0.9 to scale all things a little larger. You can try but I don't know how much you can alter the value until other side effects will happen. <vr enabled="true" eyeDistanceMultiplier="0.900000" lockedOrientation="true"> <motion_blur enabled="false" /> <vignetteless enabled="true" /> </vr>
  22. This problem exists since more or less day one. Until now the issues are reduced but not solved. A solution could be to move this data completely to the local device (PC or console) or another way could be to resync to the last known data of the CM server. To delete the data of the player is the dumbest solution. Maybe this is a sign for you to move on ...
  23. Ground Cover on high reduces the flickering but adds to much load on graphics. So this is not a solution. The solution would be that on low a reduced number of foliage is rendered but it should be always the same reduced number not changing. The current solution renders a reduced number but it renders on each picture different grass brings us this horrible flickering grass.
  24. Peter Mathen

    Dirt 5 will be amazing!

    Let's wait until it's available but for me it sounds as a fun racer for gamepad couch coop ... so nothing for me.
  25. Even with the current build 1.13 this foliage / grass flickering is not solved. I'm using 21:9 3440x1440 with FoV on -5 (max narrow) and the Foliage / Grass is flickering like hell. The above mentioned setting "grass=false" in hardware_settings_config.xml is active. This seams also standard after some versions. The problem is that the grass is not continuously rendered. I've made 2 sreenshots from a standing car and when you flip the 2 screenshots you see that between the 2 frames the grass is flickering. The reason is that in one frame grass is rendered in the next frame not, in third frame some other grass is missing and so on => this leads to the badly flickering grass and depends not on shadows. DL both pictures and flip them, more or less the whole grass is flickering The only solution is to disable the grass with ground cover = off. Even on ground cover setting medium their is some grass rendered some not. Grass rendered (e.g. in the red circle): Grass missing (e.g. in the red circle):