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  1. AFAIK they had for sure handbrakes but the normal drum brake as holding brake. This brakes had not the power and durability to use it to help turning in a Rally. So the old cars were turned with the Scandinavian Flick. I think Walter Röhrl in an interview mentioned that the introducing of the handbrake to turn the cars changed a lot how to drive the cars.
  2. Argentina was fun. I had some trouble to adapt to the old cars like not using handbrake and so on. Nevertheless I don't get it that @UnderclassGDfan is so much faster with the Fiat. I tried this car some time ago and even if Walter Röhrl said this was a nice car in his career I feel not really connected to the Fiat. The H2/H3 cars are all very nice modelled and sitting in this cockpits brings good emotions.
  3. Tried the club, but to be honest 3 night stages in Scotland is to much ... I don't know why, but in Scotland I can't see anything in night. The headlights are as dark as from my old beetle.
  4. So with this time frame I will join and try the legendary cars.
  5. I like the Argentina selection. The wet stages have to be driven very carefully. This time I dialed in the brightness also for the night stages to see a little more than in Scotland where I couldn't see anything and lost 2 minutes in the night stage.
  6. Heel-toe is more or less something I never learned. So it's something I've to work on 😅
  7. So jumped in for the Rally in Sweden. I had a few mis-shifts with the H-shifter but a lot of fun. Are you guys go fully manual with H-Shifter or are you "cheating" with paddle shifters and auto clutch?
  8. That's nothing new. There are more VR bugs like the brightness bug or it's not possible to save car settings. But afaik CM did not develop the VR port by themselves and therefore there were almost no changes to the VR port and there will be no more changes. WMR is not a supported platform and at the time the port was done there was no WMR. Also other developers have a lot of problems with the WMR platform. Nevertheless the VR port is very good and very good useable. I'm really hoping that VR will be also supported by the next Rally games. They have the Madness engine with good VR support
  9. That's exactly the point and if the people using e.g. WMR then they should understand the pipeline for WMR. Also the discussion about resolution % is not very clear because it not clear enough. E.g. I'm rendering in SteamVR with 2280 x 2532 eq. to 128% on a 2080TI and I'm very happy with this. Changed the LoD based on high setting for track from 1.4 to 1.6, objects from 1.01 to 1.04 and trees from 1.0 to 1.3. People with different systems like WMR should think about what's going on from the game to SteamVR to WMR and so on. The best would be if all HMD developers use a plain OpenVR implem
  10. I can't agree with the negative view here. For me DR2 is one of the best games in VR, the graphics are really good and the game is completely controllable with the steering wheel it also runs very stable. It has good cockpit models and transports this feel of sitting in the car. Unfortunately, VR has never received the appropriate support from Codemasters, be it simpler things like brightness fix or extended seat movement. The pop in distance optimization for example could only done by changing of some parameters in the config files.
  11. That is a very useful tip. That MOD makers the game so much more playable. There was a update to 'Dirt Rally 2 VR eye accomodation fix v2.0'. In the new version it's possible to set the day and night lighting separate and the MOD blends between this settings. Also I really like the Haze Reduction feature for Finnland. That is a very superb MOD which addresses the most annoying bugs in DR2 (VR lighting and performance fog). Link: kegetys eye accomodation fix v2.0 I'm a bit disappointed from Codemasters that this lighting bug, which was criticized from the beginning, was never co
  12. A little late but no issues here with the Fanatec handbrake. Minimum and maximum set in driver so no auto calibration and no need for DiView here. Don't forget to use the HB before start of game because sometimes it needs to register or activated in the driver. The only aspect is that the handbrake in DR2 is not good to dose. So it's more on - off.
  13. Thanks found it and joined. I will try a run to see how many seconds I'm behind all others 🙂
  14. As I'm having the last weeks a lot of fun in DR2 I think I would try some club races. So which club are you talking about and do you like to have some new racers?
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