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  1. This was a short one. Good start and fastest in sector 1. Puncture in sector 2 and then puncture in sector 3. End of rally...
  2. Partly true. I think Peugeot dud a large effort with 2 newly build 208 supercars last year and put decent money in it. But well it failed.
  3. Janneman60

    DiRTy Gossip

    Hmm, a picture in which Volvo is the most unreliable car? Now I don't believe you anymore. My Volvo's run 500.000 kn's without major trouble...
  4. As long as Titans is mainly Titans and there is not a good competitive field of support races it stays a no-go.
  5. Janneman60

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.10 Bug Reports

    PC, steam, 1.10 The game crashes every couple of days. I send the error report every time. Crash is after a stage in clubs, sometimes resulting in dnf, sometimes you can restart the game and continue. As it is in clubs I notice orhers complain also about this.
  6. Janneman60

    DiRTy Gossip

    If they are able to take the best of the 2 games it would be great. The community have given enough feedback what the weak parts are from both games/gametype PC2 + graphics stability, VR implementation, clubs/lobby's, community PC2 - sounds, contact between cars (especially in RX)
  7. Well, you lose about 10 seconds with the wet tires on the dry stages, but you win almost a minute compared to drivers with slick tires on a wet stage...
  8. Yes they do. But stage 5 is wet so better take wet tires for stages 4-5-6. And fod ss7 is also wet.
  9. Yes, mistake and reset-to-track. But still not fast enough with a R5 car.
  10. Just wonder why a lot of you guys think the Subaru is on the same level as the wrx cars. They are probably top 10 on a good day.
  11. Maybe Doran should take (better) care of the cars and let the driving to Bakkerud and Larsson. I know Doran has his fans but again he proved he is just not good enough for this level.
  12. Ss1 was ok. Ss2 I had a enormous crashm must have turned over at least 10 times. The car survived somehow. Lster on in the same stage I crashed into trees. Game over...
  13. As I mentioned before, no big fan of R5 here. So I took the gamble to drive the VW Polo which I maybe once tested or so. Doing the first stage I felt the setup was nog the best yet and so I lost a few seconds. Same on stage 2 and 3. Now I could change the setup and it was much better. So I could attack. Helped by (small) mistakes from others and zero mistakes on my part, I could close the gap and ended first untill now. But still no fan of this slightly dull cars 😀
  14. Just a thought but maybe it is because WRX cars all use the same FIA approved electronics which the US based cars probably don't have.
  15. Janneman60

    DiRTy Gossip

    Let's hope this is not the case. The cars in game are already too fast.