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  1. In stage 3 my rear tire exploded after a jump, no idea why. Anyway had to drive 2,5 sector on the rim.
  2. I had a good rally. Only a small mistake in ss4, but untill now I was fastest in all stages. Anyway beating @somethingthing means we are almost even in points now, so now the battle is on 😃
  3. It started bad with a spin early in the first stage. But at the end this was my only mistake. Speed was good, the tires lasted easily 3 stages. And, as @YoMrWhite already wrote, happy newyear to all of you 🍻
  4. Wow, it soon turned to a battle between 3 of us. I won ss1, lost ss2. And then came ss3. I won it with a small margin, but more important now I knew I found that sweet spot between not to much understeer and not so much oversteer it killed the tires. Wirh a bit to much confident I did ss4 and nearly lost it all. Well in the end lost only about 3 seconds. But I was sure I could be fastest and then won the last 3 stages. Again, wow what a battle.
  5. Well, doing a single lap alone is very far from being rallycross, And 2 heats and a couple of finals with maximum 14 cars is not really a full day of rallycross or entertainment. If FIA wants to kill it, they are well on the way.
  6. I had a decent run with 3 stage wins, but also a spin in ss3. Without it would have been very close, but @somethingthing seems to make no errors so far.
  7. True. But just look at a lot of other series, truckracing, touring cars, dtm, formula E. It lasts as long as enough manufacturers are there and then it just struggles on. WRX is 'just' anorher series on that list and it is no surprise for me. Only it is hit a bit harder because covid makes things worse. Yet to be seen if E-WRX survives at all. If those 14 kits are still the only ones sold next year this time it looks like the end of that road.
  8. No real problems with driving, no spins or crashes. But not fastest though I won 2 stages. As expected the Manta is rhe better car for 6 stages wirhout service, better than the Porsche or Lancia with the engine in rhe back.
  9. Not driven yet... In my opinion both softs and mediums last 2 stages, in which the softs are offcourse faster. 3th stage they are about the same, after 3 stages both are bad in the same way. So I always use softs, nomatter how many stages to drive.
  10. I always see that 14 "committed". As far as I know 14 kits to build a car were sold. But that doesn't mean 14 entry's. Maybe some don't get the budget together, maybe some teams use 1 for testing. I think it will be 10-12 cars next year.
  11. Huge crash at WRX Nurnburgring for 74 year old Hervé Knapick.
  12. I had some troubles in the first leg and after ss3 it was close. Rhen I changed the setup a bit and won the next 4 stages. Wirh the dnf at the first round I'm far behind and not sure if I drive all rounds.
  13. Still driving on a dirt track is no rallycross but autocross touringcars. Can be fun to watch, but I kind of hate it as people state that it's RX...
  14. After the finish of ss2 my PC or my VR crashed, not sure. Anyway I started ss3 to notice at the end of it I got a scratchtime on ss2. So now I was 22 minutes behind and quit. I had trouble to keep up with the pace of @somethingthing, very fast wirh the Manta.
  15. This time I take the, rhey say, fastest car, the Lancia. If I get the setup right it will be 7 stages of pure fun. If I don't get it right it will be frustrating. And there is not much between right and wrong.
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