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  1. Janneman60

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    I was there when this happened. First time I saw a rallycross car destroying some trees 😀
  2. Janneman60

    DiRTy Gossip

    Codemasters you should really be ashamed for this continuous weekend racenet problems...
  3. Janneman60

    DiRTy Gossip

    @PJTierney, in rallycross we do races with a large group, say 16 drivers. We do the heats in 2 different clubs and after that have a ranking with top 12 going to semi's and after that top 6 to the final. But it doesn't work in dr2 because there is no option "final only" in this game. Can this be changed/implemented please?
  4. I managed to have such big accident in training it said terminal damage. Back in service it was not possible to repair everything. This was a problem because now the car was slower and also my confidence was not high. Needless to say it was a bad result also 😢
  5. Janneman60

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    It would kill the sport as we know it. But it also opens a new world were the cars can run in arena's or parking places in city centre, could be big. But I wouldn't be there...
  6. @Syxxtnyn that is very unlucky. See it as an engine failure out of the blue. On forehand I thought it would not be possible to beat jnco and his fast Citroen on the German stages. But I drove my best German rally ever and did it!
  7. Left the road on ss2 which was a minute. But I wasn't fast enough in this rally anyway. Noticed this before, I like Spain but somehow don't have the speed there 😩
  8. Found this on another forum. Sorry it is a bit difficult to read. Good luck. edit your desktop shortcut and set it like this for steamVR: steam://launch/690790/vr for Oculus: steam://launch/690790/othervr 690790 is the steam ID of this game https://i.gyazo.com/d98d93296d74bcfb5e3f9c12a9d31ae6.gif
  9. Janneman60

    Steam VR version 1.9 Oculus SDK

    On some forum a guy posted how to change the shortcut for starting in steam VR. That works fine. So sure it is possible for oculus VR.
  10. Janneman60

    Steam VR version 1.9 Oculus SDK

    Then I get the 2D version. That looks logical because if you choose to create a shortcut like that how should it know what shortcut you want, 2D, oculus VR or steam VR
  11. Janneman60

    Steam VR version 1.9 Oculus SDK

    Yeah runs great. Anyone knows what to adjust in the desktop shortcut to start oculus home from there?
  12. Janneman60

    DiRTy Gossip

    Start VR in oculus mode... much better graphics possible, no stuttering at all... woohoo Codemasters this is a great job 👍
  13. Janneman60

    DiRTy Gossip

    Project E is already tested in the game, better known as audio cut-out 😢
  14. Janneman60

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    Good point there. Now the competition is pure for hotlappers but rally (so should esport be) is about keeping the car alive for at least 12 stages.
  15. Janneman60

    DiRTy Gossip

    I think with less entrants last one gets 1 point, second last 2 points and so on. Only with a full house top one gets the 30 points.