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  1. Understandable. RX2 cars are getting old. Maybe one of the electric classes is somewhat based on these cars, as the intension of a one-make class is not bad.
  2. First 3 stages I had setup problems wirh my R5, after every jump rhe back was very twisty so a lot of steering needed and most of the times I had to go off throttle. After ss3 I changed the setup and then it was much better. Did a very good ss5 and ss6. On the last stage I got stuck in the chicane😀 but it was not a bad rally.
  3. I lost it in ss1 and ss5 were on the uphill part the R5 misses power. The rest was quite good as I found a nice setup. In the end now second. 8 seconds in 7 long stages is good.
  4. It wasn't my best effort. One of those days nothing works.
  5. Janneman60

    DiRTy Gossip

    Maybe they can also have a look it does not happen again 💤💤
  6. Strange, when I was driving it said I was 0.003 seconds slower...😃
  7. This was a difficult one with the R5. Wheelspin in 3th and even 4th gear. If I kept it on low revs the turbo doesn't work so no power. Does me think how a crazy car this must be in real life 😀
  8. Probably the BMW or Sierra are a better choice on some rally's. But I always do the whole championship with one car no matter what 😀
  9. Yeah racenet server is hopeless again. In this rally all first 6 stages are long so there is always snow or ice. And the stages were I lost it were uphill, downhill I had about the same speed as snoopy. And I want to state that I lost time because I am to slow, not because snoopy is doing something strange or illegal!
  10. After thinking about it I choose the R5 for this championship. Knowing the ice stages of Monte Carlo is not the best place with this snappy car with the on/off turbo power. But stages 2,3 I was just a few seconds behind 'snoopy' and stages 4 and 6 I won by a few seconds. Stages 1 and 5 (2 same stages) I lost 20 seconds each. I don't understand why since I made no mistakes on them. Somehow 'snoopy' is very fast on them or I am slower as on the other stages. Stage 7 I desperately wanted to win... guess what, it ended with a crash, flat rear tyre and 30 seconds loss 😢 Better rally's will come for my tiny beast, it is going to be an interesting championship.
  11. Janneman60

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    I think the format it what it should be for esport. Like this it is good for the public sitting in a lazy chair, don't take it to extreme to the real thing, neither the visitors do, they normally walk in dust or rain, in cold or hot weather. This is clearly in general another public. Only thing is being more carefull in choosing a stage for qualifying, so to much cutting is not working.
  12. Janneman60

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    There are a lot of things you can say about format, drivers, cars. The one who were there in the final are guys who mostly are on top in daily's or club events. Sure there are more fast drivers but these guys belonged there. For an esport event it is pretty normal the last race is the real decider. Maybe not the most fair but they want there vistors/watchers to stay till the very end. Understandable. In RX the car of choice was the title winning car of real WRX. Also understandable. Congrats to the winners, and thank you codies for this top-tournament.
  13. I use VR and with dirt rally 2 always have a stupid double vision on the screen and so on screenshots and videos. Can't find a way yet to prevent this which is a shame especially because now I can't share videos.
  14. In any case, why do you have problems with visibility and I don't? Maybe some tweaks in your setting might help? (I had fog problems earlier on with Sweden, after some changes in settings it was gone. When Finland arrived I didn't have those problems at all)