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  1. It was evident that to win this championship I had to finish. So I started carefull and tried to stay in reach of @denim398. The first 3 stages that worked very well. By keeping out of trouble I was second at that moment. After ss4 I was a bit more behind. Because it was going very well I thought to be a bit faster, and won ss5 and ss6. Now I had a small lead, made no mistake in ss7 and am now leading. Probably Snoopy smashes my time but the championship is mine 🍻
  2. When I have a look at the standings, my biggest opponent seems @denim398. So after some practise my goal was to beat him. But disaster already in ss1, I had a lot of trouble with my VR, somewhile had to drive almost blind and lost 20 seconds... I could repair it and after that drove almost the same stagetimes. After ss7 the difference was... 20 seconds. OK let it be decided in the last round 😀
  3. Rally Australia started very well and after ss3 I had a decent lead of over 20 seconds. I won ss4, but halfway ss5 on a fast section the dog barked. Distracted for a moment I hit something and the car rolled into the trees, terminal damage . Damn. I think I take the dog for a walk now, not mad at him. 🦮
  4. Janneman60

    DiRTy Gossip

    Another look at this, I like the idea.
  5. This is for me a busy week, and then away for a weekend holiday 😉 So I drove New Zealand already. As always this is my most difficult rally, so not sure if my speed was any good. In any case I didn't make major mistakes. Good luck to all.
  6. Janneman60

    DiRTy Gossip

    The first option is what should be in a game if you call it a sim. But then it is only usefull if you give clubs the opprtunity to select 1 or 2 cars from a class, instead of how it is now and people mostly drive the same car.
  7. A rally with a lot of problems. At the shakedown the engine let go. The crew replaced it and noticed some sticky stuff in the fuel tank. So they had to clean that and the fuel lines as wel. Rumours said some crewmembers of @UnderclassGDfan were near the car but well, rumours. Then the rally itself, I lost a bit in ss1. Ss2 I was going faster untill I hit a pile of wood halfway the stage. The flat tire let me drop down to 8th place. I was mad at myself and choosed to go flat out from there. That went realy well. From 8th to 6th to 5th and in the end back to 3th place. Not that bad.
  8. Janneman60

    DiRTy Gossip

    It would be difficult anyway with long Dakar stages. Besides I like it as it is now, for me no extra's are necessary. I was glad the Pikes Peak was left out at dr2. Not because these extra's are not nice but better 1 thing good (ok 2 with rx added) as the effort spread out over different disciplines. And yeah, Dakar rally should have a game on its own.
  9. Janneman60

    DiRTy Gossip

    Good list, I would like to add make that all cars in a class are more even in performance.
  10. First 2 stages I could sort of hang on to the times of @UnderclassGDfan. On stage 3, on a straight, driving in the middle of the road, I suddenly got a reset and 8 seconds penalty 😈. After that I just kept on driving good times. We now know what happened on ss7 with @UnderclassGDfan so that gave me a big lead at the end.
  11. I won only 1 stage. But every stage consistent. And after @Dytut dropped down the order it was easy from there on.
  12. Janneman60

    DiRTy Gossip

    Hmm, why do I have the opposit experience? Not only with the 037 but with most rwd cars? In dr1 I mastered them from day 1, in dr2 it took me untill autumn 2020 to get them doing what I want. But now it rocks 😀
  13. Spain is a rally I like to drive, but were I am never fast. With that in mind I started the rally and lost time on the first 2 stages. I also lost time on ss3 but then the stupid racenet gave me the max stage time. So that was it basically. I could carry on and finish, but obvious way behind. Looking at the times, 6th place would have been my result without the bug. Now just hope I now had my portion of bad luck 😠
  14. First 3 stages in the wet. Some green sectors but every stage a bit to slow. luckiky it was every stage another one who won so after 3 stages it was still very very close. Then it was dry. I drove with the same setup and now the car felt very good. As all other had problems I won stage 4, 5 and 6. This time even my nightmare ss7, were I mostly have a crash, went well. So first now with a clear lead.
  15. This always a hard rally, twisty dusty asfalt with clifs and very fast narrow parts. I made a safe setup, it was meant to be not twisty. It paid of, not the fastest setup but the competition failed in staying on the road and I did it flawless in the 6 long stages. Only in the last short stage I had a mistake and a spin losing about 10 seconds. Sometimes it is not about the fastest setup, or fast risky driving, but about driving safe. Gosh now I sound as if I am driving my Volvo 😀