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  1. Janneman60

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Version 1.7 Bug-Reporting Thread

    PC, steam, i5, 1070 videocard, dfgt, vr Now already 3 bugs - the co has nothing in his hands - the mirrors are black - the driver is not the one I selected
  2. Janneman60

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    Anyone an idea how to solve that the mirrors stay black in the game? Started with 1.7 and/or VR.
  3. Janneman60

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    I think Assen would be a great place for a WRX event, sure. And well, I DO have an idea how rx works in Netherlands/Belgium. Competitor since 1985 and spectator since 1973. Still attend every rx event, know the public, know rhe organisers, know the problems. Suggesting other places to take over, or on top of, it is not the right time for that now. It surely not helps the hard working people who want to save the Eurocircuir.
  4. Janneman60

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    Don't really think Assen would be a good place. No historic in rallycross in the north (more oval racing) and to far from Belgium. Probably the motorrace track near Oss would be a better place.
  5. Janneman60

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    Well, in that era there was no jokerlap...
  6. Auduo bug never happened to me before windows upgrade, so probably you are right there
  7. This was a very unlucky one... good first stage, audio cut out on stage 2, started the game again but default setup at stage 3. At the beginning of stagd 3 again audio cut out. Those 2 audio problems was already a minute. Started the game again but forgot the setup.... in stage 5 for no reason a flat tire, hit nothing. This was again a minute. Stage 7 with my own setup went well.
  8. Janneman60

    DiRT Rally 2.0: VR Bug-Reporting Thread

    Oculus rift, steam user, 1070 videocard and a dfgt wheel. After a couple of days.. + the VR experience is great, worth waiting for and the game really comes alive. Great stuff codies, - sorry this list is a bit longer 😐 Steamvr is not the way, almost every video setting must be low, medium or off At the start, with moving crowd if still stutters Why no mouse support, the keyboard is difficult with the VR on your head. Especially because my keyboard has also a powershutdown button close to F11 F11 to reset the VR? Why not like in dr1 to select a key on the wheel? My dfgt don't let me bound F11 to a button I know the dfgt is not in the preferred wheel list, but why are the settings from using a flat screen completely different to VR. Costed me hours and hours to get it about right Maybe because of the low video settings, but the co driver has no notebook in his hands? Overall a pitty codemasters again failed to do it right first time. But with a couple of tweeks it is just good. Major things to work on in my opinion are steamvr problems causing video problems and give us back the mouse
  9. Janneman60

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    A gap can not be safe. It is just a gap waiting for the next freaking incident. Have seen a lot accidents on places that looked safe. Just remember Jules Bianchi (formule 1) how freaking incidents happen out of the blue...
  10. Janneman60

    2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship

    Those over-the-top jumps led to some serious injured drivers. It was the end of his career for Marcus Gronholm. Can't understand they keep on doing stupid...
  11. For me it was the first long rally with VR. Still problems with framerate due to steamvr and the wheelsettings ars not spot-on yet. Still some good sectors. And some bad one... But with VR, just as in dr1, I don't have a lot of big crashes like I have when using a monitor. 3e overall at the moment is good with first-time-VR.
  12. Janneman60

    DiRT Rally 2.0: VR Bug-Reporting Thread

    Yes, very unhandy with a VR on your head and trying to find a button on the keyboard because no mouse. I have the power shutdown button next to f12 so have to be carefull to hit f11...
  13. Janneman60

    DiRT Rally 2.0, Version 1.6: Bug Reporting Thread

    Never had the audio bug, but now 2 days in a row
  14. It sounds like a lot of DNF 😃
  15. Janneman60

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Clubs

    Not the times, not the alphabetical order. No finally something random is found 😃