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  1. Usually on top yes. But this year? Are still the best people working on the car? Is Mathias Ekstrom still strongly involved? Is there sufficient budget to ask for the best car? A lot of questions and still is can all be bad luck.
  2. Wales was by far my best rally this season. First 3 stages were superb, then because I was tired, the speed dropped a bit but still fast. Spain was differenr. Today was my last workday before holiday and I was a bit stressed when I started the rally. That showed, 2 resets in ss1 and a hard crash in ss3. With the feeling "all is lost anyway" the last 4 stages where the best in Spain I ever did.
  3. Rich 😃 If you are healthy then you are rich. I have the opportunity to buy some extra free time. But travelling with the mobil home in months not being juli/august is not that expensive.
  4. First stage was a bit to slow, second stage I had a spin which took ages to recover, but the rest was a decent pace.
  5. I bought myself a handbrake 😀 Not only I mounted it but decided to completely rebuild my rig. A new softer spring in the middle pedal so now I use the middle pedal for braking and the left one is the clutch again. The shifter I rebuild to h-shifter instead of sequential, and it is on another place to be more in line with the handbrake. Because of all that I can now use the flippers on the wheel for sequential shifting. Confused? Yes that is exactly my problem! I get confused too sometimes and hit the clutch if I want to brake or use the shifter if I want the handbrake. In ss2 this caused
  6. Nowhere first place but I managed to get to 2th place. But at ss6 I had a crash early in the stage and got a flat tire. At the end in 5th place so far. Because of the worldwide chip problem it is very quite at work. So I could extend my september holiday. But now I'm going to mis 4 rounds...
  7. Glad it starts again, thanks. As for the coming season, it looks like I will mis 3 rounds due to holiday (yes again on holiday 😃).
  8. When it switched to red bull tv, because the paid channel was broken, I watched 1 semi. On my phone the cars looked far in the distance, so small it was not really a joy to watch.
  9. Well, I am the one to pick the car class for next season. It will be Kit Cars. I take the Seat Ibiza.
  10. For many many years I visited RX (first ERX later is went WRX) all over Europe. Next year it is going to be electric and I stop watching. Without the fysical feeling that 5 600hp cars give at the start and passing by the fun is half gone.
  11. To my surprise I am first in the standings. Some bad runs, 2 events missed... what did you do guys? Anyway, I did the last rally. Spain is often pain but this time it was troublefree and at a good speed. But is it good enough?
  12. Ok \sarcastic mode off Back to normal
  13. Well, I think @RodgerDavies has a value point here. Personally I would like a mod to step in. There is another way for this kind of discussion, mail, messenger etc. 99% don't bother about the subject indept and 99.99% don't like the way of bashing on the forum.
  14. So Germany showed the diffetence between a race car (lancer) and a road car (mitsu)). Very very hard to be somewhere near the pace of the lancer. Well compared wirh that fast Czech driver I was nowhere 😃
  15. Still, 34 cars and a 2 days weekend isn't very entertaining to visit. Any livestream available?
  16. Can please someone inform me when the ****-from-a-bull stops and we're back on conspiracy about dirt rally games?
  17. Rally Greece went quite well. A few small mistakes that's all. But a much to early drive to say if it is any good.
  18. There are those beautifull liveries to replace the original dull ones. And you can use a pc for a lot of other things. I know a lot of people manage to do all internet stuff with there phone, but I prefer a normal pc for a lot of things.
  19. We were a day home earlier (sorry @YoMrWhite), very hot weekend and airco at home. Anyway took it steady. Second after ss4 and 5. Attacked in ss6, failed and lost some time. Still second at the end. As always after a 3 weeks brake, sick at the end, downside of VR 😆
  20. Yeah was looking for a better graphics card, they now cost as much as my whole pc 3 years ago
  21. The last couple of years there eere a lot of freaky incidents. Untill now most of them without injuries. So sure new cars have to be a tad slower.
  22. Hmm, evetone broke down the ES motorsport polo except Kevin. So maybe the megane stays in 1 piece. Offcourse I am not very subjective in this.
  23. Timmy has a contract for extreme X. So he can't do all events. Maybe that's why there is no announcement.
  24. Well, just get 3th in the standings and it is you to choose which rally to drop 😇
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