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  1. I say Red Bull Ring because it's one obvious omission haha, I haven't done too much single player so I'm not sure on any other tracks. What have you noticed other than that? One really annoying thing I have found on open wheel is the track selection for the Caterham SP300Rs. The only two tracks you seem to be able to race on is the reversed Hockenheim short circuit and a short version of Mont Tremblant, it gets extremely repetitive.
  2. Oh right I see, I presumed they were the Black edition ones because I don't see them being used very often online haha! I wonder what they could be then...  :-?
  3. Oh nice, thanks @Loore! That's definitely enough I think. With that people can buy one car to specialise in most of the classes. I'm on 10 at the moment I think and I'm having to save up for the IndyCar, might take me a while!
  4. I think it's the sponsors for DiRT, DiRT 2, DiRT 3, GRID 2, GRID logo, RaceNet, Codemasters, GRID Autosport and something else that slips my mind. The GRID and CM logos in particular look very nice on any car! EDIT: You also get 20 'white edition' versions of the Ravenwest livery on select cars.
  5. So I've been doing a lot of online racing in every discipline (level 65, 208 races), and I haven't seen Red Bull Ring appear once in the track voting screen, nor have I raced it. Is this done on purpose or a genuine oversight by CM?  The tracks are already getting slightly overused and I would like to see more variations, and I'm sure that if the RBR was actually used it would help somewhat!
  6. @Loore replied in my thread asking the same question (use search next time!) saying that there is a limit, but hasn't said what the exact cap is, only that you won't be able to own every car. When you purchase enough garage slots, you then have to unlock more, and by level 70 the slots cost 100,000 credits.
  7. Thanks for the reply @Loore! What is the exact limit if you don't mind me asking? I'm hoping to have one car for each class online if that's possible?
  8. Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone can clarify this, is there a limit on the number of cars you can have online? I know you can keep buying more garage slots, but I don't know whether these slots run out at all.  The reason I ask is because when I hit overall level 40 one of my prizes was a garage slot, yet I didn't actually get one. This made me think that my max limit had been extended or something, but if this can be cleared up it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Hey everyone, I'm currently running my club on Xbox 360 and looking to recruit anyone and everyone to join! I myself race open wheel a lot but I enjoy racing everything when I can! The club welcomes all who enjoy clean racing and if you are of winning capability that is a great added bonus ;) Here is the link to the club so you can take a look, thanks!https://racenet.codemasters.com/grid-autosport/club/408/adr-motorsport
  10. So hard to choose! Always love a bit of touring, but I played so much endurance in GRID because it was so good too! But open wheel! Why must you do this to us?! I want all three!  :((
  11. Probably worth a mention, I tweeted Steve a few months back (T4RG4) asking if they were considering driver to pit communications using the new Kinect and PS Cameras on new gen. He said 'Yep', so hopefully they do something great with it! If they do go ahead with it I would love to see some commands like "How are my tyres?" and the engineer responding telling us that "tyres are good at the moment" or "tyres are getting hot, we may have to stop earlier" or something like that. Also requesting positions of other drivers on circuit that you are racing with like "Where is Alonso?" and the engineer
  12. Currently playing all sorts of games myself! I have an Xbox One and also recently picked up a new Vita Slim so I'm trying to balance my time between my degree, Titanfall, Forza 5 and whatever pops up on the PS Plus free games list haha! PC-wise for me is a bit dire at the moment but I do love a quick (or not) game of Civ every now and then.
  13. Personally the classic tracks (while great) won't really bother me in F1 2014. I would expect to see Jerez however, with it being a pre-season test circuit. Any further additions would be nice but unnecessary if they were to keep development time down on the game. If they were to include any more extra tracks I would like to see Nurburgring (because it's Hockenheim's turn on the calendar this year), a return of Imola, Okayama (aka TI Aida) and Magny Cours.
  14. I think it would be a great idea to give the Young Driver Test a miss this year. The guys already have a version of Jerez so why not use that as an introduction to pre-season testing instead? It would also be a great way to introduce the player to the new 2014 cars (especially when there hasn't been a YDT in the 2014 cars yet anyway).
  15. Give me a few more weeks to clean up some of the achievements first please, haha!
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