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  1. A detailed description of the issue. I have been playing f1 2021 since launch, without any hiccups. I have recently changed GPU going from an rx580 to an rx6600xt. Since then, I happen to get ego dump error crashes every 30 minutes/ 1 hour, both online and offline (time trial mainly). I think I never had the ego dumper crash splash screen right away as I started the game or in the first few minutes, it took a little bit of time for the game to crash everytime. My drivers are up to date, did a clean install of the drivers via display driver uninstaller before launching the game for the fi
  2. Pc. Right now i he server is very unstable to me. I triple checked whether my internet connection is ok, but it seems fine...Just did a daily and I get again the connection failed message upon uploading the time on the leaderboard. Now this is gamebreaking.
  3. Not gossip related, but I've gotten yet another championship reset because of "discrepancies". This is the second time in a week, and it has happened a handful of times since game launch to me. Is there a way to prevent this from happening at all? It's not game breaking but hell, I was second in my masters r5 championship after 3 rounds 😞
  4. Any news about 1.13 update?@PJTierney
  5. Followed suit by the Peugeot 206 and Seat Cordoba Wrc? Yessplease
  6. Loving the **** outta this car: BMW M1 Procar, Baumholder, Sunset
  7. Ok so apparently it is fixed now, tried both free play and time trial and it is working...also, very nice track to race in, lovin it ❤️
  8. I'm playing on PC, I tried only through freeplay, both yesterday evening and today
  9. Ok so I tried yesterday and today to have a go at the new rx latvia track, but the game keeps crashing as soon as it gets to the first loading screen of the event, do I have to uninstall and reinstall the whole game @PJTierney?
  10. Ok so a rain patch is coming down in the next few weeks from what you guys have gathered on discord, and that's good, but any words regarding a patch for AI times in both rally and rx?
  11. Yeah the early to mid 2000's models were better imho, but still looks glorious!
  12. Ikr, I was referring to the fact that I haven't found any leaked photo of it until now, I was surprised to see the subie randomly pop up in the menu!
  13. Here's a cheeky look of the 2008 Subie coming in the next weeks. Can't seem to find it online anywhere yet. Looks stunning 😍
  14. Quote from the article: The benefit of rally cars in real life is that they already drive in a very arcadey manner in real life, so translating them into a game, even ultra realistically, makes for the arcadiest driving sim that you can imagine. What the hell does that even mean? XD Btw nice to hear there will be a nearly 20 min long stage in every rally location
  15. Nah, there was no bump there, it was a crest. Just that at that point I didn't hear him saying "keep right over crest" and I didn't keep right... next run, was going even faster, kept to the right and no problems. Some calls though are completely stupid, as I had a stage where he was calling only 6s and I was going so fast that when he got to the "Acute" corner I was already hammering the brakes as hard as possible because I noticed there's no more road :D The worst offender though is Wales. There a 3 can be a 5 or a 2, a 1 can be a hairpin or a 3, 2 can be... a square and it just goes on and
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