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  1. AnegloPlz

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Ok so a rain patch is coming down in the next few weeks from what you guys have gathered on discord, and that's good, but any words regarding a patch for AI times in both rally and rx?
  2. AnegloPlz

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Yeah the early to mid 2000's models were better imho, but still looks glorious!
  3. AnegloPlz

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Ikr, I was referring to the fact that I haven't found any leaked photo of it until now, I was surprised to see the subie randomly pop up in the menu!
  4. AnegloPlz

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Here's a cheeky look of the 2008 Subie coming in the next weeks. Can't seem to find it online anywhere yet. Looks stunning 😍
  5. Damn that's tough, I'll try: 1. Germany, sending the car sideways like a madman and going fast af boiiiii in the Panzerplatte military field? Yes 2. Monte Carlo, great scenery and a sensation of progression from asphalt to snow or reversed that is uncomparable to anything else in any other rally 3. New England, great visuals, like a lot the sense of speed and details 4. Greece 5. Wales 6. Poland 7. Australia 8. New Zealand 9. Argentina 10. Finland (Opinion there might vary in the next weeks, haven't been playing dr2.0 that much till now)
  6. 1-10 love all of them, except.. 11. Spain, hate the twistiness and unforgiveness of the stages, can't send the car sideways without losing it, much differently to the akin surfaced german rally in Baumholder 12. Varmland, I dislike snow in dirt 1, unlike most rally games. Narrow roads and too many snow banks that love to send the car on the moon
  7. AnegloPlz

    A possible fix for FPS and stutter issues.

    Cool! I'm not able to try it yet, but I'll definitely do. Can I ask for your pc specifics? Were you having noticeable frame drops?