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  1. doyaneedthis

    Extreme Motion Rig.

    1 to 1.5 secs a mile
  2. doyaneedthis

    Extreme Motion Rig.

    I can manage fast but winning daily fast is a struggle with motion
  3. doyaneedthis

    Extreme Motion Rig.

    One thing i can say motion rig setups are not compatible with top times in rally games.
  4. doyaneedthis

    WRC 9

    Having 2 companies produce two separate rally games in my opinion is far more optimal, WRC 7 was a big leap forward if that leap is replicated in WRC 8 then it will be a great title.
  5. doyaneedthis

    WRC 9

    To be fair WRC7 was a very decent game and this looks even better, as far as i am concerned you can never have enough rally games.