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  1. doyaneedthis

    Season 2 Info, will there be a season 3

    totally uninspiring it doesn't even reach the low level of expectation i had.
  2. doyaneedthis

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    The grass looks so false anyway i just turn ground cover off the stages just look so much cleaner and neater and has the bonus off a big fps bump and you can see all the lines that are possible.
  3. doyaneedthis

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    I thought i would have a little go at some diy ffb, strapping a bass shaker to my osw and using sim commander, to get the required effects, and the results are really good, decent road texture and feedback combined with the games original ffb the effects are very encouraging.
  4. doyaneedthis

    ‘Camera Shake’ - SOLVED!

    Then my question is why, there was huge rain before this years event and still there is a better surface i have never seen this stage with many kilometers of bed rock.
  5. doyaneedthis

    ‘Camera Shake’ - SOLVED!

    Nope just some one who has driven the stage.
  6. doyaneedthis

    ‘Camera Shake’ - SOLVED!

    Any one doubting that the camera shake in Argentina is completely wrong check this out.
  7. doyaneedthis

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    I went back about a month ago to check the ffb on Dirt 1, i must say its not a high bar to overcome, as the ffb is actually quite basic.
  8. doyaneedthis

    Weather options

    This maybe a daft question, but in time trial i only see 2 weather options but there are obviously many more, is there a way to unlock more options ?
  9. doyaneedthis

    What I love most in DiRT Rally 2.0

    I love the incredible ffb, how you can feel every single bump in the road and its unbelievable nuances, also how they continuously improve it with every update. 🙂
  10. doyaneedthis

    New wheel recommendation

    If you hunt around you will pick up a used ts-pc for around 250 and this base is a fair bit better than a t300.
  11. doyaneedthis

    My Team Questions.

    I personally was expecting a little more from the mechanics especially slot 4 and 5 where the cost is on par with a CEO of a fortune 500 company 🙂
  12. doyaneedthis

    Daily Events Results

    cheers for that
  13. doyaneedthis

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    On 80mm Reigar suspension yes it soaks up everything also when i said rare i didnt mean rare in wales i meant to gravel stages worldwide as a whole. Also Las Minas is probably the widest and smoothest stage in all of Mexico 🙂
  14. doyaneedthis

    Daily Events Results

    Is there any way to check the results of a daily event after the deadline has passed.
  15. doyaneedthis

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    This is pretty unrepresentative as certain stages in wales where this stage is are smoother than a tarmac road, having done events many many times on these stages they are extremely rare and dont represent gravel stages as a whole.