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  1. doeternitoeV10

    Community improvement priority.

    Since the poll only allows 1 answer, I'd like to add that IMO next to the FFB fix, having the tarmac physics improved should be of equally high priority. Also being able to lower the FOV on consoles would be very nice.
  2. doeternitoeV10

    Hide Stratos headlights during day stages

    If I remember correctly, Lancia fixed the pop-ups in the up position, so they could get rid of the entire mechanism that makes them move. Most likely for weight saving purposes. Also seen a couple stratos in historic rallying couple years back and they all had their lights fixed. So yeah that's how they are IRL.
  3. doeternitoeV10

    Dash Camera

    Because I'm on ps4, I can't change FOV, which in DR1 I could live with, because the dashcam had a narrower FOV and a way better camera position than the one we have now in DR2.0. I tried to deal with it, but I just can't judge the width of the car at all, chicanes are the most obvious example of how bad the FOV is(even when slowing down to a near stop I'm still hitting the haybales sometimes). I won't go into detail about how bad the FOV is for judging distances (especially in the dark), I'll just say that it varies from annoying to horrendous. I'd still prefer an option that only allows us to narrow the default FOV. I love DR2.0 even with bugged FFB(not using default settings), but the FOV to me is close to unbareable whenever I need to judge the width of the car/distance. Please fix this, I'll be more than happy if we just get the DR1 dashcam back.