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  1. doeternitoeV10

    Tarmac Handling: Spain vs Germany vs Monte Carlo

    Gravel is a loose surface, tarmac is a solid one. On gravel, the tyres will deform the surface by pushing away the gravel/snow particles, this also means that having a tyre moving sideways in gravel/snow, dirt will build up on the side of the tyres. Basically, gravel is a very grippy surface because it's rough, but at the same time it's very slidey because the surface moves with the tyre driving over it. On tarmac the surface doesn't move at all, there might be some dust that makes things slippery but, you're fully dependant on the grip caused by the friction of the top of the tyre with the surface. On gravel and snow, there's a "cut/dig in" factor too. At least, that's how I've heard people/rally drivers explain it before as well as kinda experienced a little when driving on a loose surface irl. Even very compacted gravel has the particle buildup against the sidewall iirc, since it kinda "scraping" away the top particles. I'd assume there might be more to it, but I hope this kinda makes sense/is a correct explanation 😉
  2. doeternitoeV10

    Tarmac Handling: Spain vs Germany vs Monte Carlo

    I've always assumed the tarmac physics in DR2.0 are "just" the gravel/snow physics with the grip turned up. I know it's most likely not (exactly) like that, but that's how it feels to me when driving on tarmac. Especially in fwd and rwd cars. For starters, there's a severe lack of understeer on tarmac imo, which is most obvious when you plant the throttle in fwd car when turning into a slower corner. Doing that should result in a decent amount of understeer, but instead it gives lots of extra turn in, which seems logical for gravel and snow, but not for tarmac, even when taking into account the tyres being super grippy. In general I've noticed that when sliding on tarmac it feels like the tyres build up sideways grip similar to the gravel/snow buildup effect, making it very hard to maintain slides in rwd cars and kinda explaining the lack of understeer. When looking at irl vids, cars should be very planted on tarmac, but in DR2.0 they are super floaty, the long high speed corners of Spain enhance this floatiness, because the rear end really floats around a lot then imo. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the technical tarmac sections in Germany and Monte despite the lack of understeer in mainly fwd cars, but the floatiness that Spain has just makes it unenjoyable for me after 1 or 2 stages, despite some amazing corner sequences.
  3. Would be awesome to get a more technical explanation though 😉 Thank you for taking your time to fix it properly!
  4. You forgot the bit where it's not rare at all, it's been like this every evening (for a couple hours) for the last couple of weeks now 😂 But, just give them some time, at least they're finally looking into their server issues 😉
  5. Don't bother asking about this, people have done that since launch 😉 Doing that isn't as easy as flicking a switch btw, they'd have to rework the way the entire save system works for those parts of the game
  6. doeternitoeV10

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition - Available Now

    I was just wondering, if you only own the base game and you buy the year one pass now, after the release of the McRae dlc, do you still get everything including the McRae dlc? @PJTierney (P.s.: sorry if this has been asked before, I must have looked over it if that's the case 😉 )
  7. doeternitoeV10

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    You could just turn down the engine's volume you know 😉
  8. doeternitoeV10

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    I was wondering, since the whole theme is Colin McRae, I'd assume Nicky Grist and/or Derek Ringer will be added as co-drivers for the special events. If this would be the case (which I sure as hell hope so) would that mean we can use them in the other parts of the game aka use them instead of Phil Mills?
  9. Hi, I'd like to report a very important issue: I had my game crash when trying to save the name of a new car setup, this was in the daily event for F2 kitcars (Peugeot 306). When restarting the game I was notified that my save file was corrupted(makes sense since it crashed during saving the new setup name). Luckily I was able to use a backup file and didn't loose anything important. However, I find it kinda unacceptable that I now have to afraid of corrupting my savefile every time I wanna save a setup. The setup name did not contain any numbers just letters, I'm on a standard PS4 latest patch. I was still able to enter the daily event, but obviously didn't wanna risk it. (I also used the PS4 crash report feature) Hope this gets fixed soon, this is very annoying and gamebreaking imo. P.s.: feel free to ask for more specifics.
  10. Had this happen to me too, in the F2 kit car weekly at Wales. Was also combined with the heavy rain glitch where I could basically only see a few meters in front of me. Have had the body panels glitch a numerous amount of times, I've always gotten it after taking some slight damage on the previous stage, never when I had major damage from a previous stage iirc. I've only encountered this bug in challenges. I have some capture footage if that's useful. Only use the new dashcam, on a standard ps4.