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  1. I voted YES, but their isn't enough interest buy the community which is evidenced by the lack of interest in the feature both in grid 2 and grid auto sport!  i love open wheel but the community doesn't seem to share my enthusiasm.  They should focus on a Touring car game.
  2. The Algarve Barcelona from grid 2 The Hungaroring suzuka The Green Hell Ariel Atom Mono Bac JCF 1000
  3. @Loore‌ Will there be a lap time leader board as their was in grid1? Accessible in the in game menu's? I am assuming racenet global challenges will be back! Will we be able to access that leader board from the in game menu's as opposed to having to go online to see the top 10?
  4. Hey Loore, aka Grid God Flowaangelz asked "any car any track?" I looked and didn't see a response! If their was one i'm sorry, in advance of you having to anserw again :D.
  5. Sorry if I came off as a know it all. Florida is flat as the sea floor as far as know. Now i 'm worried your right.
  6. where is flight MH370, that's a mystery! Showdown not getting any votes is or i would have thought a forgone conclusion.
  7. I would have said Dirt 1 but multiplayer didn't inspire competition the way smaller lobbies would,  and do! dirt 1 had great tracks and the loading screens were amazing, they even sounded a bit naughty. it was also the last time rally cross/cross over was done great!
  8. Can anyone think of an airport type setting with mountains in the background? Anyone else want to guess or........cough, cough let us know LOORE.....?
  9. You would love to be able to wreak everyone all the time!
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